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Joomla is simply a almighty open-source CMS with bully ecommerce capabilities and user-friendly contented editing, but its analyzable customization quality and constricted module marketplace is simply a drawback.


  • +

    It's an open-source platform

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    SEO friendly

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    Free trial

  • +

    Huge postulation of extensions and plugins

  • +

    Ecommerce friendly


  • -

    Steep learning curve

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    Customization tin beryllium a spot hard for beginners

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    Not beginner friendly

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    No accepted lawsuit enactment channels

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Popular tract gathering level Joomla has gained a estimation for being user-friendly and versatile. 

Used by millions of individuals and organizations astir the world, Joomla has proven to beryllium a reliable prime for gathering everything from elemental idiosyncratic blogs to analyzable ecommerce sites. 

With a wide scope of templates and extensions available, you tin customize your website to suit your unsocial needs and preferences. 

This reappraisal volition research the assorted aspects of Joomla and spot wherefore it has go a fashionable prime among web developers and website owners alike.

What is Joomla CMS? 

Joomla CMS is an open-source contented absorption strategy utilized to make and negociate websites. It is written successful PHP and relies connected a MySQL database to store website contented and configuration. 

Joomla provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create, edit, and signifier content, negociate users and permissions, and customize the website's appearance. It besides supports the usage of extensions and plugins to widen the functionality of the CMS (opens successful caller tab)

Joomla is wide utilized for assorted types of websites, and its open-source quality enables you to modify and administer its root codification freely.


As a idiosyncratic of Joomla, I'm truly impressed with its scope of features. One of the things I emotion is the frontend editing option. It allowed maine to marque changes to my trial website straight from the beforehand end, without having to spell done the admin panel. 

This saves clip and makes the editing process overmuch much convenient. The contented absorption diagnostic is besides fantastic. With the WYSIWYG editor, I tin make and edit my trial website's contented easily. You don't request immoderate method cognition oregon coding skills to marque your website look nonrecreational and engaging.

Joomla's built-in hunt instrumentality is simply a game-changer. It helps my visitors find the accusation they're looking for rapidly and effortlessly. Managing contacts is simply a breeze with Joomla's interaction absorption tool. You tin adhd aggregate contacts, departments, and categories to your site, making it casual for visitors to get successful interaction with you. It streamlines connection and enhances the idiosyncratic experience.

The media manager is simply a large plus for organizing and managing my trial tract media files and folders. I uploaded and organized images, videos, and different media effortlessly connected my site. It besides keeps websites visually appealing and well-structured.

Monetizing my website is elemental acknowledgment to Joomla's banner absorption feature. With this feature, you tin easy adhd advertizing and make gross from your website. It's a seamless mode to crook your online beingness into a profitable venture.

Joomla's multilingual enactment is outstanding. It's 1 of the astir wide supported open-source multilingual CMS platforms available, offering enactment for implicit 70 languages. This diagnostic allows you to scope a planetary assemblage and cater to antithetic connection preferences.

Joomla’s SEO diagnostic is important for maximizing your website's visibility and attracting integrated traffic. Also, it's mobile-friendly, ensuring that your website looks large and functions good connected assorted devices.

The unlimited plan options successful Joomla are remarkable. I was capable to customize my trial website and created a visually stunning online presence. These gave maine the state to unleash my creativity and plan a website that genuinely stands out. Flexibility and extensibility are cardinal strengths of Joomla. I was capable to integrate third-party extensions and plugins to heighten the functionality of my trial website. 

Managing idiosyncratic permissions is simply a breeze with Joomla's multi-user support levels feature. I person afloat power implicit who tin entree and edit my website's content. It ensures that my website remains unafraid and that lone authorized individuals tin marque changes.

JSpeed download

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Joomla offers respective extensions that tin importantly heighten the show of your website. One specified hold is JCH Optimize, which optimizes the HTML leafage to amended web vitals similar First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Speed Index (SI), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measured by PageSpeed Insights.

Another utile plugin I find utile is jQuery Easy, which helps resoluteness issues that whitethorn originate erstwhile utilizing instances of jQuery alongside the Mootools libraries, ensuring creaseless compatibility betwixt antithetic libraries.

JSpeed is simply a almighty Joomla show plugin that automatically applies assorted improvements recommended by Google PageSpeed champion practices. It implements unsocial technologies similar Adaptive Contents, allowing the procreation of a lightweight mentation of the website without sacrificing functionalities, thereby boosting the leafage velocity score.

Cache Cleaner is simply a useful hold that I utilized to cleanable the cache of my trial website with conscionable 1 click, ensuring optimal show by removing unnecessary cached data.

Mootools Enabler/Disabler is simply a plugin that allows redeeming up to 600KB per leafage load by selectively enabling oregon disabling the Mootools libraries based connected your website's needs.

JS CSS Control, different utile extension, provides power implicit the loading of JS and CSS files globally and specifically successful Joomla, allowing you to optimize the loading process and trim unnecessary record requests.

For representation optimization, ImageRecycle representation optimizer offers automatic compression for some caller and existing images and PDF files. It besides allows you to tally inheritance optimization of each your images and notifies you erstwhile the process is completed.

JSLazyLoading is simply a lightweight and performance-oriented plugin that enables lazy loading and multi-serving of images. This method improves website loading velocity by loading images lone erstwhile they are needed, reducing archetypal leafage load time.

These extensions, among others, lend to optimizing the show of your Joomla-powered website, allowing you to present a faster and much businesslike idiosyncratic experience.

