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Jake Paul, presumably saying thing mean astir Tommy Fury.

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Jake Paul is warring again, and sooner than you mightiness expect. And the adjacent one? It could beryllium his toughest contention yet. He's fought ex-basketball players and two ageing MMA champions, but present Jake Paul is yet acceptable to combat a proper boxer. 

Paul is facing disconnected against Tommy Fury, the fractional member of the reigning heavyweight king Tyson Fury.

If you've followed Paul's fights truthful far, you mightiness recognise the name. Fury fought connected Paul's past undercard, against MMA combatant Anthony Taylor, but is astir apt astir celebrated successful the UK for his appearances connected the world amusement Love Island. 

Oh, and he's besides the member of Tyson Fury, the existent champion heavyweight boxer connected the planet. No large deal.

When does Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury instrumentality place?

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is scheduled for December 18 successful Tampa Bay, Florida.  

Fight details

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury volition instrumentality spot astatine the Amalie Arena implicit 8 rounds and volition beryllium fought astatine a 192 pounds catchweight. That's astir the value Jake Paul usually fights at. 

His past 2 fights featuring ex-MMA fighters who usually fought astatine 170. 

This clip circular Paul is warring idiosyncratic overmuch person to his ain tallness and earthy weight. It's besides the archetypal clip he's warring someone, successful Fury, with a akin magnitude of boxing experience. Fury's existent grounds is 7-0, with 4 knockouts to his name. Jake Paul is existent 4-0.   

How to watch

The combat volition beryllium disposable connected PPV done Showtime. More details to come.

Fight stipulations

Much similar Jake Paul's past fight, which had a bizarre tattoo stake -- his past hostile Tyron Woodley had to get a "I emotion Jake Paul" tattoo aft losing -- this caller combat besides has a fewer unusual stipulations. 

The Bet:

Since Tyson Fury says if Tommy loses to maine helium volition marque him alteration his past name..

So past @tommytntfury if you bushed maine I volition wage you an other $500k.

However, if I bushed you past you person to alteration your sanction to Tommy Fumbles for 1 year.

— Jake Paul (@jakepaul) October 7, 2021

This clip astir Jake Paul is trying to make a stake whereby, helium gives Tommy Fury an other $500,000 if helium wins, but has to chage his sanction to Tommy Fumbles if helium loses. This astir apt traces backmost to an earlier interrogation wherever Fury's Father and trainer said Tommy Fury would person to alteration his sanction if helium mislaid to a Paul brother.

As of close now, thing is finalized oregon official.

Press Conference

There's been 2 property conferences truthful far. The archetypal was a reasonably debased cardinal matter that lone featured Jake Paul, since Tommy Fury couldn't marque it. You tin ticker it below.

The 2nd property conference? That was a wholly antithetic story. But the amusement didn't needfully travel from Jake Paul, it came from John Fury, the begetter and trainer of some Tommy and Tyson Fury. 

You tin ticker the full happening here, but beryllium warned, it gets a spot weird!

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