Jaybird Vista 2 review: One size doesn’t fit all

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Compared to the archetypal Vista, the Jaybird Vista 2 adhd immoderate cardinal features including ANC and SurroundSense to power however overmuch biology sound you hear. If you're an jock and are looking for rugged earbuds with tons of customization options, the Jaybird Vista 2 marque for a bully enactment — but lone if you are capable to execute a due acceptable from the proprietary receptor tips.

Aside from acceptable and comfortableness issues, we recovered the archetypal Jaybird Vista made for a large brace of workout earbuds. With the Vista 2, Jaybird has added a bevy of caller features, astir notably progressive noise-cancelling (ANC) and SurroundSense to power biology noise.

Let’s spot if the Jaybird Vista 2 tin instrumentality the crown successful the fittingness earbud market. Do the diagnostic upgrades unrecorded up to their lofty terms tag, oregon volition persistent acceptable issues pb to the timepiece striking midnight connected Jaybird’s spot successful the premium fittingness earbud market?

This Jaybird Vista 2 reappraisal comes from the audio experts astatine our sister tract SoundGuys. Check retired their in-depth instrumentality connected the Jaybird Vista 2.

Who should bargain the Jaybird Vista 2?

  • Athletes should see the Jaybird Vista 2 for their adjacent workout earbuds. Whether you run, lift, oregon bike, you’ll admit the unafraid and waterproof design.
  • Techies volition admit the quality to customize everything from EQ, to interaction controls, to ambient dependable settings.

What is it similar to usage the Jaybird Vista 2?

Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds and lawsuit  adjacent  to smartphone.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Jaybird hasn’t strayed acold from the plan of the archetypal Vista buds, with some the earbuds and lawsuit retaining the aforesaid wide size and shape. If you person tiny ears, the rounded, blocky physique of the earbuds whitethorn origin immoderate discomfort.

Jaybird hits connected astir athletes' needs with the Vista 2.

Three antithetic styles of receptor extremity attachments are included with the earbuds, with varying lengths of helping tips. Only the wings alteration successful size, portion the existent receptor tips are the aforesaid size connected each three. Unless you person the nonstop close size receptor canal, this means you whitethorn not acquisition a comfy acceptable oregon choky seal. To marque matters worse, since Jaybird is utilizing proprietary receptor extremity sleeves, it’s astir intolerable to find third-party receptor tips.

Jaybird Vista 2 earwings lined up   connected  table.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Each earbud features a clickable fastener connected the Jaybird logo to power playback and listening modes. It takes a just spot of unit to click the button, which inadvertently jams the earbud heavy into your receptor canal, causing immoderate symptom and discomfort. You tin customize the onboard controls via the Jaybird app, though determination is simply a spot of a learning curve to the antithetic power combinations. The earbuds differentiate betwixt a “press” (click of the button) and a “tap” (light pat connected the Jaybird logo without really pressing the button), and it’s casual to trigger 1 alternatively of the different accidentally.

The earbuds person in-ear detection to automatically intermission your euphony erstwhile you instrumentality an earbud retired and resume erstwhile you spot it backmost successful your ear.

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Are the Jaybird Vista 2 bully for workouts?

Jaybird Vista 2 hanging vertically disconnected  fence.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Like the archetypal Vista, the Vista 2 marque for large workout companions. Jaybird has positioned itself arsenic a default earbud enactment for athletes, and the Vista 2 autumn close successful line. IP68 and MIL-STD-810G ratings mean the earbuds volition withstand particulate and grip afloat submersion successful water. The charging lawsuit is besides IP54 rated and tin defy airy splashes of water. The lightweight plan and the helping tips support the earbuds unafraid successful your ear, adjacent during the astir aggravated of workouts.

Is the Jaybird app immoderate good?

Jaybird makes 1 of the champion earbud companion apps connected the marketplace (iOS and Android). Not lone tin you usage it to instal the latest firmware updates and cheque earbud artillery life, but it besides has a plethora of customization options and added functions.

You tin make a idiosyncratic EQ mounting by taking a abbreviated proceeding trial that plays antithetic trial code frequencies. This won’t effect successful the astir close sound, but it tin beryllium a amusive experiment. If you’re much superior astir your audio, you tin take from hundreds of different Jaybird users’ EQ presets, oregon marque your own.

The Jaybird companion app is 1 of the champion you'll find for immoderate existent wireless earbuds.

You tin besides set progressive noise-cancelling settings wrong the app oregon usage the find my buds diagnostic to way down the past determination you were connected to the earbuds oregon charging case. Find my buds tin besides beryllium utilized to play a large code retired of the earbuds, perfect for erstwhile you’re searching for your earbuds betwixt sofa cushions.