Joomla download page

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How casual is Joomla to use? 

Joomla is comparatively casual to usage arsenic it provides a straightforward process for signing up and creating an account. On the Joomla website, you volition find options specified arsenic "Download Joomla", "Launch Joomla," and "Use Joomla" These options springiness you assorted ways to entree and utilize the platform.

Once you person signed up and created an account, you tin navigate to the Cloud Control Panel (CCP) dashboard. The dashboard offers a paper with antithetic options to customize and acceptable up your website with Joomla. Some of these paper items see CCP Home, Shop, Import Site, Support, Training, Billing, New Options, My Account, Development Services, Affiliate System, and Logout.

This paper provides you with a scope of tools and resources to tailor your website to your circumstantial needs and preferences. From managing your relationship settings and accessing enactment resources to exploring further services and features, Joomla's paper options springiness you the flexibility to configure your website according to your requirements.

Joomla pricing

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Joomla offers a scope of pricing options to cater to antithetic needs, starting with a escaped program that allows you to effort retired the service, though it does travel with definite limitations connected the availability of features. 

If you are looking for much precocious features and support, Joomla offers premium plans including the Personal plan, priced astatine $99 per year, which provides entree to each extensions, making it an perfect prime for idiosyncratic websites. The concern plan, priced astatine $199 per year, offers enactment for up to 5 Joomla websites, on with entree to each extensions, Joomlatools Connect, Joomlatools Dashboard, and premium support, making it a suitable enactment for tiny businesses with aggregate websites. For developers and integrators who necessitate much extended capabilities, the Agency program is disposable astatine $399 per year, allowing unlimited Joomla websites, entree to each extensions, Joomlatools Connect, Joomlatools Dashboard, VIP support. 

This program is specifically designed for those reselling Joomla extensions to their customers, providing a broad solution for their concern needs. By offering these pricing options, Joomla aims to accommodate a wide scope of users, from individuals to businesses and developers, ensuring that they tin prime the program that aligns champion with their requirements and budget.

Customer support 

Joomla, unfortunately, does not connection unrecorded chat, email, oregon telephone enactment connected its website. However, it supply alternate avenues for lawsuit enactment done it extended assemblage resources, summons and idiosyncratic guides.

One of the superior enactment options disposable is the Joomla Community Portal. This portal serves arsenic a hub for Joomla you to connect, interact, and question assistance from chap users and experts. It provides a level wherever you tin inquire questions, stock knowledge, and prosecute successful discussions related to Joomla and its assorted aspects.

Also, Joomla organizes events that bring unneurotic the Joomla community, including developers, designers, and users. These events connection an accidental to network, learn, and get hands-on acquisition with the platform. Attending these events tin beryllium beneficial for users seeking enactment and guidance, arsenic they tin interact with experienced individuals who tin supply invaluable insights and solutions.

User groups are different invaluable assets offered by Joomla. These groups dwell of section communities of Joomla enthusiasts who conscionable regularly to sermon Joomla-related topics, stock experiences, and supply enactment to each other. Joining a idiosyncratic radical tin beryllium advantageous for you if similar face-to-face interactions and personalized assistance.

Forums play a important relation successful the Joomla enactment ecosystem. Joomla's authoritative forum allows you to station your queries, question advice, and person answers from the community. It serves arsenic a level for users to stock their knowledge, troubleshoot issues collectively, and observe solutions to communal problems. The forum is often monitored by knowledgeable individuals who actively enactment successful resolving idiosyncratic queries.

In summation to these interactive enactment channels, Joomla offers a broad idiosyncratic usher and documentation. The idiosyncratic usher covers assorted topics, including installation, configuration, customization, and precocious features of the Joomla platform. It serves arsenic a invaluable assets for users seeking self-help and step-by-step instructions connected utilizing Joomla effectively.

Lastly, Joomla provides a ticket. The summons enactment transmission allows you to interaction Joomla squad of experts for assistance.

Is Joomla close for you? 

If you are considering whether Joomla is the close prime for you, it's important to see respective factors. Firstly, Joomla lacks accepted lawsuit enactment options specified arsenic unrecorded chat, email, and telephone support. However, it compensates for this by offering an extended assemblage enactment portal wherever you tin find assistance and guidance from different users. It besides offers summons supports arsenic well. 

One of the notable advantages of Joomla is that it is an open-source platform, meaning you person the state to modify and administer codification without worrying astir licensing fees. This flexibility tin beryllium advantageous if you person circumstantial customization needs oregon if you privation to lend to the improvement of the platform.

Joomla besides provides respective extensions allowing you to negociate your products and contented successful a unified manner. If you are readying to make an ecommerce site, Joomla tin beryllium a suitable prime owed to its disposable features and functionality successful this area. When it comes to contented and operation flexibility, Joomla offers an intuitive editing acquisition that resembles moving with a Word document. This user-friendly attack tin marque it easier for you to update and negociate your website's contented without feeling overwhelmed.

However, it's worthy noting that Joomla has a smaller module marketplace compared to WordPress. Finding and maintaining further modules and add-ons for your tract whitethorn beryllium much challenging with Joomla. The constricted availability of customization options successful the marketplace tin beryllium a drawback if you necessitate circumstantial functionality that is not readily available. If you are a beginner successful website designing, Joomla whitethorn not beryllium close for you arsenic it has steep learning curve. However, if you already person acquisition connected website designing, past Joomla is close for you.

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