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It's that clip of the twelvemonth again. Another large Disney movie is retired present successful theaters: Lightyear, an animated Pixar movie astir the astronaut who inspired the artifact from the Toy Story series. Confused by that description? Here's CNET's review diving into what precisely this movie is about.

What's besides confusing: Recently, Pixar movies person been going consecutive to Disney Plus, skipping theaters. Soul, Luca and Turning Red each went that way. So is Lightyear doing the same? You astir apt already cognize the answer: It came retired successful cinemas past Friday, but you won't find it connected Disney Plus. Not yet, anyway.

Here's much connected what we cognize truthful acold astir Lightyear's streaming release.

Lightyear's merchandise dates

Lightyear hits cinemas Friday, June 17. Unlike the erstwhile 3 Pixar movies, it'll exclusively beryllium released successful cinemas.

There's been nary authoritative property merchandise yet connected erstwhile Lightyear volition deed Disney Plus.

But based connected erstwhile Disney movies, we tin guesstimate erstwhile the latest Pixar flick volition deed Disney Plus.

Black Widow took 89 days, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings took 70 days, Eternals took 68 days, and Doctor Strange successful the Multiverse of Madness volition instrumentality 47 days (it hasn't reached Disney Plus yet -- the scheduled merchandise day is June 22).

What bash those numbers mean for Lightyear? Basically, if it follows the astir caller Disney merchandise -- the Doctor Strange sequel -- it'll deed Disney Plus successful late July oregon aboriginal August.

A fewer Disney Plus subscription details

The basal Disney Plus subscription costs $8 per period oregon $80 per year, but if you bundle Hulu and ESPN Plus along with Disney, the outgo is $14 per month.

The trailer

Here's what to look guardant to successful Lightyear.

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