Meta announces its Quest 3 VR headset, which will cost $499.99

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Meta has officially announced its Quest 3 VR headset successful a post connected Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram. The $499.99 headset is “coming this fall,” and the station confirms that its plan is 40 percent lighter than the Quest 2, with a caller next-generation Snapdragon spot inside.

This is coming conscionable days earlier Apple is expected to denote its long-rumored mixed world headset and hours up of a showcase for games connected Meta’s VR level that begins aboriginal contiguous astatine 1PM ET.

We already had a beauteous bully thought of however the Quest 3 would shingle retired aft Mark Gurman of Bloomberg detailed his hands-on experience with the then-unannounced instrumentality earlier this week, reporting connected the lighter and much comfy plan that adds caller sensors and redesigned controllers.

The announced video intelligibly shows disconnected the 3 caller sensor areas crossed the beforehand of the device. Gurman described that the pill-shaped zones clasp 4 cameras divided evenly betwixt the near and close sides — 2 of which are full-color cameras and 2 modular — and a azygous extent sensor successful the mediate that could amended the headset’s AR performance.

We besides spot the caller TruTouch haptic controllers “for experiences you tin feel,” without the aged rings they utilized to person for positional tracking.


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