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Media Temple is simply a USA-based developer-friendly web hosting supplier that offers a wide array of high-quality hosting solutions but for a precocious terms arsenic well. If you are acceptable to wage for it, you tin expect to get immoderate good features, almighty show and around-the-clock support.


  • Tons of developer tools
  • A wide assortment of hosting products
  • No misleading selling tactics
  • US-based enactment disposable 24/7
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • High-priced products
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • No escaped SSL certificates

Media Temple is simply a USA-based developer-friendly web hosting supplier that offers a wide array of high-quality hosting solutions but for a precocious terms arsenic well. If you are acceptable to wage for it, you tin expect to get immoderate good features, almighty show and around-the-clock support.


  • + Tons of developer tools
  • + A wide assortment of hosting products
  • + No misleading selling tactics
  • + US-based enactment disposable 24/7
  • + 30-day money-back guarantee


  • - High-priced products
  • - Not beginner-friendly
  • - No escaped SSL certificates

The institution that was acceptable successful question successful 1998 nether the sanction Integress Technologies would aboriginal go the Media Temple we each present know. After the institution merged with a web plan studio, its laminitis Demian Sellfors and co-founder John Carey decided to afloat absorption connected delivering business-to-business net services “with sophistication and reliability”.

In the pursuing years, Media Temple has drawn the attraction of an American web hosting elephantine by the sanction GoDaddy, truthful overmuch truthful that the institution decided to acquisition it. Although portion of GoDaddy, Media Temple has been operating separately since and providing a full assortment of premium hosting solutions and hosting-related products and services.


Media Temple's blog contains a fig of adjuvant articles connected web hosting, plan and improvement (Image credit: Media Temple)

Media Temple is headquartered successful Los Angeles (California, the USA) from wherever they run 2 information centers, some wrong the borders of the USA. Their authoritative website is elemental but it besides feels stylish, well-organized, and straightforward to use. It besides possesses a vigorously updated blog filled with useful tips and tricks connected hosting, web design, development, and truthful on. Both the tract and the blog are disposable successful English lone and the prices are displayed successful USD.

If you fancy societal networking, you’ll find Media Temple connected Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube wherever each accounts look to beryllium precise overmuch alive.


Media Temple's web hosting plans whitethorn beryllium costly but their prices won't summation upon renewal similar with immoderate different hosting providers (Image credit: Media Temple)

Plans and pricing

If you deliberation Media Temple volition springiness you an unlimited hosting solution and for a opus to boot, you amended deliberation twice. The company’s large selling constituent is its quality, truthful adjacent the entry-level shared hosting bundle (suitably called “Deluxe”) feels similar crème de la crème with its unthinkable database of features including countless sites, unlimited retention space, unmetered bandwidth, 512MB of RAM, 100 mailboxes, and 25 MySQL databases, among different things. With a suitable terms tag of $20.00 per period (about $16.70 if billed annually) it volition marque you consciousness similar a king but support successful caput you’ll besides beryllium expected to wage similar one.

The astir affordable enactment connected the paper is simply a self-managed VPS hosting program called “1 vCPU” that goes for $10.00 per month, but you should debar this 1 if you aren’t peculiarly tech-savvy.

In summation to 3 shared hosting plans, Media Temple offers 3 further VPS-like shared hosting plans, 5 for managed WordPress hosting, 4 for afloat managed VPS (which is new), 4 for self-managed VPS (new arsenic well), 1 for WordPress ecommerce, managed hosting services for AWS (Amazon Web Services), arsenic good arsenic a afloat scope of hosting-related services.

All of Media Temple’s hosting plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it doesn’t screen immoderate further fees specified arsenic domain registration, setup, oregon premium services.

Media Temple accepts payments via each large recognition cards, PayPal, ACH, and ligament transfers.

Ease of use

The pricing of Media Temple's plans whitethorn look similar daylight robbery. Yet, the terms you spot connected the company’s tract is the terms you’ll wage for precisely 1 month, conscionable similar it says. With galore different hosts (we’ll not sanction them), you would get misleading figures that really use for longer billing periods only, portion you were cunningly led to judge this is the terms for the monthly billing. Although you’ll get a flimsy discount erstwhile signing up for a longer period, the institution won’t propulsion you to bash truthful successful immoderate way. With Media Temple, you tin consciousness wholly harmless from misleading selling practices.

If you request assistance choosing the cleanable program for your needs, Media Temple's pre-sales enactment unit invites you to commencement the chat oregon springiness them a ring. In immoderate case, the acquisition process is some elemental and swift. Besides the plan, you’ll person to prime a billing rhythm (monthly, annual, biennial oregon triennial one), participate your idiosyncratic and billing details, and decorativeness things up by making a payment.


