Meyuewal 5-in-1 Jar Opener

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Reviewed successful the United States connected April 27, 2019

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I person had problems successful the past opening a peculiar ample foodstuff bottle. Continuous aggravation. I was capable to unfastened the aforesaid benignant of vessel this week with ease. I did not request to use that overmuch unit and the lid opened easily. I americium not impressed with the smaller instrumentality - that was conscionable there. The ample jar/bottle opener is what I wanted and like.

Reviewed successful the United States connected March 25, 2019

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Having had arthritis successful my hands since my teens, I person utilized galore jar/bottle openers retired of necessity. The OXO ones enactment well, but deterioration retired wrong a twelvemonth due to the fact that of the measurement of usage. This fabulous opener has yet to find a instrumentality that it cannot easy open, adjacent bottles of h2o with heavy sealed caps. I emotion it truthful overmuch I ordered different 1 to person successful 2 drawers connected either extremity of my kitchen. The small other achromatic 1 is conscionable arsenic fantastic. This gripper does not exacerbate my carpel passageway syndrome, either. I would springiness it much stars if I could.

Reviewed successful the United States connected July 3, 2019

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I was skeptical but this is 1 of the champion merchandise I’ve bought connected amazon connected a while. Had a ginger ale that truly wouldn’t open. It hadn’t been frozen oregon shaken arsenic acold arsenic I knew but had a fewer radical effort to unfastened it with their bare hands and it was intolerable that’s wherefore I bought this and spot me, precise worthy it.

Reviewed successful the United States connected May 1, 2021

Color: GreenVerified Purchase

I had large hopes these 2 items would assistance maine successful opening a assortment of cans, jars and bottles which is becoming much and much hard owed to arthritis successful some thumbs. The larger of the two, which is expected to unfastened a assortment of jars and bottles. Mayonnaise and jelly jars are precise trying for maine but this was of nary help. It was highly hard to dispersed the handles of the jar opener wide capable to acceptable connected mayonnaise jar. When I yet accomplished that, the handles were excessively wide isolated to grip with 1 hand, portion holding the jar inactive with my different hand. I adjacent tried to clasp the jar against my body, portion utilizing some hands to grip the handles. That was adjacent much futile. The smaller instrumentality to unfastened cans with is excessively heavy to descent nether tin tabs. Fingernails oregon a weapon person to beryllium utilized to get the propulsion tab up earlier the instrumentality tin descent nether it to propulsion the tab back. Worthless.

Reviewed successful the United States connected May 2, 2019

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The large 1 gives maine occupation but NOT DUE TO THE PRODUCT! I don’t person moving thumbs but the tiny 1 I usage to unfastened my Sprite etc is simply a lifesaver!!

Reviewed successful the United States connected May 31, 2021

Color: BlueVerified Purchase

I truly similar this product. I’m successful my 50’s and my hands aren’t arsenic beardown arsenic they utilized to be. Plus I’m having immoderate issues with arthritis successful them, arsenic well. I’ve been looking astir for a jar opener for rather a while. I yet decided connected this one, based connected its reviews. People are close successful that it’s not large capable for a jar of pickles oregon a peanut food jar, but it works large connected everything else. I particularly emotion the tiny 1 to assistance with opening cans and bottles. I was benignant of skeptical astatine first, due to the fact that I thought I would person to compression it hard to get things open, however, that’s not the case. I hardly usage immoderate unit and things conscionable popular close open. I don’t cognize however it does it, but it works great. I would bash a video, but I don’t person thing to unfastened astatine this time. If I remember, I’ll effort to bash 1 astatine a missive date. I would decidedly urge this to anyone who needs assistance opening jars. It’s beauteous sturdy and casual to use.

Reviewed successful the United States connected December 8, 2018

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I person arthritis and expanding trouble successful opening containers. I could not get this merchandise to enactment astatine all. Unless you tin exert sizeable spot portion utilizing this opener, the silicone doesn’t truly grip— it conscionable slides astir the apical you privation to open. I thought it was conscionable me, but my son, who does not person arthritis, had the aforesaid problem.

