JBL Tune 670NC review: lightweight in both build and sound quality

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JBL Tune 670NC review: Two-minute review

Sometimes, you tin look astatine a portion of tech and instantly deliberation of what demographic it's cleanable for. I'm reasoning pupil manner erstwhile I look astatine the JBL Tune 670NC. Much of that is acknowledgment to conscionable however portable they are. All headphones are portable, of course, but these cans marque it easier.

The JBL Tune 670NC fold and crook successful a fewer antithetic ways truthful you tin easy flip them into your bag. They're lightweight some successful your hands and connected your head. The fabric transportation lawsuit they travel with keeps them a small safer still.

For £89.99 (which is astir $112 though they've yet to beryllium announced for the US), the JBL Tune 670NC are instantly appealing arsenic they enactment up with the mid-range marketplace well.

On paper, they look large too, promising adaptive ANC, Bluetooth 5.3 support, and up to 70 hours of artillery life. All the features you would expect from thing vying for a spot among the best headphones

In reality, the JBL Tune 670NC doesn't rather people connected each count. They're comfy and elemental to usage but ANC isn't mind-blowing present and dependable prime is good but quiescent and subdued. Still, the artillery beingness is phenomenal and the JBL Tune 670NC thrive erstwhile it comes to convenience. 

At this price, the JBL Tune 670NC vie with the trusty Sony WH-CH720N and the Anker Soundcore Life Q30. We'd favour the Sony WH-CH720N but that each comes down to definite preferences we'll spell into later.

For the mean user, the JBL Tune 670NC volition bash the occupation well. It's conscionable if you privation to cognize you person the implicit champion that you whitethorn find yourself looking elsewhere. 

JBL Tune 670NC review: terms and merchandise date

JBL Tune 670NC headphones successful  white

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  •  Released successful August 2023 
  •  Officially priced astatine £89.99  

The JBL Tune 670NC was released successful August 2023 for £89.99. Available successful Europe and the UK, there's nary motion of a US merchandise day but fixed JBL's past record, we're assuming it's coming.

The headphones are disposable successful 4 colors – black, purple, bluish and white. The archetypal to beryllium discounted is apt to beryllium achromatic but we're alternatively keen connected the minimalist look.

At £89.99, the JBL Tune 670NC's main rival is the Sony WH-CH720N and it's a hefty one. The second sounds amended and has much oomph astir it, but past again the JBL Tune 670NC is that spot much portable. 

JBL Tune 670NC review: Specs

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Active sound cancellationYes
Battery life Up to 70 hours (ANC off), up to 44 hours (ANC on)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mm

JBL Tune 670NC review: Features

JBL app

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  •  No deterioration detection 
  •  Multipoint support 
  •  Great app 

Impressively for the price, the JBL Tune 670NC has multipoint enactment truthful you tin usage a mates of devices astatine once. It's a diagnostic that immoderate overmuch much costly headphones don't ever connection oregon astatine slightest aren't arsenic reliable arsenic this. There mightiness beryllium nary deterioration detection but we'd beryllium tempted to take multipoint implicit tapping the intermission fastener arsenic needed.

There's besides beauteous bully app enactment with the JBL Headphones app being elemental to usage and allowing you to take from pre-set EQ modes oregon adjusting the curve to your liking. Other options see mounting up dependable adjunct enactment to your favourite and changing astir adaptive sound cancelling truthful you tin much easy perceive what's going connected astir you. 

It's each intuitive worldly adding to the straightforward quality of the JBL Tune 670NC. It's besides imaginable to hook the JBL Tune 670NC up to immoderate instrumentality accepting 3.5mm connections, which is simply a bully bonus that is progressively little communal elsewhere.

Bluetooth 5.3 enactment ensures that you don't request to interest astir dropouts and it'll assistance with artillery beingness too.

  • Features score: 3.5/5

JBL Tune 670NC review: Battery life

JBL Tune 670NC

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  •  Up to 70 hours artillery life 
  •  Five infinitesimal complaint gives backmost 3 hours 

The JBL Tune 670NC offers large artillery life. Keep ANC switched disconnected and you tin easy execute the 70 hours promised by JBL. With it switched on, you inactive get 44 hours and that consciousness that you'll seldom request to recharge. There's a speedy complaint diagnostic excessively with 5 minutes giving backmost 3 hours which should suit astir commutes oregon progressive days. 

  • Battery beingness score: 5/5

JBL Tune 670NC review: Sound quality

Charging larboard  and buttons connected  the JBL Tune 670NC

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  • Middling ANC 
  • Weak bass 
  • Adjustable EQ

The JBL Tune 670NC aren't the strongest erstwhile it comes to dependable quality, astatine slightest not without immoderate tweaking. Use them retired of the container and they're amazingly weak. Jump into the EQ settings and you'll find yourself sticking with vocal for astir euphony arsenic it's large capable to confidently perceive without cranking up the volume. 

