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The Logitech G413 is simply a well-balanced and adorable gaming keyboard with bully customization options, decent design, and a large price. It's a wired keyboard though, and those with thicker fingers mightiness not admit its constrictive keys.


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    High-quality build

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    Customizable layout

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    Very affordable

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    Not wireless

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    Narrow keys

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    Not for fund shoppers

Logitech G413: Two infinitesimal review

The Logitech G413 is simply a gaming keyboard that strives to connection a elemental and straightforward acquisition and mostly succeeds successful that endevour.

The G413 is disposable present astatine an MSRP of $89 (£99, astir AU$125). It's a spot steep, but it's often discounted astatine large retailers that support it arsenic a much affordable enactment than galore different gaming keyboards connected the market.

Comparing the G413 to immoderate of the best gaming keyboards – similar the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog, presently priced astatine $179, oregon the Razer Huntsman V2 astatine $149 – the G413 is overmuch little successful price, adjacent astatine afloat retail, making this 1 of the best keyboards for gamers connected a tight-ish budget.

The G413 is reasonably basal successful plan and color, with the enactment of either achromatic oregon silver, but the elemental layout works successful its spirit arsenic its casual and intuitive to enactment with, particularly for gamers. 

An absorbing interaction is that the keys aren’t denoted with etched cardinal labels, but alternatively usage LED backlights erstwhile plugged into USB. It’s a elemental diagnostic but 1 that adds a beauteous ocular appeal, mounting it isolated from astir different keyboards. 

The aluminum alloy utilized successful the assemblage is sleek and of fantabulous quality. Though it’s ample and somewhat cumbersome owed to the USB cable, it’s besides lightweight for casual carrying erstwhile placed successful a container oregon case. There’s besides a USB larboard built successful the keyboard itself, which is useful for plugging successful an further mouse, headset, oregon USB drive.

It types similar astir immoderate different keyboard, providing users with coagulated feedback, and longterm show is coagulated arsenic well, arsenic the keys clasp up to repetitive keystrokes. None of the keys stuck during retired testing, adjacent during much vigorous gaming sessions. There’s besides what Logitech has dubbed the Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches, which supply a noticeably faster and quieter performance.

There are plentifulness of different built-in features that marque the gaming acquisition adjacent much enjoyable. A dedicated media power lets gamers play, pause, and mute easily. You tin besides customize the cardinal layout with the included 12-facet keycaps that tin beryllium swapped retired with different keys, and a dedicated crippled mode tin disables definite non-essential keys (like the Windows key) to forestall accidental disruption portion gaming. 

There is besides 26-key rollover that allows 1 to property aggregate keys successful immoderate order, and anti-ghosting features for adjacent much power and accuracy. There’s besides the downloadable G HUB that lets users programme customized functions and macro commands connected the F1-F12 buttons.

Probably the biggest drawback of the Logitech G413 is its cardinal size. The keys are some constrictive and raised connected the ends, which makes it harder to usage for those with larger fingers oregon shaky hands. This could airs a important contented erstwhile gaming, arsenic inaccurate keystrokes tin hamper gameplay performance. 

There’s besides the information that this is simply a USB wired keyboard, which could beryllium a marque oregon interruption property for immoderate gamers, but if you're an esports enthusiast, a wired keyboard is simply a must.

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  • First reviewed June 2022
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