MercadoLibre plans to accept BTC and cryptocurrencies as payment for all products

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The Latin American e-commerce level selected Brazil to kick-off crypto payments via its MercadoPago application.

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MercadoLibre plans to judge  BTC and cryptocurrencies arsenic  outgo   for each  products

MercadoPago, the fintech limb of e-commerce elephantine MercadoLibre, has enabled its Brazilian customers to buy, merchantability and clasp Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and the Paxos-issued U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin Pax Dollar (USDP). In a connection issued Thursday by U.S.-based Paxos, the blockchain infrastructure level utilized by PayPal and Facebook, the concern betwixt MercadoPago and Paxos volition allow users to wage for each products sold connected the level utilizing cryptocurrency.

Today marks different immense milestone successful #crypto. @mercadopago, the largest payments supplier successful #LatAm, volition connection Brazilian customers the quality to buy/sell/hold $BTC $ETH and the Paxos dollar #stablecoin $USDP #PoweredByPaxos

— Paxos (@PaxosGlobal) December 2, 2021

This quality signals 1 of the largest stablecoin operations wrong a non-crypto wallet to date. Brazilian users looking to clasp U.S. dollars tin present bash truthful for arsenic small arsenic 1 Brazilian existent wrong the MercadoPago app by purchasing USDP. In inflation-plagued Latin America, stablecoins tin supply a information nett against fiat monetary debasement.

Starting with Brazil, MercadoLibre’s largest market, the collaboration with Paxos plans to “accelerate the democratization of fiscal services successful Latin America.” As MercadoPago hopes to marque crypto much easy accessible for each Brazilians, Paxos plans to safeguard lawsuit assets.

Since MercadoPago is authorized by Brazil's cardinal slope to enactment arsenic a outgo institution, the wide cognition and integration of the platforms volition beryllium done by Paxos, which has opened an bureau successful Brazil and volition grip reporting users' transactions to the regulators, according to Tulio Oliveira, vice president of MercadoPago Brazil.

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MercadoLibre has been serving unbanked and underbanked populations since 1999. Now, MercadoPago and Paxos are among the fewer companies trying to normalize connectivity and mainstream usage cases of stablecoins. Reserve is another platform that serves to person section currencies successful Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Panama to U.S. dollars via the Reserve (RSV) stablecoin

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