June’s Pixel feature drop spruces up Android, Wear OS with new tricks

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  • Google is rolling retired the June 2023 Pixel diagnostic drop.
  • The update includes caller features coming to Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Additional updates for the Pixel Watch and prime Google services are besides inbound.

Google is present rolling retired the Pixel diagnostic driblet for June 2023, bringing immoderate invited changes to fashionable apps and services. This month, the institution is touching connected its wide scope of platforms, not conscionable the Pixel-only features that marque devices similar the Pixel 7a compelling.

Android updates

Telegram speech  showing differences betwixt  emojis and stickers

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Changes are incoming for the likes of Google News, Google Play Books, and Gboard. Find the afloat breakdown below.

  • New widgets for 3 fashionable apps: Devices moving Android 6 oregon newer are gaining 3 caller widgets for Google TV, Google Finance, and Google News. The institution says that these additions volition assistance support users abreast of caller amusement options, banal details, and wide news.
  • Emoji Kitchen: This nifty diagnostic landed connected Gboard successful 2020 and lets users mash 2 communal emojis unneurotic to signifier a caller hybrid. We’ve seen plentifulness of changes to Emoji Kitchen successful the past 3 years, but the latest update allows users to trade summer-themed emoji stickers that tin beryllium sent to friends, family, and colleagues successful these warmer months. The diagnostic is disposable worldwide for devices Android 6 oregon newer.
  • Reading Practice: Coming to devices successful the US moving Android 8 oregon newer, Reading Practice is simply a caller speechmaking tutor for children baked into Google Play Books. The institution notes that the diagnostic besides works with nary complaint media.

Wear OS updates

A Google Pixel Watch displays a user's Spotify app.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Wear OS is getting tons of emotion successful this month’s Pixel diagnostic drop, and it’s not constricted to the latest mentation oregon the Pixel Watch, either.

  • Spotify DJ and caller widgets: For Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 devices successful the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada, Spotify DJ lets users play a personalized database of contented from their dense rotation oregon favourite podcasts. A caller enactment of complications and widgets are besides coming to devices wherever Spotify is supported.
  • Google Wallet summons support: San Francisco and Washington D.C. users tin usage their smartwatch arsenic a tap-to-ride summons acknowledgment to caller SmarTrip and Clipper paper import support. This diagnostic is disposable for users moving Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 devices.
  • New tile for notes: Finally, Wear OS 3 instrumentality owners tin marque users of a caller Note tile for jotting down azygous notes oregon to-dos. This diagnostic is made disposable globally.

Google is besides announcing a caller diagnostic for Google One connected Android devices and supported browsers dubbed the Dark Web report. The diagnostic allows users successful the US to tally scans of their email addresses to cheque for information compromises. US users tin besides scan their societal information numbers successful the aforesaid way. This diagnostic volition yet rotation retired to much than a twelve further countries successful the coming months.

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