Make your Oculus Quest 2 fit — and sound— better with these discounted mods

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The Oculus Quest 2 is an all-around coagulated portion of hardware, and it’s a precise fashionable vacation acquisition since determination are immoderate large deals happening now. But anyone who already owns 1 tin archer you that the company’s straps permission a batch to beryllium desired. The cloth strap included successful the container isn’t supportive, and portion the $50 Elite Strap addresses that, it’s rather fragile. Mine broke wrong a twelvemonth of mean use, and surfing Oculus’ Reddit page volition amusement you that immoderate people’s straps conscionable a akin fate.

A fashionable and crafty modification that you tin marque to your headset is to connect HTC’s Deluxe Audio strap (originally made for the Vive) with a acceptable of third-party adapters to marque it acceptable perfectly with your Oculus headset. Once it’s each acceptable up, you should person a overmuch much comfy headset, and the strap’s built-in headphones are a superior upgrade implicit the Quest 2’s built-in speakers. I’m reasoning astir trying this myself.

The crushed wherefore I’m penning astir this now, of course, is due to the fact that these accessories are cheaper for Black Friday. HTC’s Deluxe Audio strap usually costs $100, but it’s down to $69 astatine Amazon (this mightiness look similar a lot, but remember, it’s some a sturdy strap and headphones successful one). Pair it with this indispensable $22 adapter kit, and you’ll person made a long-lasting solution for your Quest 2.

vive How the Deluxe Audio strap looks connected to the headset it was designed for.
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