MetaWars Launchpad Revolutionizing the GameFi Industry as the ‘First’ Cross-Game Metaverse Launchpad

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PRESS RELEASE. MetaWars is the archetypal task to unite the satellite of metaverses – with the archetypal of its benignant MetaWars Launchpad portal. For the archetypal time, players volition beryllium capable to physique portals that transportation characters, currencies, and assets betwixt crippled worlds.

This builds connected Meta (previously known arsenic Facebook) and enhances their vision. With the MetaWars Launchpad, players tin excavation for antithetic cryptocurrencies from antithetic multiverses, injecting further play-to-earn features. It’s positioned to go the main mode caller radical participate into the blockchain economy, and the champion mode to interruption into the mainstream.

This is an tremendous accidental successful this space. MetaWars volition go the archetypal metaverse launchpad, filling a highly important role. By aligning with caller projects successful the future, MetaWars volition pb the mode for the GameFi question and supply much worth to the blockchain gaming assemblage and full industry.

Introducing MetaWars

MetaWars completed a palmy IDO and the tokens person been listed connected PancakeSwap since October 27th. It has managed to pull large attraction from salient partners similar Mr Beast, Raptor Capital, Magnus Capital, Boxmining, Double Peak, Cinchblock, Everse Capital, X21, Coin, Infinity Gains, and Icetea Labs.

To further make the metaverse ecosystem, MetaWars volition supply a level for early-stage projects and supply exclusive benefits to investors.

MetaWars is Evolving into a Launchpad — The First of its Kind

MetaWars is evolving into the archetypal cross-game GameFi launchpad successful the blockchain industry. The level volition assistance its archetypal top-rated task with assorted enactment including assemblage assistance, selling promotion, and strategies.

The pioneer of this caller concern exemplary is MetaGods, a revolutionary play-to-earn 8-bit enactment RPG that is introducing permadeath supported by AI technology. “MetaGods is excited to motorboat connected Metawars. We judge the assemblage is highly strong, and by combining forces… we tin conquer the metaverse. The in-game economies volition beryllium massive! What’s amended than becoming a deity of a planet?” — Jack, the Co-founder of MetaGods. Soon aboriginal whitelisting for MetaGods volition statesman connected the MetaWars platform.

Last but not least, MetaWars is successful the process of bringing imaginable projects to the launchpad including:

  • WuKong
  • Arcadeland
  • Dragon Evolution

How to participate MetaWars Launchpad

The introduction volition beryllium innovatively antithetic from the mean launchpads. Only satellite NFT owners volition person a accidental to summation MetaGods’ token arsenic reward. The magnitude of tokens that are eligible to person depends connected the rarity of the planet.

There is much breathtaking quality and further developments that volition soon beryllium announced. The possibilities for MetaWars, the archetypal metaverse launchpad, are lone beginning.

About MetaWars

MetaWars is simply a play-to-earn, next-generation, blockchain-backed GameFi ecosystem. Explore and conflict passim the metaverse to summation a immense fortune. $WARS, NFTs and $GAM tin beryllium mined by staking, which tin each beryllium utilized to gain crossed the metaverse and successful the upcoming strategy RPG. We purpose to grow this voyage into uncharted territory.

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