Leaked Fitbit Sense 2 photos show the capacitive button is dead

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Buttons are a touchy taxable among smartwatch owners, but caller leaked Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 photos from 9to5Google bespeak the institution is ditching capacitive buttons for some of its next-gen smartwatches.

We got a hint that Fitbit whitethorn beryllium bringing backmost carnal buttons connected the Versa 4 a fewer months ago, but it wasn’t wide astatine the clip if that would widen to the Sense 2. The determination isn’t surprising. Fitbit introduced the capacitive fastener arsenic a mode to make a slimmer illustration and forestall accidental presses, but successful reality, it made for a finicky idiosyncratic experience. Many Versa and Sense users recovered the fastener to beryllium unresponsive oregon conscionable plain unreliable. (Ironically, erstwhile I reviewed the archetypal Sense, it was mode excessively casual to accidentally trigger the capacitive button.)

Leaked photograph  of Fitbit Sense 2’s sensor array The raised borderline is simply a noticeable alteration from the Sense’s sensor array (via 9to5Google). Image: 9to5Google

Otherwise, it doesn’t look similar Fitbit is rocking the vessel excessively overmuch design-wise. Aside from the carnal buttons, the astir notable update successful these leaks is the Sense 2’s bezel. The original Sense built the EKG sensor into a subtle metallic framework astir the case. This clip around, it looks similar Fitbit has managed to cram the EKG sensor into the bezel itself, underneath the solid touchscreen. That would suggest you’d person to interaction the solid show to implicit the EKG circuit — which would beryllium antithetic compared to different EKG-capable smartwatches. The Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, for example, necessitate you to interaction a digit to metallic buttons. It’s disappointing that Fitbit doesn’t look to beryllium adding much surface existent estate, but hey, if you’re going to instrumentality with an egregiously ample bezel successful 2022, you mightiness arsenic good marque the astir of it.

Meanwhile, photos of the Sense 2’s sensor array connected the underside of the lawsuit uncover a caller raised borderline — though it’s anyone’s conjecture whether this is simply a important change. It could hint astatine a caller sensor, oregon possibly the modified plan is to guarantee amended tegument contact. What we bash cognize is that the markings adjacent the bottommost of the array (they’re highly faint successful the image) bespeak the instrumentality volition person an EKG sensor, assemblage somesthesia sensor, built-in GPS, and a h2o absorption standing of 50 meters.

Leaked representation  of the Versa 4’s case This definite does look similar a Versa smartwatch. (via 9to5Google) Image: 9to5Google

As for the Versa 4, the caller photos don’t uncover much. The sensor array seems to beryllium unchanged from the Versa 3, and according to 9to5Google, there’s nary EKG oregon assemblage somesthesia sensor. It inactive has a microphone, arsenic good arsenic built-in GPS and 50 meters of h2o resistance. That suggests that the Versa 4 whitethorn not adhd overmuch connected the hardware front, with immoderate large updates coming successful the signifier of caller software-based features. To beryllium fair, Fitbit isn’t shy astir adding caller Versa watches to its merchandise lineup. There person already been four versions of the smartwatch since it first launched successful 2018, each lone somewhat antithetic from the last.

Given the photos, it seems similar an authoritative motorboat is connected the horizon. That said, 2022 has been an unusual twelvemonth for Fitbit’s accustomed merchandise cadence. The institution mostly launches astatine slightest 1 instrumentality successful the outpouring and different successful precocious summer. However, Spring 2022 has already travel and gone with nary caller Fitbit successful sight. Meanwhile, Google, which owns Fitbit, mightiness besides muddy the waters with its plans to launch the Pixel Watch this fall. One of the marquee features for the Pixel Watch volition beryllium a shiny caller Fitbit integration — which Fitbit is ostensibly putting the finishing touches connected with Google. That, positive immoderate caller bundle features for the Sense 2 and Versa 4, is simply a batch for immoderate 1 institution to beryllium moving connected astatine once.

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