Mimeo photo book review: A simple and reliable service

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Mimeo offers a elemental and straightforward process for those who are looking to physique a photograph book. While you mightiness not get the magnitude of plan and worldly choices that different services offer, the simplicity of the process mightiness suit users who aren’t funny successful each the bells and whistles. Other than an unexpectedly precocious shipping cost, Mimeo provided a pleasant idiosyncratic acquisition from commencement to finish.


  • +

    Simple plan process

  • +

    No glitching during design

  • +

    Useful warnings to cheque plan earlier purchase


  • -

    High shipping cost

  • -

    Not arsenic galore designs arsenic different sites

  • -

    You can’t import photos from societal media

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Mimeo photograph book: Two-minute review

If you find yourself overwhelmed by masses of antithetic designs and merchandise options, past you’ll apt bask the simplicity of Mimeo, 1 of the champion photograph books disposable successful the US and UK.

The lone options to take from connected the main website itself are betwixt a hard and brushed screen and the size of the publication you privation – this means that the plan is lone decided erstwhile you participate the website builder. 

Mimeo photograph  book

(Image credit: Future)

I overmuch similar this to different websites, which volition often springiness you respective antithetic ‘entry-ways’ into the photograph publication builder (i.e. via the signifier of the book, oregon via a peculiar design, etc.).

While Mimeo isn’t the cheapest enactment connected the market, I recovered its basal terms of $32.99 / £25.99 for an 8 x 8” 20-page hardcover photograph publication to beryllium precise reasonable. Once I’d selected the benignant of publication I wanted, I entered the photograph publication builder itself. 

This is wherever I could take from a comparatively tiny enactment of designs. While determination were immoderate bully modern designs, determination were markedly little truthful than different sites – and galore of the designs were a spot naff and old-fashioned. 

One of the fewer frustrations I had with Mimeo is that you tin lone upload images from your desktop oregon Google Photos. This means that if you privation to instrumentality photos from Dropbox, Facebook oregon Instagram past you’ll person to separately download the images earlier you tin upload them into Mimeo. This annoyance was blessedly counterbalanced by 1 of my favourite photograph publication builder features – the quality to commencement creating a publication portion your photos are inactive uploading. Not lone is this a monolithic clip saver, I besides recovered that the uploading process was markedly faster than different services I’d tested. 

Mimeo photograph  book

(Image credit: Future)

Mimeo’s process of putting unneurotic the photograph publication was overmuch much enjoyable than different services. While it has the modular drag-and-drop feature, you were besides capable to prime a framework and past prime the photograph for it. I besides liked however casual it was to alteration a photograph to dispersed crossed the full leafage oregon treble leafage dispersed – and backmost to its mean framework again. 

While I couldn’t replicate this lawsuit crossed my different reviews, my machine unexpectedly restarted Google Chrome portion I was moving connected my Mimeo photograph book. Despite the information that I hadn’t pressed the Save fastener myself, Mimeo had saved my advancement truthful acold and I didn’t person to replicate anything. 

Once I’d finished gathering the book, I did initially conflict to find the Preview button, arsenic it’s precise small. However, I did find the Preview relation utile erstwhile I yet recovered the button. When I went to bargain the publication Mimeo gave maine a adjuvant informing to treble cheque the spelling and grammar of immoderate substance and the representation prime of my photos. My insignificant quibble astatine this signifier was that I discovered that the shipping outgo was a whopping £8.99, which was higher than the different services I’d used. 

Mimeo photograph  book

(Image credit: Future)

The Mimeo photograph publication arrived successful unafraid cardboard packaging and adjacent had a plain particulate overgarment to support the due particulate jacket. However, contempt this evident care, determination was a small spot of scratchy roughness connected the book’s particulate overgarment adjacent the spine - I would conjecture that this was from the printing process. Other than this, I was precise blessed with the prime of the book. The printing was existent to colour and the binding looked great. Overall, I felt that Mimeo offered a bully merchandise astatine a bully price. 

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How I tested the Mimeo photograph book

  • I built a photograph publication connected Mimeo’s website utilizing my ain photos
  • I standardized the tests crossed antithetic websites by choosing products astatine a akin terms constituent with akin designs and features

I’ve tested a batch of antithetic websites, including Mimeo, Mixbook, and more. To standardize this process wherever possible, I chose books that were astatine a akin terms constituent arsenic I wanted to trial the worth for wealth for the user. I besides chose akin designs, shapes, and sizes wherever I could. I utilized my ain photographs for each book, ensuring that I utilized the aforesaid ones for each book. 

When I received the Mimeo photograph publication I made definite to comparison it intimately with the photograph books from the different websites. I checked for representation prime and immoderate imaginable colour variations. I besides made definite that determination was nary harm oregon scuff marks connected the screen oregon the idiosyncratic pages of the book. 

First reviewed May 2023

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