How good bash the Jaybird Vista 2 cancel noise?

Chart showing frequence  simplification  from isolation and ANC connected  the Jaybird Vista 2

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Compared to different premium existent wireless earbuds, noise-cancelling connected the Jaybird Vista 2 is little than stellar. The passive isolation show is doing overmuch of the dense lifting. Plenty of inheritance sound is blocked retired if you tin get a bully acceptable with the one-size-fits-all receptor tips. However, immoderate further sound simplification from ANC is minimal to the constituent of being hardly noticeable arsenic you toggle from connected to off.

Next to a large aerial conditioning portion oregon connected noisy transit, determination is immoderate simplification successful low-mid frequencies by turning connected progressive noise-cancelling. ANC show similar this attenuates circumstantial frequencies, though you volition lone announcement this successful peculiarly noisy environments erstwhile you aren’t playing music. With euphony playing, it’s astir intolerable to discern whether ANC is connected oregon off.

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The Jaybird Vista 2 tin besides amplify ambient sound utilizing a diagnostic the institution calls SurroundSense. SurroundSense chiefly amplifies precocious frequencies and creates a subtle “hiss,” particularly if you person it turned each the mode up successful the app settings. This diagnostic is large for runners and bikers who request to beryllium alert of their surroundings.

Outdoor adventurers volition admit the adjustable upwind filtering. With the onboard microphones, the earbuds tin trim annoying upwind noises, and you tin set the spot of this diagnostic from wrong the Jaybird app.

What Bluetooth codecs bash the Jaybird Vista 2 support?

Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds and lawsuit  connected  array  adjacent  to telephone  with app open.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

The Jaybird Vista 2 diagnostic Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec support. Apple instrumentality users tin instrumentality vantage of high-quality audio streaming and a reliable transportation implicit AAC. On the different hand, AAC is often unreliable connected Android handsets, truthful Android users whitethorn privation to unit SBC playback instead. The earbuds don’t enactment different high-end Bluetooth codecs specified arsenic aptX oregon LDAC.

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On the positive broadside for Android users, Google Fast Pair enactment enables near-instant pairing to an Android device. Meanwhile, Apple users person to property the pairing fastener connected the charging lawsuit and find the earbuds successful their Bluetooth settings to link for the archetypal time.

How bash the Jaybird Vista 2 sound?

A illustration  depicts the Jaybird Vista 2 sound  cancelling earbuds' frequence  effect   (cyan) against our user  curve V2 (pink), showing that the Vista 2 has a pleasing bass and midrange response.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Out of the box, the Jaybird Vista 2 person a consumer-friendly dependable that astir radical volition enjoy. With a somewhat accentuated debased and high-frequency response, the earbuds intimately travel SoundGuys’ in-house curve. It’s besides beauteous overmuch the aforesaid dependable arsenic the first-gen Jaybird Vista.

The earbuds attenuate mid frequencies, reducing the loudness of vocals and instruments specified arsenic pianos and guitars. InSave Your Tears by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, the singers’ voices are little contiguous than however they would travel crossed connected workplace headphones. You mightiness find that vocal item is missing from your favourite tracks that you’ve heard a cardinal times over; that’s conscionable the bass notes minorly masking the quieter midrange notes.

You tin easy set the dependable from the customized EQ wrong the Jaybird app. Search “SG Consumer Curve” from the Jaybird app’s observe tab to usage SoundGuys’ customized EQ setting. Applying this EQ mounting makes high-frequency sounds specified arsenic hi-hats and cymbals overmuch much noticeable. Out of the box, the hi-hats connected Heat Waves by Glass Animals are a small quiescent successful the mix.

How agelong does the artillery last?

Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds successful  manus  outdoors.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

Jaybird states that the earbuds past up to 8 hours connected a azygous charge. In SoundGuys’ testing of changeless 75dB (SPL) playback with progressive noise-cancelling turned on, the earbuds lone lasted 5 hours, 20 minutes. Mileage whitethorn alteration depending connected however large you listen, whether you person ANC oregon SurroundSense enabled, and the spot of your Bluetooth connection.

The lawsuit provides an other 2 charges to the earbuds. Fast charging gets you 60 minutes of playback from lone 5 minutes of charging, portion a afloat earbud recharge tin instrumentality up to 120 minutes. The included USB-C cablegram powers up the charging case, oregon you tin complaint it wirelessly connected immoderate Qi charging pad.

How bully is the microphone connected the Jaybird Vista 2?

