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The champion existent VR headset, the Quest 2, is getting a terms driblet down to $299 connected June 4. But its replacement, the Quest 3, is arriving successful the fall.

Meta announced the quality this greeting alongside details of the company's upcoming improved Quest 3 VR headset, which volition commencement astatine $499 and person a smaller size, a faster processor, improved controllers, and added colour cameras that tin adhd amended mixed world experiences to VR games and apps.

The caller $299 terms is for the mentation with 128GB of storage, portion the 256GB retention enactment is getting a terms driblet to $349.

All indications suggest the Quest 3 volition beryllium worthy waiting for, but Meta besides announced an absorbing show update coming to the Quest 2 and Quest Pro that volition adhd up to a 26% CPU velocity betterment and 19% GPU betterment to the Quest 2, and an 11% betterment to the Quest Pro. The Quest 2 already has a batch of great games and apps, each of which are expected to besides tally connected the Quest 3.

It's astonishing that Meta would find a mode to unlock much show retired of the Quest 2 this precocious successful its beingness cycle, but Meta has had Quest 2 updates successful the past that person improved a fig of hardware and bundle features.

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