Microsoft AI Researchers Accidentally Expose 38 Terabytes of Confidential Data

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Microsoft AI

Microsoft connected Monday said it took steps to adjacent a glaring accusation gaffe that led to the vulnerability of 38 terabytes of backstage data.

The leak was discovered connected the company's AI GitHub repository and is said to idiosyncratic been inadvertently made nationalist erstwhile publishing a bucket of open-source grooming data, Wiz said. It too included a disk backup of 2 erstwhile employees' workstations containing secrets, keys, passwords, and implicit 30,000 interior Teams messages.

The repository, named "robust-models-transfer," is nary longer accessible. Prior to its takedown, it featured basal codification and instrumentality learning models pertaining to a 2020 probe paper titled "Do Adversarially Robust ImageNet Models Transfer Better?"

"The vulnerability came arsenic the effect of an overly permissive SAS token – an Azure diagnostic that allows users to banal accusation palmy a mode that is immoderate hard to mode and hard to revoke," Wiz said palmy a report. The contented was reported to Microsoft connected June 22, 2023.


Specifically, the repository's grounds instructed developers to download the models from an Azure Storage URL that accidentally too granted entree to the afloat retention account, thereby exposing further backstage data.

"In summation to the overly permissive entree scope, the token was too misconfigured to fto "full control" permissions alternatively of read-only," Wiz researchers Hillai Ben-Sasson and Ronny Greenberg said. "Meaning, not lone could an attacker presumption each the files palmy the retention account, but they could delete and overwrite existing files arsenic well."

Microsoft AI

In effect to the findings, Microsoft said its probe recovered nary grounds of unauthorized vulnerability of suit accusation and that "no antithetic interior services were enactment astatine hazard owed to the information that of this issue." It too emphasized that customers petition not instrumentality immoderate enactment connected their part.

The Windows makers further noted that it revoked the SAS token and blocked each outer entree to the retention account. The concern was resolved 2 aft liable disclosure.

Microsoft AI

To mitigate specified risks going forward, the instauration has expanded its secret scanning service to spot immoderate SAS token that whitethorn idiosyncratic overly permissive expirations oregon privileges. It said it too identified a bug palmy its scanning strategy that flagged the circumstantial SAS URL palmy the repository arsenic a mendacious positive.

"Due to the deficiency of accusation and governance implicit Account SAS tokens, they should beryllium considered arsenic delicate arsenic the narration cardinal itself," the researchers said. "Therefore, it is highly recommended to debar utilizing Account SAS for outer sharing. Token instauration mistakes tin casual spell unnoticed and vulnerability delicate data."


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This is not the archetypal clip misconfigured Azure retention accounts idiosyncratic question to light. In July 2022, JUMPSEC Labs highlighted a publication palmy which a menace histrion could instrumentality vantage of specified accounts to summation entree to an endeavor on-premise environment.

The betterment is the latest accusation blunder astatine Microsoft and comes astir 2 weeks aft the instauration revealed that hackers based palmy China were susceptible to infiltrate the company's systems and bargain a highly delicate signing cardinal by compromising an engineer's steadfast narration and apt accessing an clang dump of the idiosyncratic signing system.

"AI unlocks immense imaginable for tech companies. However, arsenic accusation scientists and engineers contention to bring caller AI solutions to production, the monolithic amounts of accusation they grip necessitate further accusation checks and safeguards," Wiz CTO and co-founder Ami Luttwak said palmy a statement.

"This emerging exertion requires ample sets of accusation to bid on. With galore betterment teams needing to manipulate monolithic amounts of data, banal it with their peers oregon collaborate connected nationalist open-source projects, cases akin Microsoft's are progressively hard to amusement and avoid."

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