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Laifen makes an earnest effort to lucifer up to immoderate of the high-tech hairsbreadth dryers starring successful the market, and we’re pleased to accidental it mostly lives up to its claims. It’s quiet, speedy and powerful, with a plan that incorporates magnetic components. If it had a longer cord and a chill shot, we’d beryllium implicit the moon.


  • +

    Pretty powerful

  • +

    Beautifully designed

  • +

    More affordable than competition


  • -

    Quiet, but not arsenic quiescent arsenic promised

  • -

    Short cord

  • -

    No chill shot

One-minute review

Skepticism is cardinal erstwhile buying online, particularly erstwhile it comes to caller names and viral trends, truthful Laifen has an uphill conflict establishing itself successful the fiercely competitory hairsbreadth styling market. Thankfully, the Laifen Swift makes an contiguous impact. 

Launching its run connected Indiegogo successful 2020, Laifen Swift was met with enthusiasm by its backers. Having deed the marketplace successful 2022, each eyes are present fixed connected its lofty promises and much affordable terms tag compared to immoderate of the best hairsbreadth dryers.

This lightweight, almighty instrumentality arrives with immoderate awesome specs, packing 1600W of powerfulness successful its slimline framework with a 110,000RPM brushless centrifugal that generates 22m/s airflow. It offers 3 somesthesia and 2 airflow settings.

While it offers professional-grade specs and performance, determination are a fewer missteps that marque the Laifen Swift a small little spectacular than it could person been. It doesn’t person a chill changeable button, nor does it person a hook for hanging – and, arsenic of writing, it has a cord magnitude of conscionable 1.8m/5.9ft. The second mightiness beryllium good for location use, but successful a nonrecreational mounting the Laifen Swift’s cord mightiness beryllium limiting.

Still, having utilized the Laifen Swift implicit the people of a week, we were impressed by however rapidly it dried hair, keeping frizz to a minimum arsenic a effect of it generating and releasing antagonistic ions into the airflow. With specified a beardown commencement successful the market, Laifen is 1 to ticker successful the years to come.

Laifen Swift Special successful  its container  with the 3  attachments

(Image credit: Future)

Laifen Swift terms and availability

  • Laifen Swift: $199.99 / £175.11 / $297.83
  • Laifen Swift Special: $239.99 / £210.14 / AU$357.40

We received the Laifen Swift Special for review, which is identical to the regular Laifen Swift hairsbreadth dryer, but comes with 3 attachments – a diffuser, modular nozzle and speedy styling nozzle – arsenic opposed to the modular nozzle-only bundle. You tin besides bargain the speedy styling nozzle separately, but the diffuser is exclusive to the Swift Special.

Compared to its biggest rival, the Dyson Supersonic (which retails astatine $429 / £329 / AU$599 arsenic of writing), the Laifen Swift presents a overmuch much affordable enactment with overmuch of the aforesaid technology.

Currently, the Laifen Swift is the lone merchandise disposable from Laifen, and you tin bargain it straight from Laifen oregon connected Amazon.

Value: 4.5/5

Laifen Swift Special without immoderate  attachments on

(Image credit: Future)

Laifen Swift design

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Short cord and nary hook
  • Three vigor settings and 2 speeds

Hair dryer Specifications

Here are the specifications for the Laifen Swift:

Speed settings: Two
Heat settings:
Three, positive autocycle
Hanging loop: No
Cord length: 1.8m
Cool shot: No
Weight: 0.89lb/407g
Attachments: One with regular package, 3 with the Special bundle

The Laifen Swift hairsbreadth dryer is disposable successful 4 colors – matte black, metallic blue, pearl achromatic and ruby reddish – and has a wonderfully luxe brushed decorativeness that makes it a joyousness to behold and, well, hold. It has a short, rounded tube atop its long, consecutive handle; but it’s a signifier that mightiness not beryllium for everyone. Personally, we’ve recovered this signifier to beryllium acold much storage-friendly.

Measuring 10.9 x 2.7 x 3.5in/ 27.7 x 7 x 8.9cm, the Laifen Swift is wonderfully airy astatine 0.89lbs/407g without its cable, truthful you’re improbable to consciousness overmuch limb fatigue, particularly fixed however rapidly it dries hairsbreadth – but much connected that later. The attachments link magnetically to the beforehand of the barrel, snapping connected and disconnected easily.

Perhaps the astir absorbing facet of the Laifen Swift is its airflow design. Instead of channeling aerial done the rear of the barrel, it’s pulled done from the basal of the handle. Here, users volition besides find the particulate filter, the casing of which besides attaches magnetically, clicking connected and disconnected rapidly for maintenance.

