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Disease Outbreak News: Update
1 February 2021

Between 1 June done 31 December 2020, the National IHR Focal Point of Saudi Arabia reported 4 further cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV) with 1 associated death. The cases were reported from Riyadh (two cases), Taif (one case), and Al-Ahsaa (one case) Regions.

The nexus beneath provides details of the 4 reported cases.

From 2012 done 31 December 2020, a full of 2566 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-CoV and 882 associated deaths were reported globally to WHO nether the International Health regulations (IHR 2005). The full fig of deaths includes the deaths that WHO is alert of to day done follow-up with affected subordinate states.

WHO hazard assessment

Infection with MERS-CoV tin origin terrible illness resulting successful precocious mortality. Humans are infected with MERS-CoV from nonstop oregon indirect interaction with dromedaries. MERS-CoV has demonstrated the quality to transmit betwixt humans. So far, the observed non-sustained human-to-human transmission has occurred chiefly successful wellness attraction settings.

The notification of further cases does not alteration the wide hazard assessment. However, with the existent COVID-19 pandemic, the investigating capableness for MERS-CoV person been severely affected successful galore countries since astir of the resources person been redirected towards SARS-CoV-2. The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia is moving to summation the investigating capacities for amended detection of MERS-CoV infections.

WHO expects that further cases of MERS-CoV corruption volition beryllium reported from the Middle East, and that cases volition proceed to beryllium exported to different countries by individuals who mightiness get the corruption aft vulnerability to dromedaries, carnal products (for example, depletion of camel’s earthy milk), oregon humans (for example, successful a wellness attraction mounting oregon household contacts).

WHO continues to show the epidemiological concern and conducts hazard appraisal based connected the latest disposable information.

WHO advice

Based connected the existent concern and disposable information, WHO encourages each Member States to proceed their surveillance for acute respiratory infections, including MERS-CoV, and to cautiously reappraisal immoderate antithetic patterns. Given constricted capacities successful countries for testing, WHO advises that countries should trial each fishy MERS-CoV cases, and a subset illustration of terrible acute respiratory infections for MERS-CoV.

Infection prevention and power measures (IPC) are captious to forestall the imaginable dispersed of MERS-CoV successful wellness attraction facilities. It is not ever imaginable to place patients with MERS-CoV corruption aboriginal due to the fact that similar different respiratory infections, the aboriginal symptoms of MERS-CoV corruption are non-specific. Therefore, healthcare workers should ever use modular precautions consistently with each patients, careless of their diagnosis. Droplet precautions should beryllium added to the modular precautions erstwhile providing attraction to patients with symptoms of acute respiratory infection; interaction precautions and oculus extortion should beryllium added erstwhile caring for probable oregon confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection; airborne precautions should beryllium applied erstwhile performing aerosol generating procedures.

Early identification, lawsuit absorption and isolation, unneurotic with due corruption prevention and power measures tin forestall human-to-human transmission of MERS-CoV.

MERS-CoV appears to origin much terrible illness successful radical with diabetes, renal failure, chronic lung disease, and immunocompromised persons. Therefore, these radical should debar adjacent interaction with animals, peculiarly dromedaries, erstwhile visiting farms, markets, oregon barn areas wherever the microorganism is known to beryllium perchance circulating. General hygiene measures, specified arsenic regular manus washing earlier and aft touching animals and avoiding interaction with sick animals, should beryllium adhered to.

Food hygiene practices should beryllium observed. People should debar drinking earthy camel beverage oregon camel urine, oregon eating nutrient that has not been decently cooked.

WHO does not counsel peculiar screening astatine points of introduction with respect to this lawsuit nor does it presently urge the exertion of immoderate question oregon commercialized restrictions.

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