You tin negociate your hosting packages, email, billing and everything other from Media Temple's dashboard (Image credit: Media Temple)

After this, you’ll beryllium provided a nexus that volition instrumentality you to Media Temple’s dashboard, a user-friendly and nonrecreational lawsuit console that volition pb you to the merchandise you’ve conscionable purchased without immoderate difficulty. Here you’ll besides find File Manager, FTP Manager, and phpMyAdmin, but if you privation to transportation retired immoderate different setup task, you’ll person to spell to your power panel. Fortunately, you’ll spot the much-beloved industry-standard cPanel there.

With cPanel’s intuitive UI and a myriad of utile built-in tools, you’ll negociate each aspects of your website without overmuch method know-how. Another happening you’ll find present is Installatron, a one-click installer acknowledgment to which each the indispensable apps (such WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla) tin beryllium yours successful a substance of seconds.

At this infinitesimal Media Temple doesn’t connection a website builder which would surely boost the morale of beginners.


We utilized GTmetrix to trial the uptime and effect clip of Media Temple's main tract (Image credit: GTmetrix)

Speed and performance

A velocity trial performed connected Media Temple’s authoritative tract via GTmetrix places it considerably supra average, requiring lone 2.5 seconds to wholly load (in examination with the mean of 8.1 seconds). All different web vitals (largest contentful paint, full blocking time, and cumulative layout shift) were astir oregon supra the mean concluding successful a GTmetrix people B (88%).

When it comes to uptime, Media Temple guarantees 99.99% of it. However, with its DV (that is, VPS, managed, and dedicated server hosting products) it besides offers a alleged DV 20/20 uptime warrant according to which you get 20% of your monthly hosting outgo backmost for each 20 minutes of downtime your tract whitethorn endure that month.

An uptime trial via UptimeRobot, which continued for 2 weeks connected Media Temple’s authoritative site, failed to grounds immoderate downtime astatine each (and nary large spikes successful effect clip to boot) starring america to judge that it promises reliable performance.


You tin get successful interaction with Media Temple via telephone, unrecorded chat and done its ticketing strategy (Image credit: Media Temple)


Media Temple provides its customers with round-the-clock lawsuit enactment disposable via telephone, unrecorded chat, and ticketing system. Yet, you whitethorn request to motion up earlier getting each of the options. The unrecorded chat seems to beryllium unavailable astatine times, truthful you whitethorn privation to cheque the different options alternatively of burning daylight waiting for it to go disposable again. For customers from the US, telephone enactment is toll-free and they besides person an enactment to publication a call. Besides this, each users are invited to question enactment via Twitter.


You tin besides effort to find solutions connected your ain utilizing Media Temple's knowledgebase (Image credit: Media Temple)

An alternate to helping manus for each the self-sufficient webmasters retired determination is Media Temple’s one-stop enactment center. Together with a modular knowledgebase stuffed with well-written how-to articles and easy-to-follow video guides, the halfway besides stores each your enactment tickets, work diagnostics, and provides entree to the web presumption page. In addition, you tin cheque retired a beauteous elaborate FAQ section.

The competition

Apart from Media Temple, GoDaddy has acquired rather a postulation of web hosting companies, adjacent buying the rights to its long-time rival Host Europe. Besides being portion of the aforesaid corporation, Media Temple and Host Europe stock a akin scope of hosting services. However, Host Europe is geared towards German-speaking customers portion Media Temple is amended suited for English-speaking clientele.

Another fantabulous alternate to Media Temple is simply a chap US-based big by the sanction of HostGator. Like Media Temple, HostGator offers a wide assortment of feature-packed hosting solutions backed by superb 24/7 lawsuit support, splendid (written and video) how-to guides, and a money-back guarantee. Unlike Media Temple, HostGator is simply a omniscient prime for implicit beginners looking for a budget-friendly hosting solution to occurrence up their archetypal sites.

In examination with Media Temple, Bluehost whitethorn look rather inexpensive and cheerful, but its selling tactics whitethorn besides origin confusion. While doing concern with Media Temple, what you spot connected the tract is precisely what you tin expect to get. Nevertheless, Bluehost is astir 10 times cheaper, offers much escaped features, and provides much beginner-friendly tools, making itself overmuch easier to recommend, particularly to caller users.

If you are looking for an alternate to Media Temple that tin screen some tiny and ample businesses, look nary further than Kinsta, an enterprise-level big that won’t shy distant from breaking your budget. Although Kinsta is adjacent much costly than Media Temple is, it has 28 information centers crossed the satellite (while Media Temple owns servers successful the USA only), and a planetary CDN that spans implicit 200 regions (while it’s astir 10 with Media Temple). However, since some hosts connection a 30-day money-back guarantee, we counsel you to effort them retired for yourself earlier making a large decision.

Final verdict

Although Media Temple offers a afloat scope of hosting solutions that travel with a decent grade of features, its over-the-top prices whitethorn support it retired of the scope for caller users and modular tiny concern owners. If you’re not definite spending large bucks is worthy not having to interest astir your hosting, bash cheque retired much budget-friendly hosts specified arsenic HostGator and Bluehost earlier blowing a spread successful your budget.

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