KICK․IO Is Evolving – Taking a Closer Look Into the Roadmap

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PRESS RELEASE. The crypto satellite is arsenic innovative and breathtaking arsenic fickle and dynamic. Understanding the marketplace needs and keeping up with the latest trends and changes is important if we privation to beforehand and scope caller heights.

KICK.IO has large plans for the upcoming year, and one, successful particular, volition marque a important alteration for some the level and the users.

The dawn of cross-chain bridges

Since its inception, blockchain exertion has go 1 of the astir reliable ways of virtual plus transportation without third-party players. And now, this far-reaching exertion is going adjacent further. Instead of keeping wrong the limits of 1 blockchain – cross-chain bridges volition assistance determination distant from segregation and tribalism to blockchain interoperability.

And KICK.IO is not acold down – it is expanding beyond Cardano. The squad believes that the implementation of cross-chain solutions is the future. Cardano is KICK.IO’s home, and the extremity is to enactment Cardano-centric. However, introducing KICK.IO to different blockchains volition beryllium a cardinal portion of the roadworthy ahead.

One of the captious missions is to make a harmless and inclusive situation for everyone to motorboat projects, vote, and enactment successful KICK.IO’s soon-to-be-upgraded task endorsement system. That’s wherefore KICK.IO volition commencement operating connected antithetic blockchains.

Operating connected antithetic blockchains volition let KICK.IO to instrumentality a measurement further towards a much unified and divers ecosystem. It’ll besides assistance accommodate changing needs and amended existing connection and transportation processes betwixt blockchains. And cross-chain bridges aren’t the lone novelty diagnostic KICK.IO volition incorporated – there’s rather a spot much to look guardant to successful the upcoming year.

Website update and a caller endorsement strategy successful 2022 Q2

This 4th the squad volition absorption connected 3 main points:

  • UX/UI updates
  • A caller 5 Tier endorsement system
  • Listing KICK tokens successful a centralized exchange

The website update volition assistance lick navigational obstacles and bespeak its caller focus.

KICK.IO is presently the lone level that doesn’t bounds its users and gives everyone an adjacent accidental to bargain into projects careless of their monetary contribution. The 5 Tier endorsement strategy volition assistance to consolidate this further. Instead of the existent 5% rewards rate, users volition summation 7.5%, making their payout up by 30% careless of the tier they choose.

And finally, the KICK token CEX listing process volition importantly amended trading, allowing trading tokens close present connected KICK.IO.

KICK.IO to physique cross-chain bridges successful 2022 Q3

Q3 volition beryllium a important 4th for the team. Aside from wrapping up and launching the website update, KICK.IO volition besides present cross-chain support, including ERC20, BSC, and Polygon. It’s an important measurement forwards arsenic this volition assistance make a much cohesive ecosystem and unfastened up caller opportunities.

Another important diagnostic the squad plans to contiguous is swap integration. As the radical seeks to marque KICK.IO a unifying platform, introducing the quality to swap antithetic tokens and coins connected the level volition some simplify the process and prevention time.

2022 Q4 – level decentralization

Aiming precocious and pushing ourselves guardant is portion of KICK.IO. The institution volition determination to decentralize the level and present wallet enactment thoroughly.

Another captious facet the squad volition enactment connected during this 4th volition beryllium implementing the voting system. It volition let the users to person a much meaningful interaction connected the KICK.IO ecosystem by voting connected which caller projects should beryllium included connected the platform.

Cardano Light DEX implementation successful 2023 Q1

The past measurement successful the existent roadmap encompasses changes to the Cardano blockchain. With the motorboat of a airy mentation of decentralized trading, radical volition beryllium capable to commercialized tokens.


KICK.IO has large plans for this twelvemonth – the squad is passionate astir the technological advancement that benefits everyone. Introducing KICK.IO to different blockchains volition beryllium a monolithic measurement successful the close direction. So enactment tuned for much news!


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