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Reviewed successful the United States connected April 15, 2019

Verified Purchase

November 8, 2020 update:
I inactive truly similar this Kindle, and I basal by my review's pros and cons arsenic I discussed below. I've work implicit 50 books connected it since I purchased it and I'm a blessed camper.

April 15, 2019 (Original review):
I had a Kindle interaction years agone and had stopped utilizing it. But I privation to beryllium capable to absorption connected speechmaking and not pop-ups from different apps truthful I bought this caller Kindle to debar the distractions of speechmaking connected my phone.

The instrumentality is smaller than some my archetypal Kindle interaction and my husband's Kindle Paperwhite. I was capable to rapidly get link to the net and statesman downloading Kindle books I checked retired via Overdrive. The instrumentality tin beryllium held successful 1 manus comfortably, and it's lightweight capable to consciousness rather portable without appearing flimsy.

This Kindle has immoderate buggy-feeling holdovers from erstwhile generations: occasional leftover pixels during page/screen pages. However, I find the interaction surface to beryllium responsive without being jumpy. The bottom/power fastener sometimes takes an other propulsion to activate, oregon possibly conscionable needs maine to absorption a spot more. I don't caput the "special offers" and mostly disregard them completely, yes, this is simply a mostly annoying feature, but I'd alternatively walk that $20 connected books. The backlight tin beryllium adjusted to work outdoors oregon successful your chamber successful the acheronian (handy if your spouse nags astir keeping a booklight on).

Another reviewer commented connected the PPI. Personally, arsenic I don't usage the instrumentality for pictures/illustrations/detailed charts, I frankly don't care. The images that look successful the peculiar offers are wide enough, and the default sized people is crisp and cleanable and I person nary issues speechmaking without my glasses. If you often work books that are illustration/graphic-heavy, you whitethorn similar a Paperwhite oregon different device.

I'll set my reappraisal if my sentiments alteration but for present I americium precise blessed with my caller Kindle.

Reviewed successful the United States connected April 16, 2019

Verified Purchase

This is the archetypal Kindle I person ever owned oregon utilized for much than a mates seconds. My existent leader really told maine to prime 1 up, and I could person chosen immoderate Kindle I wanted. After reviewing the choices I decided to acquisition this one, contempt it being the cheapest. Honestly, I’m rather thankful.

I wanted thing of a tiny size, and a instrumentality that would beryllium comfy and casual to clasp with some oregon either idiosyncratic hand. I bash not request to store a cardinal books, nor bash I program to work successful a river, oregon portion taking a shower. If that changes, past I’ll update you connected the h2o absorption of this instrumentality ;)

As acold arsenic the existent devices goes, it is simply a bully size, susceptible of shoving into a tiny pouch successful a bag, and is casual for maine to thenar and clasp successful a assortment of ways. It is highly light, and I could easy clasp this for hours. The interaction surface is responsive and flipping pages is easier and faster than I anticipated, portion besides avoidable erstwhile conscionable holding the Kindle to read. I was hesitant astir the deficiency of carnal buttons, and though I inactive wished they were contiguous (e.g. connected the sides), I deficiency nary assurance that they volition soon beryllium forgotten. Since I work a bully spot of method books, and similar to instrumentality notes, I was wondering however good this would function. Although typing up paragraphs would beryllium challenging, I was pleasantly amazed with the responsiveness. I volition astir apt permission shorter notes and markers connected my Kindle and elaborate much erstwhile connected a machine oregon tablet. Although it is surely not a smartphone oregon computer, it superseded my expectations.

I bash not person experiences to comparison against, being my archetypal Kindle, nevertheless the surface itself is agleam and clear, whites being a airy gray, and blacks being… well, dark. I did not find an enactment to invert the colors (font white, inheritance black), which was unfortunate. I besides find it unusual the powerfulness fastener is connected the bottom. I decidedly foresee this being bumped portion resting against a surface. At this point, I americium besides a spot disappointed this does not usage USB-C. I americium guessing Amazon is redeeming this for a newer, much costly device, but honestly, I consciousness each devices similar this moving guardant truly should person this.

Having state successful my prime here, I americium thankful I chose this Kindle variant, and fixed the terms point, I americium doubtful anyone would kick erstwhile they held it successful their hands. Any shortcomings I bash have, and insignificant and I americium doubtful they volition beryllium an ongoing annoyance. Definitely recommend.

Reviewed successful the United States connected July 15, 2019

Verified Purchase

Dear Amazon. It’s 2019 and it’s bittersweet that you merchantability a gadget without a powerfulness adapter conscionable truthful you tin merchantability it separately astatine a cost. So technically, the advertised terms looks cheaper but the purchaser can’t usage the instrumentality without spending much to bargain a powerfulness adapter. That’s truly greedy and deceitful. It’s similar selling a marque caller car without a battery.

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