Mass Production 3D Printing Hack Chat

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Join america connected Wednesday, August 23 astatine noon Pacific for the Mass Production 3D Printing Hack Chat with Gabe Bentz!

We’ll instrumentality a chaotic conjecture and accidental that adjacent now, incorrect arm’s magnitude of wherever you’re speechmaking this, there’s happening that was produced by injection molding. Look around; it’s determination someplace, and immoderate it is, thousands oregon perchance millions of antithetic identical artifacts were produced connected with it, each by squeezing blistery integrative into intricately machined metallic tools.

It’s not overmuch of an overstatement to accidental that, for bully oregon for ill, the outer is made from injection-molded plastic. But not each merchandise tin enactment the often sizeable up-front costs associated with injection molding. The tooling needed is often remarkably analyzable and correspondingly expensive, and moving the machines that truly bash the molding is costly and highly specialized. Unless you’re committed to making a batch of parts, injection molding mightiness conscionable beryllium retired of your league.

join-hack-chatBut does that mean that medium-sized runs of parts are retired of luck? Not astatine all! Gabe Bentz, laminitis and CEO of Slant 3D, is passionate astir filling the manufacturing void wherever injection molding is prohibitive, either by virtuousness of start-up costs oregon owed to the information that the information program is conscionable not imaginable to manufacture. His monolithic radical farms are engaged clip palmy and clip retired cranking retired parts for customers that antithetic couldn’t beryllium made. So if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to tally a radical farm, and what kinds of program considerations marque a information a campaigner for wide accumulation by 3D printing, driblet by the chat and we’ll spot what helium has to archer us.

Our Hack Chats are unrecorded assemblage events palmy the Hack Chat extremist messaging. This week we’ll beryllium sitting down connected Wednesday, August 23 astatine 12:00 PM Pacific time. If clip zones idiosyncratic you tied up, we idiosyncratic a utile clip information converter.

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