Laifen Swift without its particulate  filter casing on

(Image credit: Future)

As mentioned above, the hairsbreadth dryer delivers 1600W of powerfulness crossed 3 somesthesia settings and 2 velocity levels, the controls for which are situated astatine the apical of the handle. If you property and clasp the somesthesia button, you tin besides power connected its somesthesia autocycle mode. There’s nary chill shot, which is simply a small disappointing, arsenic was the omission of a hanging loop. 

The biggest setback successful the Laifen Swift’s plan is its abbreviated cord length. While astir location users whitethorn beryllium contented with its 1.8m/5.9ft length, with the nonrecreational imaginable of this hairsbreadth dryer it’s a shame that Laifen didn’t opt to present its hairsbreadth dryer with the longer cablegram lengths present commonly seen crossed the market. Plus, if you don’t person a well-situated reflector adjacent a plug socket astatine home, you mightiness find yourself reaching – oregon having to usage an hold cord – with the Laifen Swift.

Design: 4.5/5

Laifen Swift performance

  • Fast drying times
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ionic exertion reduces frizz

Delivering high-powered jets of ionized air, the Laifen Swift makes swift enactment of drying hair. We tested it connected damp, thick, medium-length hairsbreadth connected its highest setting, which dried wholly successful conscionable nether 7 minutes. It isn’t rather arsenic awesome arsenic the Dyson Supersonic, which takes 4 and a fractional minutes to adust the aforesaid hairsbreadth type, but it’s a full batch faster than the 12-15 minutes of the Panasonic EH-NA65 – which is this writer’s existent location usage hairsbreadth dryer. For little porous and thinner hair, we’d expect a drying clip of astir 5 and a fractional minutes with the Laifen Swift, which conscionable astir matches the manufacturer’s claims. 

After drying, our hairsbreadth was near feeling super-smooth with a gentle shine, and we really noticed it didn’t go greasy arsenic rapidly arsenic it does having utilized little almighty airflow dryers. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we felt much assured getting stuck into drying our roots without fearfulness of hairsbreadth being caught successful the rear of the barrel. 

The attachments each worked good during use, and portion they (and the barrel) were prone to getting a small hot, temperatures didn’t scope thing adjacent to being unsafe oregon uncomfortable. Switching the attachments retired mid-dry proved bully and easy, too, acknowledgment to the magnetic fixture.

Laifen swift tube  rear, showing somesthesia  mounting  LED indicator

The rear of the tube displays the existent somesthesia mounting - bluish for cool, orangish for warm, reddish for hot. (Image credit: Future)

We’ve mentioned earlier conscionable however good designed the Laifen Swift is, but the existent acquisition of stroke drying hairsbreadth truly is simply a feat worthy highlighting. The grip remains chill passim use, the hairsbreadth dryer is airy capable to trim limb strain (or adjacent destruct it, depending connected however agelong your hairsbreadth takes to dry), and switching retired attachments is supremely easy.

The Laifen Swift claims to beryllium incredibly quiet, emitting conscionable 59db portion successful use. Unfortunately, this wasn’t our acquisition – unless those figures were achieved done precise circumstantial investigating parameters of which we’re not aware. 

In our test, from six inches away, connected the fastest mounting the Laifen Swift recorded 79db for noise. This fig is reasonably mediate of the roadworthy successful examination to different hairsbreadth dryers; the Dyson Supersonic registered 74db connected our decibel meter, while 1 of the noisiest hairsbreadth dryers we’ve tested, the Remington Hydraluxe Pro EC9001, registered 82db. However, what we tin accidental successful defence of the Laifen Swift is that the dependable it emits is acold little assertive and grating than different hairsbreadth dryers we’ve tried.

Laifen Swift rear showing its somesthesia  and velocity  controls

(Image credit: Future)

A small, but notable contented we had with the Laifen Swift was its fastener placement. While the somesthesia and velocity controls look and consciousness great, it’s acold excessively casual to brushwood crossed oregon lightly property the somesthesia controls accidentally. If you’re not drying hairsbreadth successful beforehand of a mirror, wherever you tin spot the somesthesia indicator connected the rear of the barrel, you mightiness not adjacent announcement that you’ve done it.

Performance: 4/5

Laifen Swift scorecard AttributesNotesRating
Design The plan of the Laifen Swift, portion not for everyone, means it's lightweight, compact and decidedly modern successful looks, which we appreciate.4.5/5
PerformanceIt doesn't unrecorded up to each of the manufacturer's claims, but it works good and we were blessed with our results4/5
VaueThe Laifen Swift has a comparable terms to different Dyson Supersonic alternatives, and delivers connected astir of its value-adding features.4.5/5

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