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Apple's expected VR/AR headset uncover looks similar it's close astir the corner, but Meta has leaped up with headset quality of its own. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram channel revealed a batch much astir the Quest 3, which had been expected by the extremity of this year. The price, starting astatine $499, volition beryllium much than that of the Quest 2, but little than that of the PlayStation VR 2. Zuckerberg said connected his transmission that much details connected the Quest 3, and the motorboat date, volition hap astir Meta's Connect developer league connected Sept. 27.

A follow-up to 2019's Quest 2, the existent astir fashionable headset connected the market, the Quest 3 was already known to beryllium since past fall. A fig of details, including a hands-on trial thrust of a prototype version, had leaked earlier Zuckerberg's quality driblet today.

The Quest 3's biggest caller additions are colour cameras that let for amended mixed world that blends video from the existent satellite with VR connected the headset's displays, on with a caller Qualcomm VR/AR spot that promises speedier performance. The headset is besides importantly smaller and lighter, and has redesigned crippled controllers. The hardware volition enactment with the existing Quest 2 app library, but looks to thin connected much mixed world features.

The Quest 3 doesn't person oculus tracking similar the acold much expensive, work-targeted Quest Pro that debuted past fall, but it besides looks to beryllium a amended VR headset overall. Along with a lineup of caller VR games being announced today, Meta's intelligibly aiming astatine continuing to ain the VR crippled console marketplace arsenic Apple perchance readies a precise antithetic way with its costly and perchance work-focused headset.

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