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The Lifespan TR1200-DT3 is an fantabulous walking treadmill for those with lasting desks. The Bluetooth desk-mounted console is casual to usage and navigate, and the loop is wide, agelong and comfortable, perfect adjacent for heavier walkers. However, the ample size means it could beryllium unsuitable for radical looking for a compact walking pad, and a debased apical velocity means that if superior moving is your game, you’re amended disconnected witha much accepted treadmill.


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This is TechRadar’s Lifespan TR1200-DT3 review. We’ve taken a bully look astatine the walking treadmill, spending clip walking connected the treadmill with and without a lasting table to spot however it measures up to the remainder of the best under-desk treadmills

We’ll prevention you immoderate clip and archer you that yes, this is the champion walking treadmill we’ve tested truthful far. However, it’s not for everyone: idiosyncratic who conscionable wants a low-cost, easy-store treadmill to assistance get their steps successful portion watching TV mightiness beryllium amended disconnected with a slimmer, little heavy-duty walking pad specified arsenic the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0

This treadmill is heavier duty: it’s got wheels for easier transportation, but past again, truthful has Christian Bale’s Batmobile. It’s a larger treadmill than astir walking pads, and it’s good suited for those with mean oregon larger lasting desks and astir bureau spaces, whether astatine location oregon successful your spot of work. It’s somewhat excessively unwieldy for tiny spaces and convenient location retention successful a cupboard oregon down the sofa. 

However, it doesn’t alteration the information that this is simply a large treadmill. It’s expensive, but not arsenic pricey arsenic its older cousin, the TR5000. It has a value capableness of 350lbs. It’s quiet. It’s got smart-step technology. The Bluetooth console is highly casual to use, particularly from a lasting desk. If you person a ample lasting table disposable to you, this under-desk treadmill is the cleanable accompaniment if you’re a powerfulness idiosyncratic oregon a heavier walker. 

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 under-desk treadmill: Price and availability 

The Lifespan TR1200-DT3 treadmill is priced astatine $1,199 successful the US and £1,099 successful the UK, with nary Australian terms presently available. Amazon is unluckily retired of banal close now, but determination are immoderate units disposable connected the Lifespan website (opens successful caller tab) globally.  

Lifespan TR1200-DT3

(Image credit: Matt Evans)

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 under-desk treadmill: Design 

Design score: 5/5

The TR1200’s aesthetics are beauteous non-descript. Measuring 160cm long, 72cm wide, and 18cm high, it’s a chunky midnight matte instrumentality with 2 front-mounted wheels. It comes astir acceptable to spell close retired of the box, truthful you tin simply instrumentality it to its designated presumption and determination it lies. Beyond connecting the console to the treadmill, determination is nary assembly required.  

However, the thickness and heft of the instrumentality mean it's harder to stash in, say, a cupboard oregon down a sofa. Unless you person a ample retention space, it’s a precise imperishable summation to your office. 

The loop is wide and long, astatine 127cm x 51cm, truthful it’s large capable to locomotion connected precise comfortably and marked truthful you tin intelligibly archer erstwhile the treadmill is running, which is indispensable erstwhile you’ve got a peculiarly quiescent treadmill similar this 1 claims to be. There’s nary manus oregon broadside obstruction to flip up and crook the treadmill into a “running mode”: this is specifically a walking machine. 

The platform itself is made of phenolic thermoset plastic, portion much integrative makes up the casing. Six autarkic compression shocks connection suspension connected the belt, reducing immoderate interaction arsenic you walk. The treadmill is built for dense users, with a maximum value of up to 350lbs, oregon 159kgs. In presumption of design, the TR1200 has astir everything you’d ever privation successful a walking-specific treadmill. 

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 under-desk treadmill: Features 

Features score: 3/5

Like different under-desk treadmills, the TR1200 isn’t precisely overstuffed with content. It’s built to bash 1 thing, and 1 happening well: let you to locomotion portion you enactment successful comfort. 

There’s nary incline, due to the fact that according to Lifespan, “walking astatine an incline portion moving is not recommended by ergonomists arsenic it takes your assemblage retired of a neutral presumption and places strain connected your backmost and joints.” Its apical velocity is up to 4 miles an hour, capable for a accelerated locomotion oregon jog, but nary existent moving modes to talk of. 

However, it does person respective precise chill features we wanted to item here, astir of which are featured connected the controls console. To commencement with, the console tin beryllium plugged into the treadmill, but it's chiefly expected to run connected Bluetooth, allowing you the state to spot it wherever’s comfortable. However, it’s designed to beryllium supported connected a table oregon different unit, which emphasizes however this instrumentality is expected to work. If you conscionable privation the treadmill arsenic a free-standing portion to usage successful your beforehand room, the console isn’t an ergonomic remote. 

The console has an in-built measurement counter, allowing you to cheque however acold you’ve walked and whether you’ve reached that magic 10,000 today. The accustomed metrics including time, calories and region are each tracked, and you’re capable to input your tallness and value for much close calorie and measurement tracking. 

The console is besides wherever the information cardinal is contained: clip it to your clothes, and erstwhile you leap (or fall) disconnected the treadmill, distant from your desk, the cardinal volition beryllium pulled and the console sends a Bluetooth awesome to the treadmill to stop.

Lifespan TR1200-DT3

(Image credit: Matt Evans)

Lifespan TR1200-DT3 under-desk treadmill: Performance

Performance score: 5/5

The Lifespan is comfy to locomotion on. The wide loop gives plentifulness of tread abstraction and those six shock-absorbers bash propulsion their weight, making each measurement remarkably comfy whether you’re successful dedicated workout shoes oregon level shoes. 

We tested it with some accepted moving shoes and comparatively unsupportive Vans sneakers, and it was a pleasant acquisition successful both. I felt arsenic though I had nary request to glimpse astatine wherever I was heading connected the treadmill erstwhile I took my enactment gathering connected it, and I could look astatine my surface successful comfort. 

The portion does assertion the treadmill is whisper-quiet, which is simply a spot of a misnomer: there’s a wide whirr from the 2.25 HP continuous work motor, but it’s quiescent capable to portion retired and absorption connected your tasks, particularly if you deterioration headphones successful the office. However, the daze absorbers bash a bully occupation of masking your steps erstwhile you get into a rhythm. 

The information cardinal was bully and responsive erstwhile we jumped disconnected the treadmill to trial it, stopping the treadmill wrong of 1 second. You tin cardinal successful a circumstantial clip oregon extremity you’d similar to locomotion for via the console, and the numerical readouts volition number you down earlier it begins, giving you clip to get ready. You tin besides intermission for breaks without losing your progress.

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