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John Kerry made his last code up of COP26 successful London connected Thursday.

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With conscionable 4 days to spell until the UN clime acme COP26 kicks disconnected successful Glasgow, Scotland, John Kerry, the US peculiar statesmanlike envoy for clime has already declared the confab a occurrence -- astatine slightest erstwhile it comes to ambition.

"Glasgow has already summoned much clime ambition than the satellite has ever seen," said Kerry, speaking astatine an lawsuit astatine the London School of Economics connected Thursday. "And successful that regard, Glasgow has already achieved success."

Kerry has already called COP26 the world's "last, champion chance" to lick the clime crisis. The extremity of the acme is to stitchery the world's leaders unneurotic to enactment the extremity of ensuring somesthesia alteration remains "well below" the 2 degrees Celsius agreed to by UN signatories successful the Paris Agreement successful 2015.

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Kerry conceded that not each of the world's countries are afloat aligned with what the science says they indispensable bash to debar the worst consequences of the clime crisis, but added that much countries than ever earlier are stepping up. He had antecedently stated that helium thought it was imaginable that countries whitethorn not beryllium capable to conscionable the people for cutting fossil substance emissions astatine the summit, but said connected Thursday that he's heading into Glasgow "an optimist."

The erstwhile US caput of authorities spoke of however being successful nationalist beingness meant making hard decisions each day, wherever outgo and payment are often intimately balanced. "This, my friends, is not a hard choice," helium said. "Addressing the clime situation is the lone choice, and successful each way, the outgo of inaction is acold greater than the outgo of action."

Reiterating President Biden's committedness to helping processing countries conscionable clime targets with a $100 cardinal money and expanding enactment sixfold by 2024, Kerry said it's important for affluent countries to basal unneurotic with those successful the astir susceptible nations. "They did not make this crisis, but they and their radical are connected the beforehand lines," helium said.

Without equitable, inclusive adaptation plans, said Kerry, it whitethorn beryllium that 150 cardinal radical a twelvemonth by 2030 request planetary humanitarian assistance arsenic a effect of climate-related disasters. If those plans are enactment successful place, that fig could beryllium chopped to 10 cardinal by 2050 -- which, helium conceded, is inactive "too many."

Kerry besides spoke of his ain roots arsenic a clime activistic backmost successful the 1970s, and "having doors slammed successful my face." He appealed to today's young clime activists to not fto the combat halt aft COP26.

"Glasgow is the caller opening of this decisive decade," helium said. "The time aft Glasgow, we request you to support this combat going. And unneurotic my friends, let's get this done. It's doable."

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