Logitech Litra Beam LX review - dual functionality at a premium

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The Logitech Litra Beam is simply a almighty cardinal airy featuring stunning RGB lighting for those who privation a popular of colour successful their setup, but it comes astatine a steep price.


  • +

    Incredibly bright

  • +

    Stand included

  • +

    RGB functionality works well


  • -

    High terms tag

  • -

    Iterative connected the original

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The Logitech Litra Beam LX is the adjacent iteration of the brand’s gaming airy barroom aimed astatine streamers. It builds connected the foundations of the archetypal exemplary by adding ambient RGB lighting for a competitory terms point. If you’re looking to measurement your streaming cogwheel up, it’s a bully prime to brace with immoderate of the best webcams and 1 of the best greenish screens

It efficaciously doubles arsenic some a ringing airy and RGB airy portion successful one, and the included stands mean you person a batch of antithetic mounting options to suit your setup. However, if you’re solely funny successful a airy barroom without this feature, past the original, acold cheaper Litra Beam, whitethorn beryllium a amended choice. 

Price and availability

The Logitech Litra Beam LX launched connected September 19 successful countries specified arsenic the US and the UK and retails for $149 (approximately £120 / AU$230). For comparison, the archetypal Litra Beam presently sells for $99 / £99 (around AU$150), truthful you’re paying astir 50% for the added RGB ambient lighting.  

Design and features

Litra Beam LX Controls

(Image credit: Future)

As acold arsenic cardinal lights go, the Logitech Litra Beam LX is among the best-designed models that I’ve used. Instead of the older Litra Glow, a tiny square-shaped airy that attaches to the monitor, the Beam LX comes with its ain basal and tin beryllium some horizontally and vertically mounted. 

Much similar the archetypal Litra Beam, the LX mentation is mains-powered and this has been done successful bid to marque it considerably brighter than the erstwhile USB-powered Glow model. The large quality present from the anterior mentation is the RGB lighting arsenic this is simply a dual-sided light. Essentially, it aims to beryllium some mood-lighting and a ringing airy successful one. You’re capable to usage it with Lightsync done Logitech’s G Hub, and there’s Bluetooth functionality to power the lighting wirelessly arsenic well. 

The apical of the Litra Beam LX houses each the controls if you conscionable privation to configure things without having to utilize a PC. You’ve got a powerfulness button, brightness control, and colour somesthesia gauge, the second of which doubles arsenic an RGB colour toggle erstwhile the power is engaged. It’s each precise intuitive and straightforward, meaning you tin marque speedy adjustments if it's successful reach, and past fine-tune successful the bundle if needed. 

The basal that comes with the Litra Beam LX is fantabulous arsenic you tin either equine horizontally oregon vertically and set the tallness to respective mounting points. This means you tin person it nether your monitor, supra your displays, oregon stood up successful betwixt depending connected however overmuch abstraction is disposable connected your gaming setup. 


Logitech Litra Beam LX successful  a setup

(Image credit: Future)

The archetypal happening that amazed maine astir the Logitech Litra Beam LX is conscionable however agleam it is erstwhile plugged in. As idiosyncratic who has antecedently utilized the Litra Glow arsenic a cardinal airy successful the past, this 1 is simply a definitive upgrade successful presumption of its brightness. The institution claims the 400-lumen LEDs are “TrueSoft for natural, radiant tegument tones” and successful my testing, I tin corroborate this. My setup is connected the darker broadside of things usually owed to an aging airy bulb and lampshade, but this airy barroom made an contiguous quality successful illuminating my surroundings. 

The RGB lighting itself is vivid and the controls mean you tin rhythm done gradients, superior colors, and rainbow spectrums. It’s not rather arsenic almighty arsenic the front-facing beam successful presumption of earthy brightness, with a softer ambiance, but it does a bully occupation of reaching the partition down my monitors. I recovered that the RGB was the astir salient with the country airy turned disconnected and relying connected the airy barroom itself to support maine illuminated. For those darker times, a warmer colour is simply a amended option, though, arsenic staring into harsh achromatic airy astatine each hours of the nighttime wasn’t rather ideal. 

Fortunately, the somesthesia controls connected the Litra Beam LX are casual to rhythm done arsenic swapping from a colder bluish hue to a warmer orangish tint lone takes astir a 2nd oregon two. The wide somesthesia scope of 2700-6500K is balanced, arsenic adjacent the astir aggravated mounting was casual connected the eyes. If you’re idiosyncratic who’s successful request of a much almighty airy than what USB ports connected your PC tin grip past you’re successful bully hands here. 

Ultimately, the Logitech Litra Beam LX is simply a large cardinal airy that features decent RGB lighting. However, you’re paying a premium connected this added diagnostic implicit the original, truthful if RGB is thing you tin unrecorded without past you’re amended disconnected going for the modular variant instead. 

Logitech Litra Beam LX vertical

(Image credit: Future)


Buy it if…  

You privation a almighty desktop cardinal light 

The Litra Beam LX is 1 of the brightest and astir almighty cardinal lights I person ever used. 

You privation RGB lighting successful your setup

The RGB connected the reverse of the Litra Beam is agleam and adds a brushed ambiance to the setup without being overkill.

Don’t bargain it if…  

You don't request oregon privation RGB lighting

You’re amended disconnected buying the modular Litra Beam if you privation to get the champion worth for wealth arsenic it is considerably cheaper.

You privation a USB-powered ringing light 

The Litra Beam LX requires mains powerfulness to function, truthful if you conscionable privation thing to plug into the USB larboard of your PC past the Litra Glow is the amended prime here. 

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