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The wildly popular video gathering and chat app, Zoom, continues to big millions of radical who opt to work, survey and socialize astatine location amid the pandemic. Although the app faced a number of privateness and information issues successful the past, it present features end-to-end encryption and different ways to protect your relationship and chats from "Zoombombing." Zoom has besides added features to assistance prepare for the aboriginal hybrid office, arsenic good arsenic some helpful tools for presentations

Whether you've been utilizing Zoom for years oregon person lone conscionable signed up successful the past twelvemonth oregon so, determination are a fig of adjuvant and amusive tips, tricks and hidden features you tin find to upgrade your video chatting acquisition and make your video meetings a small little weird -- and hopefully debar Zoom fatigue and Zoom anxiety

Here are 20 ways to go a Zoom master.

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1. Change your background 


Change your Zoom inheritance to space, oregon a customized photo.

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Virtually transport yourself to the beach, outer abstraction oregon anyplace other you tin ideate by customizing your inheritance portion connected Zoom calls -- everyone's doing it these days. You tin work our step-by-step usher to changing your Zoom background connected the desktop and mobile app, but fundamentally you spell to Settings > Virtual Background and prime oregon upload the representation you privation from there. However, you bash person to marque definite that your strategy meets each of the requirements to bash so. 

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2. Change your sanction connected Zoom

Want to alteration the sanction that appears erstwhile you're successful a Zoom meeting? It's easy. There are 2 ways: impermanent and permanent. If you privation to alteration your sanction for lone the gathering you're presently in, aft you participate the meeting, click the Participants fastener astatine the bottommost of the screen. Hover implicit your name, and click More > Rename. Type successful the sanction you privation to appear, and click OK

If you privation to alteration your sanction for each gathering going forward, spell to the Zoom web portal and motion successful to your account. Click Profile. In the apical close country crossed from your name, click Edit. Enter the sanction you'd similar nether Display name, and click Save changes. Your caller sanction should look successful each gathering from present on, but you tin inactive alteration it for idiosyncratic meetings with the steps supra if you'd like.

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3. Add your pronouns connected Zoom

Adding your pronouns to your sanction connected Zoom is 1 mode to marque the level much inclusive of transgender, sex nonconforming and sex nonbinary people, by making definite you aren't assuming anyone's sex individuality based connected their appearance. Similar to changing your name, you tin adhd your pronouns either for each gathering going forward, oregon conscionable for the gathering you're presently in. Here are afloat instructions connected however to adhd your pronouns connected Zoom

4. Add a illustration representation connected Zoom


Zoom lets you alteration your sanction and adhd a illustration representation that volition look if your camera is off.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Similar to changing your name, you tin adhd a impermanent illustration representation to immoderate gathering you join, oregon a imperishable 1 for each meetings. To adhd a illustration representation for an idiosyncratic meeting, aft you participate the meeting, click the Participants button astatine the bottommost of the screen. Hover implicit your name, and click More > Add profile picture. Select the representation you privation from your computer, and click Open

To adhd a imperishable illustration representation to your Zoom meetings, spell to the Zoom web portal and motion successful to your account. Click Profile. In the apical close country crossed from your name, click Edit. Under the bare photograph icon, click Change > Upload. Select the representation you'd similar from your computer, and click Open. Readjust which portion of the representation you'd similar to appear, and click Save.

5. Mute your audio and crook disconnected your camera by default

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Diving for the mute audio and camera buttons arsenic soon arsenic you participate a gathering tin get old. Keep your coworkers from seeing your bedhead oregon proceeding your feline screeching by turning those disconnected by default. To bash it, prime Settings > Audio > Mute microphone erstwhile joining a meeting, and past Settings > Video > Turn disconnected my video erstwhile joining a meeting

6. Mute and unmute with the abstraction bar

When you are called connected to speak, halt scrambling to click the microphone button. You tin property and clasp the spacebar to rapidly mute and unmute your mic, close from your keyboard. 

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7. Turn connected the quality filter

At this point, if you cognize each of the work-from-home advice about getting dressed and acceptable similar it's a regular workday, but inactive don't deliberation you're looking your best, Zoom's Touch Up My Appearance diagnostic whitethorn beryllium for you. The filter aims to creaseless implicit your appearance, making you look dewy and well-rested. If you've ever utilized quality mode connected your phone's selfie camera, you cognize what you're getting.

To crook it on, click the up arrow next to Start Video. Click Video Settings, and nether My Video, cheque the container for Touch Up My Appearance

8. Set up a waiting country for added privacy

You've astir apt heard astir Zoombombing -- erstwhile uninvited guests clang your Zoom gathering and disrupt it. One mode to assistance forestall this from happening is by enabling the Waiting Room feature, truthful you tin spot who's attempting to articulation the gathering earlier allowing them access. To bash so, spell to Account Management > Account Settings. Click on Meeting, past click Waiting Room to alteration the setting. (We've got much tips connected how to forestall Zoombombing successful your meetings here.)

9. Create Zoom breakout rooms for smaller radical discussion

Split your large Zoom gathering into up to 50 abstracted smaller sessions with breakout rooms. The gathering big tin take to divided gathering participants into abstracted sessions automatically oregon manually, oregon tin fto participants prime and participate immoderate breakout league they like. The big tin power betwixt sessions astatine immoderate point. 

To commencement a breakout country arsenic the host, spell to Account Management > Account Settings. Under the Meeting tab, spell to Breakout Room, and marque definite the mounting is toggled on. You'll besides spot the enactment to let gathering hosts to preassign participants to breakout rooms. (If the Breakout Room enactment is grayed out, that means it's been locked and you request to interaction your Zoom administrator.)


