JBL Tune 770NC review: Reliable, appealing and well-priced

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JBL Tune 770NC review: two-minute review

Packaged adjacent identically to the JBL Tune 670NC and with a suspiciously akin name, the JBL Tune 770NC could beryllium easy overlooked. JBL hasn't truly mastered the knack of oculus catching names nor looks, but underneath the somewhat drab exterior of the JBL Tune 770NC lies conscionable what you privation successful this terms range.

Highly portable, you tin squish the JBL Tune 770NC into your container easy enough. Throw successful the up to 70 hours of artillery beingness and the headphones are each astir being debased maintenance. There's app enactment but dissimilar the Tune 670NC, you truly don't request to trust connected this truthful overmuch with these cans sounding bully close retired of the box.

Costing £119.99 (about $150 if they marque it to the US), they're beauteous affordable for what they connection and we're guessing clip volition lone bring adjacent little prices if you're keeping to a strict budget.

Could they bushed the Sony WH-CH520 successful the conflict for best headphones connected a budget? Yes and nary – the JBL Tune 770NC connection up bully progressive sound cancellation (ANC) but not rather arsenic large dependable (although it's close). They're adjacent acknowledgment to the 40mm drivers pumping retired immoderate decent dependable that leads to a suitably wide soundstage and a somewhat bass-heavy beat. Nothing to kick astir here.

Comfy to wear, if you don't caput the occasionally sweaty ear, the JBL Tune 770NC tick each the cardinal boxes. All we could truly inquire for is simply a much stylish look and possibly a small much precision with the mids and trebles, but different than that, you'll beryllium blessed with what the JBL Tune 770NC offer.

JBL Tune 770NC review: terms and merchandise date


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Released successful August 2023
  • Officially priced astatine £119.99

The JBL Tune 770NC was released successful August 2023 for £119.99. The headphones are presently disposable successful Europe and the UK, but we're inactive waiting for quality connected a US merchandise date. It seems apt though fixed past JBL's releases.

The headphones are disposable successful 4 colors – black, a pastel benignant purple, bluish and white. White and achromatic volition astir apt beryllium discounted archetypal portion the purple and bluish are the much stylish options.

Likely to beryllium the biggest rival to the JBL Tune 770NC is the Sony WH-CH720 astatine £99 and offering ANC and beardown sound, albeit a plasticky build. There's ever the cheaper JBL Tune 670NC if you privation the aforesaid marque for little and don't caput poorer dependable quality.

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JBL Tune 770NC review: specs
Drivers: 40mm
Active Noise Cancellation: Yes
Battery life: Up to 70 hours (ANC off), 44 hours (ANC on)
Weight: 232g
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mm
Waterproofing: N/A

JBL Tune 770NC review: features


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Multipoint support
  • No deterioration detection 
  • Simple to usage app

The JBL Headphones app continues to beryllium a immense item alongside immoderate JBL purchase. It's elemental to use, intelligibly laying retired each that you request from it. That means you tin toggle ANC astatine the interaction of a fastener but besides acceptable up your dependable adjunct easy and adjacent alteration a max measurement limiter to support your ears. 

More importantly, determination are presets for the EQ and you tin set the curve to your liking. Out of the box, the JBL Tune 770NC dependable beauteous large but much connected that later. It's inactive bully to beryllium capable to set things for yourself. 

There's besides multipoint enactment if you privation to link 2 devices astatine once. An progressively captious diagnostic successful a satellite wherever we're each juggling aggregate devices astatine once. The lone existent omission present is that the JBL Tune 770NC lacks deterioration detection which is thing you accelerated get utilized to with different headphones. 

Other than that, it's each bully for the JBL Tune 770NC close down to its stone coagulated Bluetooth 5.3 enactment and a 3.5mm jack successful lawsuit of wanting wired music. 

Features score: 4/5

JBL Tune 770NC review: artillery life


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Up to 70 hours 
  • Five infinitesimal complaint leads to 3 hours of playback 

The JBL Tune 770NC offers the benignant of artillery beingness wherever you tin easy hide wherever you enactment your cable. Except it's a modular USB-C cable, truthful you're bound to person a fewer lying around. JBL promises up to 70 hours with ANC disabled and it delivers. 

JBL promises 44 hours of artillery with ANC turned connected and that feels astir close to us. As is becoming much common, there's besides a 5 infinitesimal speedy complaint that gives backmost 3 hours. All bully and flawless here.

Battery beingness score: 5/5

JBL Tune 770NC review: dependable quality


(Image credit: JBL )
  • Respectable ANC 
  • Strong bass
  • Adjustable EQ

An over-ear plan means the JBL Tune 770NC are beauteous bully astatine blocking retired biology noises. It's the benignant of acquisition that means they could vie for a spot among the best over-ear headphones successful this terms range. While determination aren't extended options for the ANC, modular choices enactment conscionable good with the JBL Tune 770NC besides allowing you to perceive what others accidental arsenic needed and astatine a interaction of a button. 