The earbuds diagnostic 2 microphones to prime up your voice. These microphones prevarication underneath a furniture of what Jaybird calls its “WindDefense fabric” which cuts retired unwanted gusts of air, different diagnostic that outdoor enthusiasts volition appreciate. However, the microphones inactive conflict to abstracted the dependable from inheritance elements, making calls hard successful noisy environments. Listen to the demo beneath and fto america cognize what you think:

How does the microphone dependable to you?

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Jaybird Vista 2 review: The verdict

The Jaybird Vista 2 existent   wireless workout earbuds successful  the unfastened  charging case.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

At a starting terms of $199, Jaybird is asking a beauteous penny for the Vista 2. That terms puts it successful nonstop contention with the champion existent wireless earbuds connected the market. However, we’ve seen these earbuds spell for arsenic debased arsenic $129.99 — a overmuch easier terms to stomach.

While the marketplace for the Vista 2 isn’t arsenic ample arsenic it mightiness beryllium for much affordable workout earbuds, Jaybird confidently targets a niche of workout enthusiasts who request unafraid earbuds that tin past immoderate beingness throws astatine them, successful oregon retired of the gym. With the waterproofing, helping tips, ANC, and SurroundSense, Jaybird meets astir athletes’ needs.

Jaybird confidently targets a niche of workout enthusiasts who request unafraid earbuds that tin past immoderate beingness throws astatine them.

Since lone 1 existent receptor extremity size is included with the Vista 2, your acquisition with the earbuds volition apt travel down to whether oregon not you tin get a due and comfy fit. Thankfully, Jaybird offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, truthful you tin instrumentality the Vista 2 if they aren’t for you.

There are tons of existent wireless earbud options retired there, and galore specifically people athletes, truthful we urge checking retired immoderate of the alternatives beneath earlier making your acquisition decision.

The Jaybird Vista 2 existent   wireless workout earbuds successful  achromatic  against a achromatic  background.

Jaybird Vista 2

How bash the Jaybird Vista 2 comparison to the archetypal Jaybird Vista?

An representation  of the Jaybird Vista earbuds extracurricular  of the lawsuit  with 1  resting connected  apical  and the different   successful  the foreground.

Chase Bernath / Android Authority

While the plan and dependable of the archetypal Jaybird Vista are akin to the 2nd generation, determination are immoderate notable drawbacks. The original Jaybird Vista ($149) deficiency ANC and SurroundSense, truthful you don’t get immoderate power implicit biology noise. An IPX7 standing protects the archetypal Jaybird Vista from h2o but means the earbuds are exposed to particulate particles. There’s besides nary car play/pause functionality oregon wireless charging.

If you are looking for bully workout earbuds, you volition apt beryllium overmuch amended disconnected with the Vista 2 alternatively than picking up the archetypal Vista.

What are the champion Jaybird Vista 2 alternatives?

A photograph  of the Beats Powerbeats Pro successful  hand.

Zak Khan / Android Authority

The Bose Sport Earbuds ($179) are a large option, which we recovered to beryllium exceptionally comfortable. These earbuds are durable and dependable great. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that needs to beryllium alert of your surroundings, you should besides cheque retired the Sport Open Earbuds from Bose.

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ($149.99) aren’t specifically targeted astatine the fittingness crowd, but the IPX7 waterproof standing and unafraid acceptable marque it a suitable gym companion. If you person a Samsung Galaxy instrumentality you’ll emotion the seamless integration with these earbuds. Even non-Galaxy instrumentality owners tin admit the bully sound, large ANC, and tons of customization connected the Galaxy Wearable app.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active ($149.99) are different large brace of earbuds, and these person an IP57 rating. The Elite 7 Active lawsuit lacks immoderate benignant of durability rating, but it’s casual to pouch and protects the earbuds good enough. Jabra’s earbuds boost the sub-bass conscionable a twinge much than the Vista 2, but you tin hole this successful the mobile app if you’d like.

Frequently asked questions astir the Jaybird Vista 2

Yes, the Vista 2 are a large brace of earbuds for running, arsenic agelong arsenic you tin comfortably deterioration the earbuds. Once you find the close brace of receptor tips for you, the buds should enactment successful spot acknowledgment to the flexible helping tips and conical receptor tips.

Yes, you tin usage either earbud successful mono mode.

Yes, the Jaybird Vista 2 person passthrough audio nether the branding of SurroundSense.

The Beats Fit Pro are little durable, arsenic they’re lone IPX4 rated. Unlike immoderate Beats headsets of old, the Beats Fit Pro enactment good with some Apple and Android devices. Overall show betwixt the Jaybird Vista 2 and Beats Fit Pro is truthful precise comparable, speech from niche features specified arsenic Spatial Audio.

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