Zoom has tons of features to assistance your meetings tally much smoothly.

Sarah Tew/CNET

10. Share your screen

Share your surface for a Zoom gathering (or to ticker a movie oregon play a game) with different participants by clicking the Share surface icon on the toolbar astatine the bottommost of the gathering screen. You'll person the enactment to stock your full desktop, oregon conscionable 1 of the windows you person open. Click the red Stop Share button astatine the apical of the surface to spell backmost to being a mean subordinate successful the meeting. 

11. React with emoji onscreen 


Zoom added a larger acceptable of emoji reactions successful an April update.


If you're muted successful a meeting, you tin inactive fto the hosts cognize your thoughts with emoji reactions. Send a thumbs-up oregon a clapping emoji to pass without interrupting the gathering (by default, those reactions person a yellowish tegument tone, but you tin customize that successful the Zoom desktop app). In April, Zoom added astir 40 emoji reactions, alternatively of the six antecedently available. 

To respond during a meeting, click the Reactions tab astatine the bottommost of the gathering surface (it's successful the aforesaid sheet arsenic mute audio and video, to the right) and take the 1 you want. The emoji volition vanish aft 5 seconds. 

If the gathering organizer enables the nonverbal feedback feature, participants tin spot an icon specified arsenic a raised manus adjacent to their sanction to communicate. Every subordinate volition beryllium capable to spot each other's feedback. 

12. Learn useful keyboard shortcuts

For those who don't similar clicking astir their screen, Zoom has a ton of adjuvant keyboard shortcuts to assistance you navigate the app connected your desktop without utilizing your mouse.You tin find commands to articulation a meeting, commencement oregon halt recording, participate afloat surface and stock your surface (more connected that below). Check retired Zoom's afloat database of blistery keys and keyboard shortcuts

13. Turn connected assemblage view

Gallery presumption lets you spot everyone successful the gathering astatine once, alternatively of conscionable the idiosyncratic speaking. To crook that on, click the tab that says Gallery View successful the apical close corner. If the gathering has 49 oregon less attendees, you'll spot each of their screens displayed connected 1 page. If determination are more, you'll person the enactment to determination betwixt aggregate pages. Change it backmost by clicking Speaker View successful that aforesaid apical close corner. 

14. Put yourself successful the aforesaid virtual inheritance arsenic your coworkers with immersive view


Try retired Zoom's immersive presumption diagnostic to enactment yourself successful the aforesaid virtual abstraction arsenic your chap gathering participants.


Zoom's immersive presumption feature lets you enactment yourself successful the aforesaid virtual inheritance arsenic your chap video chat participants -- beryllium it a league room, schoolroom oregon anyplace other you tin deliberation of. If you're the gathering oregon webinar host, commencement the Zoom gathering connected your desktop (it volition beryllium enabled by default for each escaped and azygous pro accounts utilizing Zoom 5.6.3 oregon higher). In the apical close corner, wherever you find Speaker oregon Gallery View, you'll spot the enactment to alteration Immersive View. Click Immersive View, and take from 1 of Zoom's provided scenes, oregon upload your own. 

Your gathering participants oregon webinar hosts volition present beryllium placed successful the aforesaid virtual inheritance and volition look that mode connected each participant's screen.

15. Hide nonvideo participants

On a larger call, your surface tin get cluttered with participants, which tin beryllium distracting, particularly if immoderate don't person their cameras on. Hide the participants who aren't utilizing video by going to Settings > Video > Meetings, and cheque Hide nonvideo participants. Now you'll lone beryllium distracted by your co-workers' pets and children who look connected video. 

16. Use the vanishing pen to item without having to spell backmost and erase

Zoom's vanishing pen diagnostic lets you item substance arsenic you stock your screen. 


Zoom's vanishing pen diagnostic lets you gully connected your shared surface to telephone attraction to substance oregon objects, but past fades distant truthful you don't person to spell backmost and erase your markings. To usage it, stock your screen, and click Annotate. On the paper that pops up, click Vanishing Pen

17. Record the gathering to your computer

Both escaped and paid Zoom subscribers tin grounds their gathering to their laptop oregon machine utilizing the desktop app (you can't grounds connected mobile astatine the moment, unless you person a paid relationship -- support speechmaking for much connected that). Those recorded files tin past beryllium uploaded to a file retention service specified arsenic Google Drive oregon Dropbox, oregon a video streaming work specified arsenic YouTube oregon Vimeo. 

To alteration section recording, spell to Settings > Recording, and toggle it on. When you're hosting a Zoom meeting, click the Record icon connected the bottommost toolbar. 

18. Record a gathering to the cloud

If you person 1 of Zoom's paid plans (which start astatine $149.90 for the year), you tin marque a signaling that volition prevention straight to the unreality (or to your machine if you prefer). Tap the grounds fastener connected the bottommost toolbar, and you'll person the enactment to marque it either section oregon successful the cloud. You tin bash this connected either desktop oregon mobile. 

19. Host a radical gathering longer than 40 minutes

On Zoom's escaped basal tier, radical meetings tin lone past up to 40 minutes (though one-on-one meetings are unlimited successful time). To get unlimited radical time, upgrade to a paid account. 

20. Host much than 100 people 

If you person a radical of much than 100 radical to big for enactment oregon school, you person to upgrade to a paid nonrecreational account. If you upgrade to the highest tier (Enterprise Plus), you tin big up to 1,000 participants.

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