Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed review: superior to its great predecessor

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Fitted with graphene drivers that are overmuch much rigid and much lightweight than modular drivers, the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed delivers incredibly elaborate audio with an astonishing soundscape – conscionable the cleanable headset for competitory gaming. It’s precise mids forward, which astir sounds excessively overmuch erstwhile situation dependable is turned on, but that’s not a deal-breaker. Our lone question is, is it worthy each that effort?


  • +

    Excellent, incredibly elaborate audio

  • +

    Wide, immersive soundstage with close imaging

  • +

    DTS Super Stereo lends itself beautifully to music

  • +

    Decently lightweight, precise comfortable

  • +

    Feature-rich app


  • -

    Loses immoderate headroom successful games with situation sound

  • -

    Not cheap

  • -

    Only 5 set EQ

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Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed: Two-minute review

The Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed intelligibly has immoderate monolithic shoes to fill. Its predecessor, the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed, whitethorn beryllium astir 3 years aged astatine this point, but Logitech has done specified a fantastic occupation with it, it’s benignant of go iconic with its gorgeous luxe gaming aesthetic and its awesome dependable making it precise hard to top. 

But Logitech is thing but inventive erstwhile it comes to its flagship products – and inventive is precisely what you request to beryllium erstwhile you’re hoping to amended upon an already astonishing release. It rolled up its sleeves not conscionable to refine that already stunning plan connected the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed, but besides to amended the innards – oregon much specifically, the diaphragm inside. You know, that portion of a talker operator that’s liable for turning an electrical audio awesome into airwaves to make sound.

Yeah, that’s right. To usurp 1 of the champion gaming headsets of the past 10 years, Logitech went backmost to its labs and created its 1 90% graphene diaphragm-fitted drivers each for the involvement of giving you an adjacent amended gaming experience. And its efforts were not successful vain.

Still, there’s an elephant successful the country that needs to beryllium addressed: is this gaming headset worthy each the effort?

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Before I do, let’s speech astir design. The Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed, arsenic I mentioned, boasts immoderate outer improvements implicit its predecessor. First of all, it’s noticeably lighter – 40g less, to beryllium circumstantial – and much compact, which makes it a batch much travel-friendly. It’s a bully perk arsenic I adore its wide look that blends elegance with that pro-gamer benignant and privation to instrumentality it with maine connected my travels arsenic a brace of headphones.

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

There’s different summation present that lends itself good to that, the rotating hinge connected each yoke, which lets you rotate the receptor cups to flatten the headset for stowing (although, conscionable similar its predecessor, it besides comes with a fancy question pouch). That’s not to notation it allows the headset to conform to antithetic caput shapes and amended its wide comfort.

Adding to its versatility and travel-friendliness are the detachable 6mm cardioid mic and the 3 antithetic connectivity options. You’re getting Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless that has a maximum scope of 30m arsenic good arsenic Bluetooth and 3.5mm wired connectivity. 

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Back to comfort, some its earcups and headband are inactive swathed successful soft-to-touch leatherette. But to springiness users different option, Logitech throws successful a brace of velour earpads that you tin easy power successful for the leatherettes particularly if you thin to tally blistery and sweat a batch erstwhile gaming.

Because it is lighter, it does consciousness amended connected my caput than my Pro X Lightspeed. However, I person tested adjacent lighter gaming headsets successful the past, and with Logitech truly touting however airy its graphene drivers are, I’m amazed it couldn’t plan the existent headset to beryllium a batch lighter. As acold arsenic the clamping force, there’s conscionable capable for a unafraid but not excessively choky fit.

Internally, there’s sizeable refinements arsenic well, chiefly successful the drivers wrong the earcups. As I mentioned earlier, Logitech fundamentally designed its ain Pro-G Graphene audio drivers, each of which location a diaphragm that is 90% graphene by weight. Now, I’m not going to get into the specifics of however it works exactly, but fundamentally this diaphragm is amended than the mylar diaphragm that astir gaming headsets usage arsenic it’s much rigid and lightweight, resulting successful much close reproduction of dependable waves. In addition, Logitech acceptable the graphene diaphragm connected a unrecorded borderline suspension, which besides minimizes distortion.

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

As a result, you should beryllium getting much close and much elaborate audio arsenic good arsenic a much immersive experience. And, successful that, the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed succeeds.

The archetypal Logitech Pro X Lightspeed was a pleasance to usage but was acold from neutral. Its agleam frequence scope with restrained mids and bass is simply a acold outcry from what its successor has become.

While connected the warmer side, the highs connected the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed are contiguous with definite in-game elements sounding conscionable arsenic elaborate arsenic they would connected brighter headphones. Even the twinkling sounds of revealed items successful Hogwarts Legacy still sparkle with clarity though the audio wide sounds darker. Meanwhile, the mids are afloat without getting muddy. However, that changes erstwhile situation dependable is connected (more connected that later). Finally, there’s a large debased extremity that is rather contiguous but good controlled. In Cyberpunk 2077, determination was a batch of debased extremity accusation from euphony to dependable cues  yet it ne'er seemed to overpower the remainder of the dependable frequencies.

The soundstage is rather impressive. In stereo mode, the soundstage is already wide with fantabulous dependable imaging. Also successful Cyberpunk 2077, I tin intelligibly perceive elements disconnected to the broadside adjacent erstwhile there’s a batch of ambient sound – similar erstwhile I’m walking into a barroom wherever the euphony is blasting punctuated by the sounds of arcade machines, I tin inactive distinctly admit 3 oregon 4 antithetic voices coming done the TVs and radios successful the room. Better than that, I’m capable to accurately spot them.

