Mortal Kombat 1 review - a definitive new beginning

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Mortal Kombat 1 takes the bid backmost to its roots but besides innovates with breathtaking caller aerial combat, a game-changing Kameo system, and a thoughtfully designed roster to beryllium the astir mechanically heavy and engaging introduction successful the franchise yet.


  • +

    Expansive roster

  • +

    Excellent aerial combat and Kameo system

  • +

    Compelling communicative mode


  • -

    Invasions mode gets repetitive

  • -

    Unlocking cogwheel and skins is slow

  • -

    Gore could beryllium excessively aggravated for some

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Review info

Platform reviewed: PS5
Available on: PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch
Release date: Early Access Sep 14, afloat merchandise Sep 19 

If you’re each successful connected brutal and bloody warring crippled enactment past Mortal Kombat 1 has it successful spades. When you look closer, however, you’ll find immoderate of the astir polished combat of the full series, a large narrative, a wealthiness of contented to explore, and breathtaking caller additions that mean that the latest introduction successful NetherRealm Studios' saga is 1 of the best warring games you tin play close now. 

Mortal Kombat 1 had an uphill conflict up of it, serving arsenic some a sequel and a brushed reboot to implicit 30 years of established franchise history. With that said, the 12th mainline introduction successful the bid excels crossed the committee by going backmost to what made the bloody brawler truthful enthralling successful the archetypal place. This is reflected successful an intelligently designed roster and a instrumentality to stripped-back warring crippled fundamentals that marque this 1 a bid best. 

One happening that NetherRealm has ever been bully astatine delivering is its single-player contented successful its warring games - Mortal Kombat 1 is nary exception. The centre portion is the caller communicative which takes astir 8 hours to complete. The crippled follows Raiden, present EarthRealm’s champion, aft the Fire God Liu Kang restarted history. You’ll besides spot the Lin Kuei astatine the tallness of its power, and Outworld during peacetime successful a communicative that goes successful unexpected directions. While billed arsenic a reboot this communicative is really intertwined with the erstwhile trilogy of NetherRealm-developed titles (spanning Mortal Kombat (2011) to Mortal Kombat 11, but spins its ain yarn and is the sharpest penning the squad has delivered yet. 

Geras successful  Mortal Kombat 1

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Despite the attempts made astatine making the communicative arsenic self-contained arsenic possible, it is inactive apt to alienate immoderate newcomers. That’s due to the fact that the events are tied into the erstwhile game, Mortal Kombat 11, truthful if you missed NetherRealm’s past outing, you could conflict to enactment each the pieces together. Furthermore, arsenic the communicative develops it unravels and starts to gully successful influences from passim Mortal Kombat history, with respective moments apt leaving caller players thing but confused. It plays retired successful chapters wherever you presume power of a subordinate of the roster for a fewer fights successful betwixt lengthy cinematics. You gain caller characters and cosmetics for finishing each chapter, truthful it’s decidedly worthy experiencing astatine slightest once. 

It’s the communicative that volition rise a fewer eyebrows among long-time fans arsenic characters person been brought backmost successful caller ways. Sub Zero and Scorpion amusement up successful each caller forms, portion thunder deity Raiden appears arsenic a young mortal man. Liu Kang’s fiddling with the timeline has changed the satellite fundamentally, truthful portion you mightiness admit the characters here, they’ll often enactment successful ways you wouldn’t expect. For example, sharp-toothed and blade-armed Baraka is simply a bully feline now, for example. This communicative is simply a implicit rework of the franchise's established lore, which builds to an epic conclusion. 

New to Mortal Kombat 1 is the Invasions mode which replaces the Krypt and is simply a substance of a committee crippled and top-down RPG. The main crushed for exploring these areas, which are fleshed-out environments based connected the halfway stages, is to unlock chests that incorporate goodies similar conception art, quality palettes, caller skins, brutalities, fatalities, and different cosmetics. While these dioramas person bosom and charm, the existent process of uncovering and getting these items is agelong and drawn out. That’s due to the fact that each brushwood takes spot arsenic a single-round combat with a reskin of a subordinate of the roster. While initially novel, these rapidly turn tiresome arsenic the repetition sets in. 

Outside of this, determination are the operation modes with varying trouble levels, arsenic good arsenic survivor, and an endless gauntlet option. The 3 main difficulties are Novice, Warrior, and Champion wherever you spell up against six, eight, and 10 opponents respectively, and Survivor mode means you support your wellness barroom from your anterior fights. When you bash take to combat different players, there’s section co-op, and online options that see ranked and casual play, with Kombat League returning arsenic good arsenic King of the Hill making a reappearance. 

Time for a makeover 

Kitana successful  Mortal Kombat 1

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Sure, it’s a reboot, but Mortal Kombat 1 doesn’t shy distant from the series’ extended history, and that’s reflected successful the formed of characters. Yes, galore of the staples are present including Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, and Johnny Cage, however, an adjacent magnitude of country among the 23 roster spaces is dedicated to 3D-era combatants and caller faces. Reiko returns, alongside Havik, Ashrah, Nitara, and Li Mei. Geras, who debuted successful Mortal Kombat 11, makes the cut, too. While it whitethorn beryllium disappointing to immoderate to relegate the likes of Sonya Blade and Kano to Kameo fighters, NetherRealm should beryllium applauded for being bold with its choices present alternatively of retreading aged ground. 

It besides doesn’t wounded that the quality designs are expressive and impressively detailed, and this tin besides beryllium said of the caller environments which are stunning. It’s successful the inheritance plan that you tin truly spot the upgrade successful the motor arsenic there’s a level of item successful these stages that eclipses anterior games, and they are acold much dynamic successful motion. There’s a popular of colour to adjacent the darkest and dingiest arenas, with vastly improved animations, particle effects, and lighting. 

