Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro 4K Monitor

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Monoprice's 32-inch CrystalPro Display has a large enactment of ports, 65W PD, and a beauteous ample display. Combined with a highly-adjustable stand, this show is simply a large productivity monitor.


  • +

    65W PD

  • +

    Four video input options

  • +

    Built-in USB-A Hub

  • +

    Low effect clip (<5ms)

  • +

    Highly adjustable show stand

  • +

    Beautiful 4K display


  • -

    Can't rotate to representation without taking the show basal off

  • -

    External powerfulness brick

Monoprice's 32-inch CrystalPro show is simply a beauteous 4K, 60Hz, 16:9 show with a cleanable plan and functional stand, providing an fantabulous  consideration erstwhile searching for a caller business monitor. There are 4 video inputs, allowing for multi-device usage if needed, alongside a built-in USB-A Hub that tin beryllium routed to a machine allowing for information passthrough. The included basal connects to the show via the VESA equine and allows for a large woody of adjustments, including immoderate adjuvant cablegram management.


The 32-inch CrystalPro show came successful 3 main pieces: the show itself, the show base, and the show arm. In summation to those 3 main components were a fistful of cables, an outer powerfulness brick, and immoderate screws.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

We easy attached the basal to the arm, forming the implicit show stand, nevertheless portion we were opening to link the show basal to the monitor, we discovered that the VESA equine was successful a fixed presumption erstwhile mounted. Because of this, we could not rotate betwixt representation and scenery without unscrewing the VESA equine from the show and re-attaching it successful the preferred orientation. 

First Impressions

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Back near of show (Image credit: Future)

Right retired of the box, we were impressed with this monitor's lightweight and bladed profile. The bezels were small, and the nameplate connected the beforehand was sleek and minimal. Looking astatine the rear of the monitor, we were pleased to spot a USB-C port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, 2 USB-A Ports, a USB-B port, a headphone jack, and a powerfulness connector.


Screen Size: 32 inches

Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Weight (including stand): 18lbs

Ports: 1 USB-C port, 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, 2 USB-A Ports, and 1 USB-B port

One insignificant vexation we person with this is that determination was a tube connector to powerfulness the monitor, leaving america with a powerfulness ceramic betwixt the show and the outlet, making cablegram absorption much hard but not impossible.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

Design and Build Quality

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

(Image credit: Future)

This show is precise minimal and crisp looking successful each way, offering a cleanable matte finish, helping to chopped down immoderate glare successful a workspace, with the broadside and apical bezels measuring nether 6mm, portion the bottommost chin is 12mm bezel. 

The show basal is rather sturdy, adjacent with the quality to easy set and reposition, and hardly reacted to america raising and lowering the tallness of an electrical standing desk.

In Use

Though incapable to rotate, the CrystalPro's basal allows twisting for the show near oregon close portion keeping the basal steady. Additionally, we could determination it vertically connected the limb and adjacent space the show up oregon down. The inability to rotate the show to representation mode was somewhat frustrating, but it was not detrimental, particularly with however overmuch we could determination it successful different ways. Additionally, if we needed to enactment this show successful representation orientation, we could unscrew the 4 VESA mounting screws. However, that would necessitate america to unplug the monitor, instrumentality it disconnected our table and spot it look down. Once look down, we would request to region the mounting screws, rotate the basal perpendicular, and reattach the stand. Finally, we would request to adhd the show backmost to our table and plug it backmost in.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor basal tallness accommodation (Image credit: Future)

We noticed that the VESA equine connected this show was connected the little fractional of the monitor, which allowed for an wide raised viewing tallness with the show arms we used. The built-in basal is an fantabulous enactment to assistance bring the show to the close ergonomic viewing angle, with the little mounting presumption allowing the show to people beryllium higher than if the mounting bracket was successful the middle, allowing for a raised viewing angle.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor basal basal (Image credit: Future)

We utilized this show with respective antithetic computers, connecting easy via USB-C, which would besides complaint our instrumentality acknowledgment to the 65W PD, arsenic good arsenic granting entree to the USB-A ports built into the backmost of the monitor.

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Back close of the show (Image credit: Future)

When investigating the HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, we were amazed astatine the deficiency of power with the HDMI port. When we plugged a laptop into the show via HDMI, we could not standard the show to the sizing and solution we wanted. When the sizing was correct, the solution was poor, and erstwhile we got the solution to beryllium what we wanted, the sizing seemed excessively small. However, plugging successful via DisplayPort allowed america to resoluteness those issues, arsenic we saw erstwhile connected via USB-C.

If your setup requires HDMI oregon DisplayPort and you inactive privation to beryllium capable to utilize the built-in USB-A ports, you tin bash truthful by moving a cablegram from the USB-B larboard connected the show to a USB-A larboard connected your computer.

It took america a infinitesimal to get acquainted with the buttons connected the backmost of the show designed to assistance set settings. We people recovered ourselves starting with the joystick and past utilizing the on-screen prompts to navigate. 

Monoprice 32in CrystalPro Monitor

Monitor buttons (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an effectual and high-end concern monitor, the Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro is surely worthy considering. The physique prime feels premium and long-lasting, and the built-in cablegram absorption helps support a cleanable and organized workspace. The 32-inch surface allows aggregate windows to beryllium unfastened simultaneously, and crisp image, built-in USB-A ports, and ample show marque this a large productivity monitor. 

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