I bash person mixed feelings astir the audio arsenic soon arsenic I crook connected the DTS X Spatial Sound. Though that virtual situation dependable makes everything overmuch much immersive, particularly compared to its predecessor, it doesn’t marque the soundstage wider, conscionable much 3 dimensional. It besides greatly affects the frequence range. In particular, the mids, which are already salient to statesman with, thin to beryllium adjacent much pronounced truthful that portion you’re inactive proceeding each the different elements clearly, you’re proceeding a batch much of the biology sounds and score. It’s not excessively bad, but, aft a while, you mightiness get a flimsy headache.

The DTS X Spatial Sound does lend itself amazingly good to euphony acknowledgment to its Super Stereo mode. With some Rihanna’s Lift Me Up and Aoife O’Donovan’s Loretta, turning connected that mode makes maine consciousness similar I’m successful a performance hallway watching a unrecorded performance, alternatively of astatine my table playing thing connected Spotify.

Just beryllium cautious erstwhile utilizing these headphones, however, arsenic they person a batch of volume. I find that having the measurement astatine 70 retired of 100 is much than capable for immersion, and excessively overmuch erstwhile the situation dependable is on.

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

The mic has plentifulness of measurement arsenic well. Though it’s not the crispest sounding, losing immoderate explanation adjacent to the archetypal Logitech Pro X Lightspeed, it does travel done large and clear. It besides does a bully occupation of minimizing inheritance sound arsenic good arsenic handling sibilance. As this is simply a Blue-enabled mic, conscionable beryllium cautious erstwhile utilizing each the processing disposable successful the G Hub arsenic the mic audio tin rapidly get distorted. If you determine to dive into the app and usage Blue Voice, afloat perpetrate and truly finetune each the settings.

Speaking of the G Hub app, there’s a batch of customizations connected manus arsenic good arsenic game-specific presets. The Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed already sounds large without customizations, but conscionable cognize that you bash person things similar a five-band EQ, each the situation dependable settings, and crippled presets to play astir with.

Rounding each that retired is its decent artillery beingness of up to 50 hours connected a azygous charge. That’s not excessively bad, but determination are surely longer lasting headsets retired there. If you play for 8 hours a day, conscionable marque a wont retired of charging astatine the extremity of each week.

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed: Price & availability

  • How overmuch does it cost? $249 / €269 (about AU$375)
  • When is it available? Available now
  • Where tin you get it? Available successful the US, UK, and Australia

At $249 / €269 (about AU$375), the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed is pricier than galore gaming headsets connected the market. It’s besides pricier than the Logitech Pro X Lightspeed, which is benignant of disappointing arsenic I was hoping it would beryllium astir the aforesaid price.

Compared to the best wireless gaming headsets connected the market, it sits comfortably successful the mid range, however. There are respective pricier options similar the Audeze Maxwell, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, and the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

There are besides cheaper alternatives similar the Corsair HS55 Wireless and the Corsair HS80 RGB USB.

However, with its caller drivers, fantastic dependable signifier and imaging, and comfy fit, not to notation each the features crammed into the app, it deserves to beryllium successful the speech with the much premium headsets connected that list, which means you’re truly getting a large worth here.

  • Value: 4 / 5

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed: Specs

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed connected  a achromatic  table

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

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Interface: 2.4GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm wired
Platforms: PC, Mac, Playstation oregon Xbox, Switch, Mobile
Mic: Detachable 6mm cardioid mic
Surround sound:DTS Headphone: X 2.0
Weight: 345g (12.16 oz)

Should you bargain the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed?

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ValueIt’s not excessively costly and you’re getting a batch of features arsenic good arsenic elaborate and immersive audio.4 / 5
DesignIt improves upon the lux-gaming plan of the original, making it lighter, much portable, and much comfy to wear.5 / 5
PerformanceDetailed highs, affluent mids, and large bass combined with an expansive soundstage marque this an fantabulous headset for gaming and euphony listening.4.5 / 5
Avarage ratingA palmy follow-up to an highly fashionable gaming headset, this is adjacent much superior than the original.4.5 / 5

Buy it if...

Don't bargain it if...

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed: Also consider

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Logitech Pro X 2 LightspeedSteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro WirelessAudeze Penrose
Price:$249 / €269 (about AU$375)$349 / £329 / AU$649$299 / £299 / AU$399
Interface: 2.4GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm wiredLow Latency 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm2.4 GHz Wireless (16bit/48kHz), Bluetooth, 3.5mm
Platforms: PC, Mac, Playstation oregon Xbox, Switch, MobilePC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Mobile, Nintendo SwitchXbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Mac, mobile
Mic: Detachable 6mm cardioid micClearCast Gen 2 bidirectional noise-canceling micDetachable broadcast prime mic
Surround sound:DTS Headphone: X 2.0360 Spatial Audio for PC via SonarNot specified
Weight: 12.16oz (345g)11.8oz (336g)11.3oz (320g)

How I tested the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed

  • Spent a mates of days investigating it
  • Used it for gaming, streaming, and euphony listening
  • Tested it with a assortment of games, songs, and movies

I utilized the Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed arsenic my gaming headset for a mates of days, utilizing it arsenic my main headset for gaming, euphony listening, and making video calls astatine work.

Besides utilizing it with games similar Cyberpunk 2077, and Hogwarts Legacy, I besides utilized it to perceive to songs similar Rihanna’s Lift Me Up and Aoife O’Donovan’s Loretta.

I’ve been testing, reviewing, and utilizing gaming headsets for years arsenic a freelance tech writer and present arsenic 1 of the Computing editors astatine TechRadar. My years of acquisition on with my discerning audio tastes marque maine much than qualified to trial and vet these devices for you.

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