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Loop is simply a elemental instrumentality that empowers users to pass seamlessly done email.


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Marg (UK) Ltd, the institution down Loop Email, was founded successful 2006 by an entrepreneur named Bostjan Bregar. Its archetypal merchandise was 4th Office, a level for enterprises to stock files securely. In 2018, the institution unveiled Loop Email, which has remained its halfway product.

As its sanction suggests, Marg (UK) Ltd. is based successful the United Kingdom (Bristol). The institution has raised millions of dollars successful task backing from investors including Notion Capital and RSG Capital. 

Loop: Plans and pricing

Loop doesn’t person a escaped tier, dissimilar galore different email service (opens successful caller tab) apps. Users indispensable take 1 of 3 plans; Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. The app is targeted astatine endeavor users, truthful there’s a minimum fig of accounts you indispensable wage for with each plan.

The Starter bundle costs $12.50 per user, per month, for a minimum of 3 users. The Pro program costs $25 per user, per month, for a minimum of 10 users.

The Enterprise tier doesn't person modular pricing. You'd person to interaction Loop's income squad and put a customized pricing plan. The benefits of this tier are dedicated enactment from Loop's squad and add-on integrations. Loop's squad tin besides assistance you migrate from your erstwhile email app if you subscribe to this plan.

You’ll get a 20% discount from the monthly terms if you wage annually. For instance, the Starter bundle volition outgo $120 per twelvemonth alternatively of $150 if you wage month-to-month.

You tin motion up for the 14-day escaped proceedings without adding immoderate recognition paper information. We couldn’t find immoderate refund argumentation connected the Loop website, implying it doesn’t connection refunds aft purchase.

Loop 1

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Loop: Features

Enterprise connection tin beryllium hard erstwhile juggling galore tools to support up. But that tin extremity with Loop’s shared inbox feature. You tin adhd aggregate enactment email addresses to Loop, and each users volition entree their messages from a azygous dashboard. 

With the shared inbox, anyone moving wrong your endeavor tin presumption each lawsuit emails from 1 dashboard. Each connection has an assigned owner, truthful the full squad volition cognize who should respond. If that idiosyncratic isn't available, you're escaped to respond connected their behalf. 

Loop works with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft 365, oregon immoderate different email supplier utilizing the Internet Access Messaging Protocol (IMAP). Thus, you tin adhd email addresses from aggregate providers, and the respective users volition spot each their messages successful 1 dashboard.

You tin make templates that your squad tin travel erstwhile responding to a message. This diagnostic makes it easier to pass with customers by pursuing a pre-assigned format. Loop besides lets you acceptable up rules that automatically benignant incoming messages for your team.

You tin commencement a backstage broadside chat connected immoderate email thread and pass instantly. This instrumentality is utile erstwhile dealing with lawsuit issues, arsenic you’ll request infinitesimal details from them. Loop users tin besides chat straight with anyone connected their squad to get things done faster. Likewise, you tin make radical chat channels to fto aggregate squad members pass simultaneously.

Loop 2

(Image credit: Loop)

Loop users tin make personalized views of their inboxes utilizing filters. For instance, you tin presumption lone the emails that are unread, if you're looking for customers to respond to, oregon each the emails assigned to a peculiar idiosyncratic to spot if they're responding arsenic expected. 

You tin besides filter emails marked arsenic spam, though this diagnostic is lone disposable for IMAP users. Loop uses algorithms to delegate a "spam score" to each email and volition see 1 arsenic spam if the people is precocious enough. The algorithms aren't cleanable and whitethorn emblem valid emails astatine times. In that case, you tin cheque the spam folder for emails you deliberation are due and reconstruct them to the inbox.

You tin get a bully overview of your team’s enactment by generating automated usage reports. These reports supply insights astir your concern and assistance you cognize however to amended handling lawsuit inquiries.

This level includes a calendar (opens successful caller tab) that you tin usage to program your schedule. You tin make and presumption meetings and lawsuit plans successful your email to guarantee you don’t miss them. 

Loop users tin customize their inbox looks by selecting from 1 of Loop's colour themes. 

You tin delegate customized keyboard shortcuts to marque navigating Loop easier.

Loop: Interface and use

Loop’s interface has a modern, uncluttered interface that makes it pleasant. Customer reviews often item user-friendliness arsenic 1 of the app’s main strengths. 

You tin entree Loop done a web app, iOS app, oregon an Android app inactive successful Beta.

Loop: Support

You tin entree idiosyncratic guides and how-to videos concerning each aspects of Loop Email connected its authoritative website. If you request further help, you tin interaction the company’s enactment squad done email oregon unrecorded chat.

Loop: The competition

We see Spike (opens successful caller tab) the champion alternate to Loop. Like its rival, Spike allows you to adhd aggregate addresses for endeavor squad members, and they’ll entree each their messages from 1 dashboard. It's a much affordable instrumentality and besides has a escaped tier, dissimilar Loop.  

Loop: Final verdict

Loop turns email into a collaborative bundle suite, making it casual for employees to interact with themselves oregon customers. It’s an app we’d urge for anyone who manages an email enactment team. However, it’s a pricey instrumentality compared to the competition.  

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