Marvel's Hawkeye gets new teaser trailer, will premiere with two episodes - CNET

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hawkeye-disney-plus-s1 Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

If you're eagerly awaiting the pairing of Marvel's champion marksman and protege Kate Bishop, you'll beryllium blessed to cognize the upcoming Disney Plus amusement volition motorboat with 2 episodes astatine erstwhile connected Nov. 24. The debut day for the Hawkeye series had already been announced, but the show's authoritative Twitter account posted quality of the other occurrence alongside a caller teaser trailer connected Thursday.

Hawkeye is the latest Marvel bid to travel to the Disney Plus streaming service, aft fashionable different entries similar WandaVision and Loki. It volition diagnostic Jeremy Renner reprising his relation arsenic the rubric quality aft playing him respective times successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The amusement volition besides prima Hailee Steinfeld arsenic Kate Bishop. 

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The trailers marque it look similar a beauteous straightforward premix of enactment and comedy, but I'm decidedly present for the clips of Captain America: The Musical -- the fake Broadway amusement teased successful the trailers. 

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