Latvia central bank opens to fintech with ‘Innovation Hub’

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Fintech innovations and emerging technologies person swept the world, causing global lawmakers to rush to recognize and modulate them. 

While immoderate countries like the United States and El Salvador person had a nationalist narration with adopting caller technologies, others person softly joined the game. Among these is Latvia, a tiny state located successful the Baltics, neighboring Estonia and Lithuania.

Cointelegraph spoke with Marine Krasovska, the caput of fiscal exertion astatine Latvijas Banka (Bank of Latvia) — Latvia’s cardinal slope — to amended recognize however regulators successful the state are dealing with caller technologies similar cryptocurrencies and artificial quality (AI).

Unlike its neighbour Estonia, which was the archetypal European state to supply wide regulations and guidelines for integer currencies, these assets stay unregulated successful the Latvian landscape. The Latvian Personal Income Tax Act defines crypto arsenic a superior plus taxable to the wide superior gains taxation of 20%.

Back successful 2020, 1 of the country’s fiscal regulators, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC), warned the nationalist astir crypto fraud — peculiarly fixed that successful Latvia, crypto companies “operate successful an infrastructure that is presently characterized by little regularisation than successful the fiscal and superior markets.”

An upcoming hub of innovation 

Since aboriginal warnings from the FCMC, Latvia has not developed caller cryptocurrency regulations. However, Krasovska explained that successful the past 5 years, the cardinal bank, which is the superior regulator successful Latvia, has been operating its Innovation Hub.

Krasovska said information by fintech companies is not mandatory; however, the slope advises it arsenic a “first introduction point” to the Latvian market. The cardinal slope offers this work escaped of complaint for planetary companies and those originating from Latvia.

Krasovka speaks astatine the Global Government Fintech Lab 2022 conference. Source: Global Government Fintech

“When businesses travel to the Innovation Hub and statesman to picture their concern model, sometimes we commencement to recognize what companies really request and don’t need,” she said.

She added that it’s an accidental for businesses to speech successful idiosyncratic with regulators to recognize the concern licensing needed and get risks assessed.

“We ever suggest for companies to bring a lawyer to disclose mentation risks. Interpretation of authorities is simply a precise high-level responsibility.” 

Within the Innovation Hub, the slope has besides created a pre-licensing process. According to Krasovska, this was created to assistance fintech companies — peculiarly those dealing with integer assets — make a “package of documents” that they tin person feedback connected regarding the quality. 

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“So erstwhile the authoritative exertion goes in,” she said, “the licence process volition beryllium focusing connected the main ideas alternatively than the prime of the application. This caller pre-licensing began past summer.”

“We privation to spot much innovation connected the market. But we besides privation to spot that the risks are managed successful a due way.”

Krasovska said that past year, the Innovation Hub had 72 consultations with astir 40% of each participants from Latvia. She commented that the hub’s information reveals accrued involvement from companies successful “crypto and physics wealth institutions services.”

Adoption from the inside

Along with helping businesses thrive successful the Latvian fintech landscape, Krasovska said that the Latvian cardinal slope itself is adopting caller technologies to streamline its processes from the inside.

This includes moving cardinal slope information into the unreality and adopting AI technologies similar OpenAI’s fashionable chatbot ChatGPT.

“We, arsenic a cardinal bank, volition besides commencement this twelvemonth to integrate artificial quality and ChatGPT successful our work. Not conscionable not conscionable trying to bash immoderate benignant of studies arsenic everyone is utilizing it, but we’re starting to accommodate it successful presumption of we person identified our needs.” 

She said the cardinal slope created an interior laboratory 2 years ago, which began experimenting with antithetic kinds of technological solutions. 

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She highlighted ChatGPT feasibility studies the slope has conducted, which volition assistance it summarize ample quantities of documents, specified arsenic taxation documents that she called “not structured information.”

Krasovska besides said the slope employs AI to assistance with information absorption projects and supervise code.

Synthetic information creation

When it comes to data, the fintech enforcement said the Bank of Latvia is spearheading a caller task successful narration to synthetic data.

She said that erstwhile newcomers oregon tech companies processing caller solutions inquire for a information acceptable to bid concern models, it has thing it tin legally provide.

“This twelvemonth and besides adjacent year, we volition beryllium moving with the database ideas from which we tin make this synthetic information that is similar a synthetic lottery oregon thing on those lines,” she said.

“Then companies tin travel and usage these antithetic types of information to recognize however their tools enactment oregon don’t enactment earlier they standard the concern and connection their solution to existent customers.” 

For example, businesses whitethorn request entree to a ample transaction database to recognize however related monitoring tools work, “so what we’re doing close present is moving connected this integrated database,” she said.

Latvia and the existent authorities of crypto

Over the summer, a study from the Latvian cardinal slope said that local investments successful crypto assets had declined by 50% implicit the past year.

"The fig of the radical purchasing crypto-assets arsenic good arsenic making payments with outgo cards to put successful crypto-assets successful Latvia declines.

This tin beryllium explained by planetary developments specified arsenic the antagonistic sentiment of investors, detected cases of fraud and cases of…

— Joshua Rosenberg (@_jrosenberg) August 4, 2023

The study was based connected findings from outgo paper usage, revealing that 4% of the colonisation bought crypto assets successful February 2023, compared to 8% successful the aforesaid period of 2022.

When asked astir the sentiment toward cryptocurrencies successful Latvia, Krasovska pointed to the crypto marketplace conditions successful operation with slumping marketplace trends globally: “Globally, the fiscal markets are the mode they are close now, and of course, this is [excluding] the crypto [market].”

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Aside from the rocky conditions for the crypto assemblage brought connected by the lingering carnivore market, regulatory difficulties successful large markets person caused capitalist sentiment to go little optimistic.

However, Krasovska pointed toward the European Union’s adoption and implementation of the Markets successful Crypto-Assets (MiCA) authorities arsenic thing the cardinal slope tin thin on.

“With the adoption of MiCA, we tin guarantee precise precocious standards for fiscal services.”

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