Moons Bot Updated for Round 20 Moons Distribution

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Welcome to SNAPSHOT DAY everybody! Moons Bot is present acceptable to amusement you your estimated karma/moons net for Round 20, and has a caller mode of doing truthful that I deliberation everyone present volition enjoy: Direct Message Reports.

How to Get Your Report

  • Leave a remark anyplace connected this sub mentioning the bot by simply typing: u/moons_bot


  • Send a connection to Moons Bot. This is utilizing the Send Message function, not the Chat.

    • This connection tin person immoderate rubric and thing successful the body. There are immoderate commands you tin besides use, which I'll explicate aboriginal successful this post.

r/CryptoCurrency - Moons Bot Updated for Round 20 Moons Distribution

Understanding Your Report

Your study volition diagnostic a fewer antithetic pieces of information:

  • Earnings History Chart

    • This nexus volition instrumentality you to an representation of your net plotted connected a graph from each organisation since June 2021.

  • Karma Earned

    • How overmuch comment/post karma you earned implicit the period.

  • Moons Earned

    • How galore moons you got ( Karma x Distribution Award Ratio )

  • Moon Score

    • Where you spot among earners for this distribution.

  • Notes

    • Various utile bits of accusation for Moon fans.

r/CryptoCurrency - Moons Bot Updated for Round 20 Moons Distribution

A look astatine the study Moons Bot sent me.

r/CryptoCurrency - Moons Bot Updated for Round 20 Moons Distribution

An illustration of the Earnings Chart

Message Commands

When sending messages to the bot determination are a fewer commands you tin issue. Sending thing different than 1 of these commands volition default to generating your net report.

  • Help

    • Explains the bot, moons, and shows the disposable commands.

  • Report

    • Generates net study (also default effect to immoderate different message)

  • Support

    • Shows info astir supporting the bot done satellite tips

  • Status

    • Shows immoderate information from the bot

Get Back to Farming!

That's it, I anticipation the caller connection diagnostic volition marque immoderate folks blessed to spot overmuch little remark spam. Thanks for the enactment everyone, I've gotten loads of feedback, bug reports, and tons of appreciation, which I appreciate. Cheers!

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