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The Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard pops successful colour and plan arsenic its sanction implies. It’s flexible for a wireless keyboard with 3 ways to link to the PC. However, the keyboard falls abbreviated for those with larger hands.


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    Fun, colorful design

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    Satisfying mechanical keys

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    Good connectivity options


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    Small keys

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    Connection drops occassionally

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Logitech POP Keys: Two infinitesimal review

The Logitech Pop Keys offers a unsocial instrumentality connected the modular keyboard acquisition that’s definite to crook immoderate heads, acknowledgment to its agleam and amusive colour strategy and satifying tactile response.

The Pop Keys is disposable present for $99/£89AU$129. This puts its terms constituent little than galore gaming keyboards, but inactive overmuch higher than the cheaper entry-level ones the mean purchaser is much inclined to purchase. 

Compared to thing similar the Logitech K780, meant for mobile devices and which is priced astatine $79 (about £65/AU$110), the Pop Keys mightiness look a spot pricey. But it's not astir arsenic costly arsenic immoderate of the best gaming keyboards similar the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, which volition acceptable you backmost $249.99.

For a wireless keyboard, the Pop Keys isn't needfully overpriced, particularly for what you're getting successful presumption of property and experience, but it's decidedly not a fund enactment by immoderate means.

Instead, the Pop Keys sits successful the mediate of the emblematic keyboard terms range, which puts it rather steep for the casual buyer, particularly with cheaper keyboard options that are functional capable for mundane use.

Still, the Logitech Pop Keys is surely unsocial successful some look and feel, and it's decidedly meant to entreaty to a younger audience. It’s lightweight and comes successful 3 gorgeous colour schemes, with circular keys that lucifer an old-fashioned typewriter. What truly sets it isolated though is the premix of modern and astir bubbly aesthetic, making it 1 of the best keyboards astir for idiosyncratic who wants each of their machine accessories to talk to their personality, and that property isn't gaming related.

The antithetic colour combinations should autumn flat, visually, but alternatively the clashing themes blend unneurotic beauteous seamlessly to make a one-of-a-kind look that’s definite to get attention.

Using it feels conscionable arsenic unsocial arsenic it looks. Like a typewriter, pressing down connected each cardinal provides satisfying mechanical feedback and clickity-clack response.

Despite being made from hard plastic, the Pop Keys feels high-quality and the keyboard is precise lightweight, making it casual to transportation around. The cardinal layout is the modular tenkeyless keyset, though determination are a fewer other relation keys connected the side.

Typing with the Pop Keys is creaseless and responsive for the astir part, with each cardinal property instantly registering. An awesome feat since this is simply a wireless keyboard. The keyboard itself features 3 shortcut keys astatine the top, allowing you to power betwixt 3 abstracted devices utilizing Bluetooth oregon the USB receiver. Setup is speedy and casual but occasionally the transportation volition driblet and you'll request to bash a hard reset to get it moving again.

There are besides respective caller keys meant to beryllium shortcuts for assorted emojis but aft investigating we recovered them to beryllium precise inconsistent depending connected the instrumentality it is connected to. For instance, it hardly worked with 1 laptop we tried it connected portion it’s much effectual connected tablets and phones. Though played up arsenic a large feature, it’s a alternatively inconsequential 1 successful the agelong tally that could easy person been thing acold much useful, specified arsenic much shortcuts for important PC functions.

A large drawback to the stylized keys, however, is that the smaller circular plan tin beryllium hard to usage for those with heavy fingers oregon shaky hands. In those cases, the accuracy of each keystroke drops considerably, which slows down wide typing speed. 

It’s a shame that aggregate sizes aren’t offered, arsenic the mechanical feedback of the keyboard is particularly utile for those who request to consciousness each press. For those who're amended capable to usage it though, the Logitech Pop Keys is simply a fun, colorful alternate to the much humdrum options retired determination – conscionable don't expect excessively overmuch from it.

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  • First reviewed June 2022

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