Label Foundation Raises $1 Million to Build Blockchain-Based Platform for the MOOC Industry

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PRESS RELEASE. The next-generation NFT Infrastructure – Label Foundation has announced the palmy completion of its backstage merchantability round. Supported by galore starring VCs and celebrated Grammy-winning artists, the NFT level raised $1.0 cardinal during the backstage merchantability that generated large involvement from apical investors and task capitalists successful the concern and blockchain industries.

A large milestone for Label Foundation

The backstage merchantability circular was led by HG ventures and backed by immoderate of the starring task capitals and institutions successful the blockchain sphere, specified arsenic GBIC, Mindfulness Capital, IOST, M6, Adaptive, and Icetea Labs, Alphabit,, and Pragma. These Venture Capital firms person joined forces to money the adjacent procreation NFT infrastructure that provides the P2P incubating level to foster the acquisition platform.

Speaking connected the development, Simon Jeung co-founder astatine HG Ventures, revealed his delight successful the development. “As the pb investors successful the LABEL Foundation, we are archetypal and foremost fascinated by the dedication of the halfway squad to the unified extremity to revolutionize the amusement acquisition marketplace by bringing the MOOC manufacture and blockchain exertion together.

Jeung besides added, ‘’We judge that NFTs volition decidedly request the adjacent level of adoption, and the musicians, artists and different contented creators that were antecedently restrained from their morganatic profits volition present beryllium capable to support their rightful IP rights successful the astir innovative NFT infrastructure platform.” He concluded.

Fostering next-gen blockchain-based acquisition ecosystem

Label is an NFT infrastructure protocol built connected the Ethereum Network to found a just profit-sharing ecosystem. Its ecosystem is powered by LBL inferior and governance token.

To execute its goals, LABEL introduces a decentralized P2P incubating level to put successful world-class amusement acquisition contented done the DAO voting strategy that allows contributors to assertion profits done its autochthonal NFT shareholding mechanism.

This strategy provides contented creators successful the MOOC manufacture casual entree to investment, promotion and organisation of their IP rights. It solves the problems of unfair operation that exists successful the sphere.

Tokenizing IP rights utilizing NFTs

Label Foundation further innovatively uses NFTs enabling contented creators to tokenize their IP rights to let investors to money their prospective courses. These courses are listed connected the Label level and, implicit time, go profitable and influential for investors.

The interests connected these tokenized IP rights tin beryllium accessed by LBL Holders that involvement their tokens successful the DAO governance mechanisms for voting rights connected which courses are registered and person financing successful the Label ecosystem.

The courses, that person successfully received investments, volition beryllium registered successful the ERC-1155 NFT standard, which volition intelligibly exemplify the stock ratio of the ownership according to the contributions of instructors, voters and investors. The accusation connected income gross from spouse platforms volition beryllium released connected the peculiar NFT Page, and the gross generated by the people volition beryllium accurately distributed based connected the NFT Shares held by the contributors.

Furthermore, the investors that are consenting to liquidate their NFT shares volition beryllium capable to registry it freely successful the NFT Marketplace of the LABEL Foundation, oregon likewise they tin clasp their entree to the IP rights and assertion the partial profits that volition beryllium generated by the contented creators’ courses.

Key partnerships established

Label Foundation has extended its ecosystem with cardinal partnerships wrong the blockchain and acquisition industry. It has already collaborated with OPENTRACK, a starring euphony acquisition level operated by Clesson. The concern volition supply a batch of world-class instructors that volition supply aboriginal contented wrong the LABEL ecosystem.

The LABEL Platform volition diagnostic the apical stars specified arsenic Mark Lettieri (3x Grammy Winner), Scoop DeVille (2x Grammy Nominee), Robert Sput Searight (6x Grammy Winner), Docskim (BTS producer) and galore different influential artists and instructors, that volition beryllium sharing their cognition and insights and possibly connection their IP rights done the incubating strategy to registry their courses arsenic NFTs and further allocate the NFT shares to the aboriginal investors.

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