Similarly, the JBL Tune 770NC dependable beauteous bully retired of the box. Unlike the cheaper 670NC, the JBL Tune 770NC are large acknowledgment to their 40mm and galore songs dependable peculiarly bully with a wide soundstage. For instance, perceive to Fleetwood Mac's The Chain and that iconic displacement sounds large and each encompassing. It's breathtaking worldly and conscionable what we each privation from a bully brace of cans. 

It's worthy poking astir successful the EQ and choosing from presets oregon tweaking things yourself. Songs with a small much subtlety similar John Legend's All of Me payment from the Jazz mounting portion I appreciated the vibrancy that came from Muse's You Make Me Feel Like it's Halloween

Ultimately, immoderate you perceive to, the JBL Tune 770NC does a reasonably bully occupation with things. It errs connected the broadside of being bass dense but that's nary atrocious happening astatine all. Combined with the ANC, you won't person to interest astir immoderate distractions portion you're utilizing them connected a noisy locomotion oregon commute. It blocks things retired beauteous well.

Sound prime score: 4/5 

JBL Tune 770NC review: design


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Dull looking 
  • Sweaty receptor cups 
  • Button controls 

The JBL Tune 770NC are not bully looking headphones. They fell however good they enactment by being precise plasticky and having a precise noisy adjustable headband. Also, the foam receptor cups get truly warm. Thanks to being over-ear ones, they support your ears snug to assistance with dependable but that besides means your ears volition get sweaty during blistery upwind oregon workouts. Not ideal.

Still, the JBL Tune 770NC are comfy to wear. There's nary harsh gripping to your caput arsenic with immoderate headphone headbands and your ears won't consciousness squished (despite the melting). 

The JBL Tune 770NC are besides beauteous airy truthful you tin easy flip them successful a bag. They fold up precise good too, freeing up adjacent much country which is useful for those commutes wherever you consciousness similar you request to instrumentality truthful overmuch worldly each day. 

Controls are each connected the close receptor cupful with immoderate reasonably unexciting carnal buttons. These see measurement controls, power, and switching betwixt ANC and JBL's equivalent of a transparency mode. The aforesaid receptor cupful besides offers the USB-C larboard and a 3.5mm jack.

Design score: 3.5/5

JBL Tune 770NC review: value


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Cheaper looks
  • Premium features 

The JBL Tune 770NC look inexpensive but connection large features. The contention is predominantly the Sony WH-CH720 but besides the JBL Tune 670NC that were released alongside them fixed the similarities. 

The JBL Tune 770NC competes good though, and portion the Sony headphones are arguably a small better, the JBL Tune 770NC volition inactive delight galore people.

Value score: 4/5

Should you bargain the JBL Tune 770NC?

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Features: Wear detection would beryllium bully but different each the essentials are here.4/5
Battery life: Can't responsibility the artillery beingness here. 5/5
Sound quality: Punching supra its weight. 4/5
Value: A decent introduction successful a competitory field. 4/5

Buy them if... 

Don't bargain them if...

JBL Tune 770NC review: besides consider

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Row 0 - Cell 0 JBL Tune 770NCJBL Tune 670NCSony WH-CH720
Drivers: 40mm32mm30mm
Active Noise Cancellation: YesYesYes
Battery life: Up to 70 hours (ANC off), 44 hours (ANC on) Up to 70 hours (ANC off), up to 44 hours (ANC on)Up to 35 hours (ANC on)
Weight: 232g174g192g
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3Bluetooth 5.3, 3.5mmBluetooth 5.2, 3.5mm, USB-C

How I tested the JBL Tune 770NC


(Image credit: JBL)
  • Tested for 1 week 
  • Used some extracurricular and astir the home 
  • 10 years of audio reviewing experience 

The JBL Tune 770NC were utilized arsenic my main brace of headphones implicit the people of a week. That meant they were portion of my regular walk, my relaxing clip astatine home, and adjacent my runs (despite usually preferring earbuds). If I wanted to perceive to something, it was done the JBL Tune 770NC. 

I spent my greeting going for a locomotion adjacent a engaged roadworthy truthful I could trial retired the ANC compared to different headphones implicit the years, and past I'd perceive to them to artifact retired the sound from the operation enactment going connected adjacent door. 

In the evenings, they were utilized to ticker YouTube videos, instrumentality successful Spotify and Apple podcasts, and ticker a fewer Twitch streams too. 

Over the years, I've reviewed dozens of speakers, headphones, and earbuds, encompassing galore antithetic terms ranges. I'm ever funny erstwhile thing inexpensive works retired to beryllium alternatively peculiar and erstwhile the other happens too.

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