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A precise user-friendly email client.


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    Free to use

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    Calendar/To-Do integration

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    Very secure

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    User-friendly interface


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    Limited method support

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    No mobile app

Mail and Calendar (formerly known arsenic Windows Mail) is an email client (opens successful caller tab) Microsoft developed for users of its fashionable Windows operating system. It's not to beryllium confused with Outlook, Microsoft’s different well-known email app.

Microsoft released the archetypal mentation of Mail for the Windows Vista operating strategy backmost successful 2005. Then, it was a fundamentally caller app with precocious features similar ne'er before. It had amended security, junk email filtering, and email attachment blocking among different notable functionalities.

Microsoft has continued to enactment Mail from Windows Vista up to the latest Windows 11 operating system. Windows users should admit it arsenic the email lawsuit preloaded connected their devices.  

Mail and Calendar: Plans and pricing

It doesn’t outgo a dime to usage the Mail app. Just download it from the Microsoft Store, and you tin bask each its features for free. 

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Mail and Calendar: Features

The rationale down utilizing an email lawsuit is to negociate aggregate email addresses from a azygous app. Instead of downloading antithetic apps oregon opening abstracted tabs connected a web browser, you tin adhd aggregate accounts to Microsoft Mail and show each your emails from it.

After launching the app, the archetypal measurement is to adhd an email account. It supports emails from Outlook, Google, Yahoo, iCloud, an in-house Microsoft Exchange server, oregon immoderate different email work utilizing the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) oregon Post Office Protocol (POP). 

Choose whichever email supplier you use, and the app volition redirect you to an in-built browser pane wherever you’ll log successful and licence it to entree your emails. The login process works smoothly if you person valid credentials. Afterward, hold for the emails to sync, and you’re bully to go.

You tin cheque your Inbox to spot immoderate unread message you have. After reading, you tin reply from the app oregon guardant the email to different email addresses. You tin besides Archive emails to store them determination extracurricular your inbox and retrieve them later. 

Microsoft’s Mail uses Bayesian spam filtering to support users from suspicious emails. This method works by correlating the usage of circumstantial words with spam and non-spam emails and past applying a mathematical look to cipher the probability of an email being spam oregon not. 

Any caller email flagged arsenic spam gets sent automatically to a Spam folder, wherever it’ll hold for imperishable deletion aft 30 days. This waiting play is due to the fact that the spam filters aren’t cleanable and whitethorn emblem a valid email arsenic suspicious. Hence, you tin ever spell to the Spam folder if you expect an email but can’t spot it successful your inbox. It could beryllium that the app’s filters sent it to the spam folder. If so, you tin reconstruct it to the archetypal inbox.

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To constitute a caller email, look for the New message button and click connected it. It’ll unfastened the creation panel, wherever you’ll benignant the substance you privation to send. You tin nonstop message to a azygous code oregon aggregate addresses simultaneously. 

You tin connect documents similar photos, videos, and PDF documents to your emails. However, this app has a maximum record attachment size bounds of 25MB. To circumvent this limit, you tin upload the record to an outer unreality retention work (e.g., Dropbox oregon OneDrive) and nexus to it connected the connection panel. 

This app lets you insert tables, pictures, oregon emojis into emails. Likewise, you tin adhd a virtual drafting canvas and usage your rodent arsenic the drafting pencil to make diagrams. This diagnostic is simply a unsocial 1 that you’ll hardly find successful a emblematic email client.

To guarantee you don’t miss important emails, Mail lets you alteration notifications for each account. If you bash that, you’ll get an automatic alert anytime a caller email arrives successful your inbox adjacent if the Mail app isn’t presently open. You whitethorn see a notification dependable to get your attraction erstwhile you’re not operating your PC.

Mail lets you delegate signatures for each of your email accounts. These signatures are substance that’ll look astatine the extremity of each email you send, akin to signing a letter. They marque the sender look nonrecreational and frankincense are communal successful firm settings.

You tin make automated replies for each email that arrives successful your inbox. This diagnostic is often utilized to archer radical that you won't beryllium responding close distant to their emails and to pass them if you’re connected abrogation oregon idiosyncratic leave. It’s beneficial successful workplace settings truthful you don’t permission radical waiting for a effect without knowing you’re not connected duty.

Mail has integration with different Microsoft apps specified arsenic Calendar and To Do that travel preloaded connected Windows PCs. Thanks to these integrations, you tin unfastened the calendar (opens successful caller tab) oregon To Do database app (opens successful caller tab) wrong your Mail dashboard and negociate your firm docket and tasks. 

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Mail and Calendar: Interface and successful use

This app offers 1 of the champion idiosyncratic interfaces for an email client. It’s minimal and uncluttered, making it casual for immoderate idiosyncratic to navigate. You’ll apt find it casual to artifact with the app’s features and settings.  

Mail and Calendar: Support

If you tally into challenges, there’s an interior nexus to a FAQ leafage for the Mail app wherever you whitethorn find a solution. If not, you tin interaction Microsoft's enactment squad straight done email oregon unrecorded chat. 

Mail and Calendar: The competition

The champion alternate to Microsoft Mail that we tin urge is Mozilla Thunderbird (opens successful caller tab). It’s escaped and offers overmuch much features than its counterpart. It’s an open-source tool, meaning immoderate consenting developer tin make features for it and marque them disposable arsenic add-ons. Many developers do, making Thunderbird the email lawsuit with the astir extended diagnostic set. 

However, Thunderbird has a beauteous archaic interface. Microsoft Mail is simply a overmuch much user-friendly tool.

Mail and Calendar: Final verdict

Microsoft Mail is escaped and casual to usage and comes preloaded with the Windows operating system. Hence, it’s an email lawsuit we’ll urge to each Windows user. It allows users to negociate aggregate emails seamlessly, which is adjuvant for some idiosyncratic and firm use. However, the app is exclusive to Windows users only– there’s nary mobile mentation oregon 1 for macOS oregon Linux, which we see a drawback.

We've featured the champion unafraid email providers.

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