Looks like Coinbase will be discontinuing the Coinbase Card rewards. Tis’ a sad day to crypto.

2 months ago 130

Got a notification to prime a caller reward but it appears that determination are nary options to prime from that don’t expire connected the 17th of July, 2022. No much Amp astatine 2%, nary much USDC astatine 1%, nary much DAI astatine 1%, nary much Ethereum astatine 1% and nary much Bitcoin astatine 1.5%. From 4% rewards to 2% rewards to 0%. Honestly tin accidental that the astir enticing facet of utilizing Coinbase arsenic an speech and work was the reward programme and quality to walk cryptocurrency easily. I’m rather disappointed but from a concern position I recognize not wanting to spell nether by simply trying to prolong their rewards programme arsenic this is astir apt 1 of their largest expenses. From 4% to 0% successful a year. Was bully portion it lasted.

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