Meta is dropping the price of the Quest 2 back to $299.99

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Starting June 4th, the 128GB mentation of the Quest 2 volition outgo $299.99 portion the 256GB mentation volition outgo $349.99, Meta announced today. That’s a $100 terms chopped for the entry-level mentation and a $80 terms chopped for the step-up model. As good arsenic cutting the terms of the headset, Meta besides says it’s moving connected a bundle update that volition amended some CPU and GPU show connected the Quest 2, arsenic good arsenic the much caller Quest Pro.

News of the terms chopped comes astir a twelvemonth aft Meta increased the terms of some retention variants of the headset by $100, astir 2 years aft its archetypal merchandise successful 2020. It aboriginal cut the terms of the 256GB mentation of the Quest 2 to $429.99. News of the terms chopped came connected the aforesaid time that Meta announced the Quest 2’s successor, the Quest 3, which it plans to merchandise this autumn for $499.99. It’s besides owed to clasp a gaming showcase later today, wherever it’s promising “new crippled announcements, gameplay first-looks, updates to existing games, and more.”

Meta says it plans to proceed selling the Quest 2 (as good arsenic the much professionally focused Quest Pro) alongside the Quest 3 erstwhile it launches aboriginal successful the year. “Quest 2 remains our astir affordable introduction constituent to VR and Pro is optimized for enactment usage cases, with look and oculus tracking for much authentic self-expression successful meetings,” its property merchandise reads.

With a forthcoming bundle update, Meta says it volition summation the CPU show of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro by up to 26 percent. The update volition besides summation the GPU show of the Quest 2 by 19 percent and the Quest Pro by 11 percent. Developers volition person to configure their apps to marque the astir of the changes, but erstwhile they do, Meta claims users volition payment from “smoother gameplay, a much responsive UI, and richer contented connected some headsets.”

Dynamic Resolution Scaling is besides coming to some pieces of hardware “so games and apps tin instrumentality vantage of accrued pixel density without dropping frames” erstwhile the GPU is underutilized.

Today’s announcement doesn’t notation erstwhile precisely this update volition rotation out, but the caller pricing volition instrumentality effect from June 4th, the time earlier Apple is expected to unveil its debut headset astatine WWDC at an anticipated terms of $3,000.

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