Alternatively, power implicit to bass and it's similar each the vigor has near the JBL Tune 670NC. The bass is positively anemic and lacking immoderate benignant of oomph. To bask immoderate you're listening to, you request to caput backmost to vocal with an occasional departure to jazz. 

Of course, you tin tweak this but the bass is ne'er that strong. Foo Fighters' All My Life doesn't dependable arsenic breathtaking arsenic accustomed but astatine slightest a bosom circular of Eminem's Lose Yourself is good matched to the vocals. 

There's besides the substance of the JBL Tune 670NC's ANC. It's good but it suffers greatly from the information these are on-ear headphones truthful biology dependable leaks in. When trying them connected a engaged road, you could inactive perceive postulation though it did marque attempts to artifact retired immoderate of the much annoying elements. 

  • Sound prime score: 3.5/5

JBL Tune 670NC review: Design

JBL Tune 670NC

(Image credit: Future)
  • Plasticky and a spot inexpensive feeling
  • Button controls
  • Comfy headband  

The JBL Tune 670NC look astir arsenic you would expect astatine this price. They're a small inexpensive with a plasticky headband and receptor cups. The foam receptor cups get lukewarm if you deterioration them for extended periods during blistery upwind and your ears volition consciousness sweaty. 

However, the JBL Tune 670NC are mostly reasonably comfy to wear. There's nary pinching present and the headband doesn't squash down connected your skull. The headband is adjustable excessively without making an awkward clunk.

One different bonus is however airy the JBL Tune 670NC are. They truly don't measurement overmuch and they fold inwards for casual storage. A elemental fabric container comes with the headphones and that works conscionable good for a small spot of other protection.

Controls are precise accepted with immoderate evident buttons connected the close receptor cup. They enactment good if – again – consciousness a small cheap. Controls see power, volume, and a fastener for making it casual to perceive conversations astir you erstwhile more.

  • Design score: 3.5/5

JBL Tune 670NC review: Value

JBL Tune 670NC

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  • Sleek premium design
  • Features aren't connected par with same-priced competitors 

The JBL Tune 670NC surely aren't cleanable but they bespeak their terms precise well. We're inactive eyeing up the contention of the Sony WH-CH720N and a fewer headphones from the Anker Soundcore scope though.

So, the JBL Tune 670NC aren't a hidden gem of a bargain but they are inactive rather bully for the price. Temper your expectations and it's mostly plain sailing.

  • Value score: 3.5/5

Should I bargain the JBL Tune 670NC?

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Beats Studio Pro
Section NotesScore
FeaturesThere's nary perfection present but the essentials are there.3.5/5
Battery lifeA existent standout offering astatine this price5/5
Sound prime Weak bass is off-putting3.5/5
Value Tight contention but a middling example3.5/5

Buy them if...

Don't bargain them if...

JBL Tune 670NC review: Also consider

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Row 0 - Cell 0 JBL Tune 670NCSony WH-CH720NAnker Soundcore Life Q30
Active sound cancellation YesYesYes
Battery lifeUp to 70 hours (ANC off), up to 44 hours (ANC on) Up to 35 hours (ANC on) Up to 40 hours (ANC on)
Weight 174g192g260g
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mmBluetooth 5.2, USB-C, 3.5mmBluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm
Waterproof N/AN/AN/A

How I tested the JBL Tune 670NC

JBL Tune 670NC

(Image credit: Future)
  • Tested for astir 2 weeks 
  • Used some extracurricular and astir the home 
  • 10 years of audio reviewing experience 

Over the past week of investigating the JBL Tune 670NC, I utilized them successful spot of immoderate different headphones. As they were my regular signifier of listening, that meant I spent clip listening to them portion doing housework including noisy vacuuming and immoderate decorating. Primarily, I listened to euphony playlists oregon podcasts portion doing these.

I spent my evenings watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams to spot however they performed with a substance of euphony and radical speaking.

Away from the home, I utilized the JBL Tune 670NC regular erstwhile going connected walks. This included windy scenarios arsenic good arsenic walking adjacent engaged main roads that were precise noisy. It besides gave maine the perfect accidental to trial them retired portion talking to neighbours and canine walkers connected my journeys. 

I've reviewed galore audio products implicit the past 10 years including headphones, earbuds, and speakers, each of antithetic terms ranges. I emotion to perceive however otherwise euphony tin dependable and summation the accidental to announcement a caller to maine item wherever possible.

  • First reviewed: September 2023 
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