JTX MoveLight review: An under-desk treadmill that's quiet, simple and sturdy

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New to treadmills, oregon conscionable looking to get started quickly? The JTX MoveLight is simply a large enactment that’s built well, is affordable, and has a debased profile. That comes with the caveat of a 100kg value limit, but if you’re nether that, you’ll bask its low-volume moving sound and easiness of usage with its remote.


  • +

    Easy to acceptable up

  • +

    Impressive physique quality

  • +

    Great price

  • +

    Remote control


  • -

    Weight bounds whitethorn beryllium an contented for some

  • -

    Not yet disposable successful the US

  • -

    Long profile

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JTX Movelight: One infinitesimal review

Buying a treadmill tin beryllium a spot of a scary proposition, with truthful galore variables successful play - bash you request manus rails? What astir elevation options? Can I acceptable the 1 from the gym successful my house?

Thankfully, the JTX MoveLight is an fantabulous treadmill that’s apt to bash a batch of the reasoning for you, since it’s 1 of the best under-desk treadmills we’ve tested. It tin adjacent beryllium utilized arsenic 1 of the best treadmills, but it’s a small agelong truthful alcove table spaces whitethorn conflict to instrumentality vantage of this.

Still, it’s comparatively compact, and amazingly casual to descent nether immoderate sofas oregon retired of the way. That compact quality does person a downside, nevertheless - there’s a value bounds of 100kg, which sounds similar a batch but for idiosyncratic similar myself, made investigating consciousness a small uneasy.

Thankfully, the physique prime is good, and the JTX MoveLight is sturdy, if unspectacular, successful its design. For a low-profile treadmill to support the humor pumping it surely understands the assignment. In fact, I was amazed by however often (weight bounds beryllium damned) I recovered myself returning to the JTX MoveLight during the reappraisal process - adjacent arsenic the upwind extracurricular made outdoor walking overmuch much of an option.

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JTX MoveLight: Specifications
Dimensions53 successful x 21 successful x 5 in
Price£499 (around $620 / AU$900)
Maximum User weight220 lbs (100 kgs)
DeckEight-piece elastic cushion deck
Top speed6km p/h

JTX MoveLight: Price and availability

  • £499 (around $620 / AU$900)
  • Only disposable successful the UK truthful far

The JTX Movelight retails for conscionable nether £500 (around $620 / AU$900) successful the UK, but it’s not disposable successful the US astatine present. 

That’s not inexpensive by immoderate stretch, but it a acold outcry from the astir costly under-desk treadmills, which scope into the thousands for office-standard kit, and remains much wallet-friendly than buying astir gym-sized treadmills.

JTX Movelight: Design

JTX Movelight under-desk treadmill

(Image credit: LLoyd Coombes)
  • Flat, low-profile design
  • Easy to read, ample LED screen
  • Easily stored

We’ve mentioned it a fewer times successful this review, but the JTX MoveLight is made to beryllium reasonably nondescript – it’s sporting a low-profile plan that doesn’t drawback the eye, and that’s, well, fine.

It’s 1.43m successful length, nether 55 cm wide, and it’s little than 13 cm gangly (53 successful x  21 successful x 5 in), meaning you tin brushwood it nether the sofa for the astir portion erstwhile you request it retired of the way.

It’s besides lone disposable successful black, with a matte decorativeness connected the sides. As you tin astir apt guess, the loop is black, too, truthful determination are nary concerns with scuffs.

You’ll find a surface astatine the front, and it’s comparatively unambitious but means there’s little to beryllium distracted by erstwhile you’re connected the move, and you tin work it easy acknowledgment to achromatic text.

  • Design score: 4/5

JTX MoveLight: Features

  • 1HP motor
  • 0.5-6kmph speeds
  • Easy to acceptable up

One of the JTX MoveLight’s champion features is conscionable however casual it is to enactment together. Plug it successful with a azygous cord, and you’re disconnected to the (walking) races erstwhile you property the remote.

That removes immoderate of the friction of feeling similar your workout needs a lengthy setup process and allows you to get moving arsenic and erstwhile the temper strikes.

Thankfully, doing truthful won’t origin excessively overmuch sound if you’re watching TV oregon listening to euphony portion walking connected the MoveLight. That’s acknowledgment to a 1HP centrifugal that’s astir susurration quiet, meaning if you bash usage it astatine a desk, it won’t beryllium seen oregon heard successful meetings.

The starting velocity of 0.5kph tin ramp up to 6kph, and portion JTX says that’s a airy jog, for taller users it’s apt to beryllium much of a powerfulness walk. Still, it’s plentifulness for burning calories, and you’re apt to scope measurement goals overmuch much regularly with it.

The LED show tin way your steps, distance, calories and speed, meaning you tin acceptable your ain goals for each to support connected track, and the distant is casual to use, too.

  • Features score: 4/5

JTX MoveLight: Performance

JTX Movelight under-desk treadmill

(Image credit: LLoyd Coombes)
  • Comfortable successful motion
  • Longer legs whitethorn request a small much runway
  • Easy to use

The JTX MoveLight, contempt its comparatively basal appearance, is impressively built for comfortableness and safety.

This is done done eight-piece elastic cushioning nether the loop that gives a pleasing magnitude of feedback per step, portion besides helping your joints with the ongoing motions. The effect is simply a walking aboveground that feels astir arsenic sturdy arsenic heavy-duty, handrail-offering treadmill options, and feels a small magical - similar walking connected a cloud.

That’s peculiarly utile for utilizing arsenic an under-desk treadmill, which JTX suggests. However, the distant doesn’t springiness you the values oregon stats from the treadmill, and under-desk, the LED show would beryllium partially oregon wholly hidden. It’s a insignificant quibble, but connected worthy noting. In my testing, it’s possibly a smidge excessively agelong for smaller bureau spaces, and adjacent past arsenic a 6 ft 4 (193cm) gangly user, I did consciousness I could person done with conscionable a fewer much inches of magnitude to truly get into a stride.

That’s apt to beryllium nary occupation for many, however, and if it gets your humor pumping and your encephalon feeling productive, it’s apt to beryllium a watershed infinitesimal you can’t spell backmost from. The deficiency of features is astir a blessing for beginners, arsenic it removes intimidating options paralysis. You conscionable get connected and locomotion astatine the velocity you want. 

  • Performance score: 4/5

JTX Movelight: Buy it if...

JTX Movelight: Don't bargain it if...

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Also consider
ComponentJTX MovelightLifespan TR1200
Dimensions53 x 21 x 5 in.63 x 28 x 7 in.
Price£499 (around $620 / AU$900)$1,199 / £1,099 (around AU$2,000 USD
Maximum User weight220 lbs (100 kgs)350 lbs (159kgs)
DeckEight-piece elastic cushion deckThermoset plastic, six compression shocks
Top speed6km p/h6.4km p/h
ControlsRemotePlug-in console

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