Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 gets Discord-like communities and an AI art tool

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Microsoft is greatly improving its escaped mentation of Microsoft Teams connected Windows 11 today. The built-in Teams app volition present see enactment for Microsoft’s communities diagnostic wrong Teams, the company’s reply to Facebook and Discord. It’s besides getting enactment for Microsoft Designer, the AI creation instrumentality that lets you make images for things similar lawsuit invitations oregon societal media posts utilizing substance prompts.

Microsoft Teams communities originally launched successful December for household and friends — oregon tiny assemblage groups and businesses — to signifier done meetings, calendars, and chat. It’s Microsoft’s reply to what you mightiness find connected Facebook oregon however radical usage Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit, and galore different services for organizing groups.

Microsoft Teams communities connected  Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams communities connected Windows 11.

Image: Microsoft

The communities diagnostic of Microsoft Teams has been constricted to mobile truthful far, but today’s enlargement allows Windows 11 users to make and negociate communities wrong Teams. “On Windows 11, assemblage owners tin make communities from scratch, stock and invitation members, make and big events, mean contented with captious spot and information features, and get notified astir each important activities,” explains Amit Fulay, vice president of Microsoft Teams product, in a blog post. Microsoft is readying to grow its enactment for communities to Windows 10, macOS, and adjacent the web soon.

A preview mentation of Microsoft Designer volition besides beryllium disposable successful the built-in mentation of Microsoft Teams connected Windows 11. Designer could beryllium utile for communities to make lawsuit invitation imagery oregon adjacent for assemblage banners wrong Teams. It’s the aforesaid work that’s being integrated into Microsoft Edge, a operation of immoderate DALL-E and Adobe Express-like features for basal AI-powered representation generation.

Polls are besides  coming to Microsoft Teams communities.

Polls are besides coming to Microsoft Teams communities.

Image: Microsoft

Alongside the Windows 11 expansion, communities successful Teams is besides getting immoderate mobile and wide usability improvements. You tin present grounds videos from a mobile instrumentality with markup tools and filters, and successful the coming days, you’ll beryllium capable to find featured communities to articulation crossed iOS, Android, and Windows 11. Microsoft is besides adding polls to communities successful Teams and improving the moderation aspects of who tin articulation a assemblage for owners.

Microsoft is besides updating GroupMe, the mobile radical messaging work that Microsoft acquired erstwhile it purchased Skype successful 2011. GroupMe, which Fulay says is inactive utilized by “millions of radical each day” is getting enactment for Microsoft Teams calling. This means you tin present make Teams calls wrong GroupMe chats and articulation radical video calls.

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