Reviewed successful the United States connected February 1, 2019

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This merchandise is fantastic for anyone who needs assistance opening immoderate size jar. I couldn't bash without this product.

Top reviews from different countries

Karine gascon

5.0 retired of 5 stars recommander

Reviewed successful Canada connected February 17, 2021

Color: Apple RedVerified Purchase

vaut la peine , bcp de grosseur différente , facile d'usage et adjutant beaucoup

P. horvath

5.0 retired of 5 stars Twisted

Reviewed successful Canada connected December 3, 2020

Color: Apple RedVerified Purchase

Product is precisely arsenic described .vgreat value.

Claude Bourdage

1.0 retired of 5 stars Bris de la poignée

Reviewed successful Canada connected January 20, 2021

Color: Apple RedVerified Purchase

Ouvrir un gros cookware de Pickles et à la première utilisation la poignée a cédée


4.0 retired of 5 stars I did not spell for the apical ratings due to the fact that ..

Reviewed successful Canada connected February 26, 2021

Color: Apple RedVerified Purchase

I conscionable got it. Arrived precise rapidly and good packaged.

I instantly went to spot however it worked , unluckily it is not large capable to grip a peanut food jar lid, was hoping it would but that is simply a nary go. About a twelvemonth agone 1 of my wrists started to wounded a batch doing thing truthful abruptly opening up immoderate jars is simply a problem. I was told to get thing akin to this and I looked astir astatine different gadgets. This was the 1 I chose and I

volition support it due to the fact that 1 of the worse jars successful my location has ever been a jar of pickles lol and it works good connected those. But it volition not assistance maine retired with different items that are larger specified arsenic a peanut food lid truthful I request thing that volition connected that truthful successful the agelong tally worth for money, it is priced good but present I inactive request to find thing that volition assistance maine to unfastened a peanut food jar lid good thing bigger than a pickle jar.

I tried the smaller gadget connected an already opened vessel of popular that is astir the lone happening I bash judge it volition unfastened based connected the size. The smaller gadget is truly jsut a vessel opener, possibly a keytab assistance for those cans that person them (I don't person immoderate to effort it with)

Soy condiment utilized the bigger gadget connected the tiny extremity and it worked.

UPDATE wrong minutes. I managed to get it connected the peanut food jar lid .. BUT .. that really screeched it wider astatine the base, truthful 2 things..

1. precise hard to effort and usage it to unfastened a caller jar with lids arsenic large arsenic peanut food jars volition not effort that again

2. It really got stretched retired by the peanut food proceedings (again not going to fuss trying that again) but makes maine wonderment if idiosyncratic had to usage it for that due to the fact that of nary different alternatives conscionable however durable it truly is? volition it interruption from utilizing it for those jars eventually? if that is each a idiosyncratic has to effort and marque their beingness easier owed to wounded oregon simply property and little strength? it is present wider astatine the smaller extremity truthful that it nary longer is arsenic adjacent arsenic it erstwhile was and that was conscionable aft trying it connected a peanut food jar lid ONE time

Again, I volition not effort that again, it truly would beryllium redundant arsenic the ends are dispersed acold excessively wide isolated to really bash overmuch bully and the conflict to get it implicit the lid really aggravated my already sore wrist

Overall it one seems durable arsenic agelong arsenic you lone usage it connected jar lids nary bigger than the mean sized pickle jar, and some items volition travel successful useful for the bulk of jars oregon bottles that request to beryllium opened that owed to assorted reasons (ie soy condiment oregon syrup lids tin get tacky and hard to reopen)

Now I conscionable request to find thing that volition enactment for larger jar lids


3.0 retired of 5 stars Modest Success

Reviewed successful Australia connected January 22, 2021

Color: Apple RedVerified Purchase

The Jar Opener is simply a mild occurrence arsenic it tends to gaffe connected a fig of tops; a corrugated aboveground whitethorn person fixed this problem. The can/bottle opener works connected a constricted fig of cans.

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