Long wait for YouTube Premium trial for some OnePlus users (Update: Statement)

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  • Someone bought a OnePlus 11 that came with a six-month YouTube Premium trial, but it wouldn’t activate.
  • A OnePlus typical claimed determination was a strategy mistake that whitethorn instrumentality six to 7 months to resolve.
  • An authoritative connection from the institution says it is alert and moving to hole the problem.

Update, June 1, 2023 (09:57 AM ET): We present person a connection from OnePlus connected this matter. To beryllium clear, this is simply a connection from a institution representative, not a lawsuit enactment worker. Here is the connection full:

We apologize that a tiny fig of users are having occupation redeeming their six months escaped proceedings of YouTube Premium — we are moving with Google to resoluteness this and volition support users updated connected our forum. In the meantime, we tin corroborate that each qualifying users volition beryllium capable to payment from their escaped proceedings arsenic soon arsenic this contented is resolved.

Unfortunately, the institution stops abbreviated of giving a clip framework of erstwhile users tin expect entree to their escaped trial. In the meantime, if the escaped six months of YouTube Premium was a large selling constituent for your OnePlus purchase, you mightiness privation to clasp off.

Original article, May 30, 2023 (12:25 PM ET): It’s not uncommon for companies to bundle successful offers to assistance entice purchases. From subscriptions to accessories, those benefits are usually disposable close retired of the gate. However, 1 lawsuit got a astonishment from OnePlus aft they had occupation activating a YouTube Premium trial.

A Reddit user got rather a daze aft trying to redeem a perk that was expected to travel with their acquisition of the OnePlus 11. OnePlus was reportedly holding a woody wherever buyers of the telephone would get escaped OnePlus Buds and a six-month YouTube Premium subscription. According to the user, the promo said, “Once you get your caller OnePlus 11 5G unfastened the Google One app to assertion your benefit!”

After failing to activate the benefit, the Reddit idiosyncratic reached retired to OnePlus lawsuit support. A OnePlus typical aboriginal responded to the enquiry and claimed the institution ran into a “system issue.” While guaranteeing that the OnePlus R&D section and YouTube are moving connected the issue, the typical followed up by stating the contented whitethorn instrumentality six to 7 months earlier the substance is wholly resolved.

Not having entree to the payment you were promised for six to 7 months is simply a problem, but it’s not the biggest occupation here. This payment has to beryllium redeemed earlier the extremity of 2023. As we’re entering the sixth period of the year, there’s a existent anticipation that this contented won’t beryllium fixed earlier the extremity of the year. This would permission the purchaser with fundamentally an unclaimable perk.

Android Authority has reached retired to OnePlus for remark connected this story. We’ll update the nonfiction arsenic soon arsenic we person much accusation astir OnePlus’s contented with its YouTube Premium proceedings offer.

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