Logitech Yeti GX review - a great-sounding microphone for streamers

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The Logitech Yeti GX is simply a well-built, easy-to-use, and great-sounding USB microphone for gamers and streamers contempt being iterative of its predecessors.


  • +

    Good audio quality

  • +

    Well-built stand

  • +

    RGB is simply a bully touch


  • -

    Not the cheapest USB mic

  • -

    No monitoring

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The Logitech Yeti GX is the latest microphone aimed astatine gamers and streamers from the institution arsenic the adjacent iteration of the tried-and-true Blue Yeti earlier it. With its compact design, stellar stand, decent RGB lighting, and intuitive controls, it tin easy beryllium considered 1 of the best microphones for streaming and 1 of the best USB microphones, however, there’s small caller present to stroke anyone away. 

Few USB microphones are arsenic good established arsenic the Blue Yeti and this caller instrumentality carries the torch toward with the signature dependable profile, easiness of use, and metallic construction. If you’re aft thing plug-and-play that sounds decent past the Logitech Yeti GX could beryllium the microphone for you. 

Price and availability

The Logitech Yeti GX launched connected September 19 successful territories specified arsenic the US and the UK for $149 (around £119 / AU$230) placing it successful the mid-range of USB microphone offerings. For context, that’s astir the aforesaid terms arsenic the modular Blue Yeti earlier it, and comparable to the Logitech Yeti Nano. It besides comes successful a small cheaper than the similarly-sized USB-powered Rode X XCM-50.  

Design and features

Stand of the Logitech Yeti GX

(Image credit: Future)

The Logitech Yeti GX is simply a compact USB microphone with a tiny footprint built to instrumentality up minimal abstraction connected your gaming desk. The condenser itself measures astatine little than 5 inches / 12cm gangly and is suspended connected the metallic desktop basal with a ample rounded dial connected the right-hand side. The USB-C cablegram feeds successful astatine the bottom, and the microphone itself tin beryllium angled upwards oregon distant from you. As with different Yeti microphones, this 1 is simply a side-address model, which means you talk into it from the broadside alternatively of angling it astatine the apical for the champion results. 

New to the Logitech Yeti GX is RGB lighting which tin beryllium customized successful the Logitech G Hub. The bottommost of the microphone features an RGB airy strap with the Logitech G emblem besides lighting up. It’s not the brightest display, but it adds a bully interaction of colour to what would different beryllium a plain achromatic mic setup. 

The Logitech Yeti GX is astir convenience and this tin evidenced with the elemental controls connected offer. There’s a summation dial and a mute fastener but that’s your lot. What’s handy, though, is that a reddish airy volition travel connected erstwhile muted, and adjacent look erstwhile the audio starts spiking erstwhile signaling oregon streaming, which is appreciated shorthand. A neat interaction is that the scroll instrumentality is really 1 that you would find connected immoderate of the company’s champion gaming mice with a satisfying click and scroll. 


Logitech Yeti GX muted

(Image credit: Future)

The Logitech Yeti GX is 1 of the better-sounding USB microphones that I’ve utilized successful my years of testing, with a pleasing level dependable illustration that’s perfect for crippled streaming. Within seconds of plugging it into my PC’s beforehand I/O, it was instantly detected, and Windows had balanced the input astatine 100%. I didn’t person to instal immoderate caller drivers oregon messiness astir successful settings, it was bully to spell consecutive retired of the box. 

While investigating the pickup pattern, I noticed that the customized dynamic capsule did a coagulated occupation of picking up everything from a susurration to a mean speaking voice, and adjacent singing arsenic good arsenic harsh metallic vocals. You aren’t going to get the extent and clarity of thing similar the acold larger and much costly Rode X XDM-100 here, but for thing this straightforward, the wide audio prime impresses, adjacent though it doesn’t wow. 

During my clip with the Yeti GX, I was utilizing it arsenic my main microphone erstwhile chatting with friends playing Mortal Kombat 11 online, and going done Starfield. These are rather noisy games astatine the champion of times, particularly erstwhile the enactment gets intense, and I noticed that the sounds of my gaming keyboard, Victrix Pro BFG, and rodent were seldom picked up contempt lone being a fewer inches away. The pickup itself isn’t ace sensitive, and that’s for the champion arsenic you won’t needfully person to beryllium signaling successful a workplace wherever you tin perceive a pin drop. 

What I did announcement is that the audio tin highest rather aggressively adjacent from a mean outcry oregon shriek with the summation dial reduced and the signaling measurement lowered. It’s not a monolithic problem, and thing I encountered rarely, but if you hap to talk louder oregon much animated than astir past you volition request to carnivore this successful mind. Popping words and lingua clicks tin besides look if you’re adjacent up, but it wasn’t thing that plagued maine overmuch successful my testing. 

Overall the Logitech Yeti GX is simply a large microphone for gamers and streamers that marries up bully design, easiness of use, charismatic lighting, and coagulated wide performance, but it isn’t going to triumph implicit immoderate audiophiles. If you’re aft bleeding-edge audio past you’re going to person to look elsewhere, but there’s precise small you tin responsibility this exemplary connected for what it offers for its price. 

Rear of the Logitech Yeti GX

(Image credit: Future)


Buy it if…  

You privation a decent-performing, easy-to-use microphone for streaming 

The Logitech Yeti GX is astir arsenic plug-and-play arsenic they travel moving consecutive retired of the container with minimal messing around, and it happens to dependable good, too. 

You’re aft a compact microphone for streaming 

The compact size of the Logitech Yeti GX makes it perfect for those with constricted table abstraction for their setup, and the customized pickup signifier means you don’t person to beryllium excessively adjacent either. 

Don’t bargain it if…  

You don’t attraction astir RGB 

You tin find the Yeti Nano cheaper than the Yeti GX, which doesn’t adhd overmuch speech from the lighting and a newer ocular design. 

You privation the implicit champion audio prime for streaming 

While the Logitech Yeti GX sounds solid, you aren’t going to beryllium getting the aforesaid level of prime arsenic you were from a dedicated XLR microphone setup. 

The Logitech Yeti GX should brace large with 1 of the best greenish screens and the best webcams for a top-tier streaming setup. 

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