Mexico’s Third Richest Man Advises Buy Bitcoin Now — Says US Looking Increasingly Like Third World Country

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Mexico’s third-richest billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has advised investors to “buy bitcoin close now.” He explained that the U.S. is “looking much and much similar immoderate different irresponsible 3rd satellite country.”

Ricardo Salinas Pliego connected US Economy and Bitcoin

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego commented connected the U.S. system and bitcoin Wednesday. He is the laminitis and president of Grupo Salinas, a radical of companies with interests successful telecommunications, media, fiscal services, and retail stores. According to Forbes’ database of billionaires, his nett worthy is presently $14.2 billion.

Salinas tweeted a play illustration of the full worth of the Federal Reserve’s assets (less eliminations from consolidation), which was updated connected Nov. 18. It shows full assets of much than 8.67 trillion dollars. The billionaire tweeted:

Good aged USA is looking much and much similar immoderate different irresponsible 3rd satellite country…wow…look astatine the standard of fake wealth creation. Buy bitcoin close now.

Mexico's Third Richest Man Advises Buy Bitcoin Now — Says US Looking Increasingly Like Third World CountryThe illustration Ricardo Salinas Pliego posted. Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

The Mexican billionaire has been pro-bitcoin for rather immoderate time. In November past year, helium revealed that 10% of his liquid portfolio was successful bitcoin.

In June, helium announced plans for his slope to judge bitcoin. “I urge the usage of bitcoin, and maine and my slope are moving to beryllium the archetypal slope successful Mexico to judge bitcoin,” helium tweeted.

On the taxable of bitcoin vs. gold, helium recommended putting wealth successful bitcoin. “Bitcoin is the caller gold,” helium said successful June, adding that it is “much much portable.” He noted that transporting bitcoin “is truthful overmuch easier” than having golden bars successful your pockets.

In August, the third-richest antheral successful Mexico tweeted:

I deliberation bitcoin has a large aboriginal and it volition alteration the world…. we volition see.

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