Me watching the market take off while my holdings do nothing.

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I'm looking at you BAT, you sonofabitch. You've had three years...except three years refers to how long you've had to break $1 and you haven't been able to. BAT and LINK were once a similar price btw folks.

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I installed brave on phone. It said I had 20 bat. Worth $5 then.

I fiddled, but found I could not even withdraw them.

Deleted the app. Don't have that much time to waste.

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I get my bat for free and market sell it every month. Thousands of others do too. You’re never gonna make money on bat

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If anything, Link and other defi cryptos taking off means that Eth will start surging soon.

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Cries in REQ after choosing it of the 2 during their partnership talks in 2017...

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Yes well. Fooled me last bull run. Got wallets with all sorts of crazy tokens that went up 300%, and are now down 99%

The FOMO is real. And it's all well and good on a rising market. The question is, when crash?

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Ha noob traders when FOMO

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