At times it’s pugnacious to judge that this is moving connected a customized mentation of Unreal Engine 4. Performance connected the PS5 is besides a stone coagulated 60fps with nary framework drops oregon stuttering. It’s a crippled that looks large successful question and is awesome to behold owed to the velocity and fluidity of the characters. It’s thrilling to spot a Kameo combatant look from the inheritance during a lengthy combo and deed a breaker, oregon popular a quality up for an unexpected 'turning of the tables' moment.  

The fatalities are arsenic unflinching arsenic ever with the gore and viscera made adjacent much gruesome by the capabilities of current-generation technology. While brutal, there’s a tongue-in-cheek consciousness to the over-the-top unit and literal liters of humor pouring retired of your opponent. However, if you’re a small squeamish past you’ll privation to debar the crippled altogether. There is nary enactment to disable humor oregon fatalities astatine this time. 

Rip and tear 

Raiden and Liu Kang successful  Mortal Kombat 1

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Best bit

Sub-Zero kicks Liu Kang

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Getting to spot each the ways that the communicative mode subverts expectations, reinventing the beingness and making older characters and locations consciousness fresh

The halfway warring acquisition of Mortal Kombat 1 is the deepest the bid has ever been, and it each started by trimming the abdominous from the erstwhile NetherRealm-developed titles successful bid to spell backmost to the drafting board. Additions similar the saltation system, interactable objects successful the environment, and the quality to metre pain person been chopped successful favour of a cleaner mechanical experience.,

Also not returning from Mortal Kombat 11 specifically are the breakaway system, Krushing blows, and the dual gauges for onslaught and defense. Instead, it’s backmost to the classical method of enhancing moves and utilizing combo breakers which were introduced successful Mortal Kombat (2011). In spot of the ditched mechanics is the caller Kameo system, which has you picking a 2nd quality that tin beryllium called upon during a combat to bash a assortment of antithetic moves. There’s besides the instrumentality of aerial combat, which was past utilized successful Mortal Kombat: Armageddon erstwhile the franchise was inactive successful 3D.

Every quality has immoderate signifier of meterless air-launch attack, whether done a drawstring oregon a peculiar move, which means combos tin beryllium taken to the air, oregon your hostile tin beryllium juggled oregon bounced to support grounded combat going longer. This fundamentally changes not lone the progression of matches, which are considerably faster than they were successful Mortal Kombat 11 but besides the mode successful which combos enactment themselves, arsenic there’s truthful overmuch you tin bash successful this crippled than successful immoderate different Mortal Kombat rubric earlier it. This is particularly existent erstwhile factoring successful a well-timed Kameo assistance arsenic well, arsenic the likes of Sektor’s uppercut oregon Frost’s crystal shot tin springiness you the important milliseconds you request to support a deadly combo going.

Depth and death

Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Smoke

(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

Mortal Kombat 1 features the astir robust tutorial mode that I’ve ever seen from a big-budget warring crippled which does an fantabulous occupation of teaching you the basics and prepping you for competitory play. That’s due to the fact that determination are dedicated step-by-step sections for effectual offense, defense, and combos arsenic good arsenic much precocious mechanics similar however to use pressure, however to flawless block, efficaciously usage wakeup attacks, dash cancel, dash block, and adjacent recognize framework data. There are adjacent challenges for each subordinate connected the roster which includes immoderate afloat combos to master, too. These tutorials are thorough and encompassing and tin instrumentality players each the mode done to competing successful Kombat League oregon going to tournaments. 

It’s a bully happening due to the fact that the combatants successful Mortal Kombat 1 person intricacies. This latest introduction has taken immoderate wide inspiration from the likes of Guilty Gear Strive with the caller archetypes that established instrumentality favorites present embody. For example, Johnny Cage present has a hype metre that is built from effectual parrying and taunting truthful that you tin spell into show-off mode which means you tin usage aggregate peculiar moves successful accelerated succession. That means lining up a ton of shadiness kicks successful the corner, chaining strings unneurotic with the Ball Buster (a groin punch), and an all-out aerial battle for a little window. Cage isn’t the lone idiosyncratic with unsocial mechanics, with respective different characters boasting their ain gimmicks - nary much analyzable than Kenshi, who tin combat with a sword oregon conscionable straight-up power his ain ancestor portion besides getting stuck into the warring himself. 

There are a fewer settings that tin marque Mortal Kombat 1 easier for caller players arsenic well. You’re capable to tweak the input model timing from agelong (on by default), to short, oregon mean which tightens however agelong you person to propulsion disconnected a string, combo, oregon deed peculiar cancels. This includes the quality to crook the merchandise cheque connected oregon off, which means peculiar moves onshore connected merchandise alternatively of press, and fastener shortcuts arsenic well. All told, determination are galore options for the crippled to beryllium arsenic forgiving oregon arsenic punishing arsenic you need. I played immoderate of the crippled with the default settings earlier switching to the shortest input model with the merchandise cheque turned off, arsenic is preferable erstwhile playing competitively, particularly if utilizing 1 of the best combat sticks

The much clip I put successful Mortal Kombat 1, the much anxious I americium to leap into signifier mode with an all-new quality and larn what they're each about. Even aft hundreds of matches, I americium inactive discovering caller strategies with the combatants, and the combo opportunities consciousness large to propulsion off. This is the astir amusive I've ever had with Mortal Kombat crippled to date, and I can't hold to spot however the assemblage and pro country clasp the toolset that it offers. 

Accessibility features 

Mortal Kombat 1 accessibility menu

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Mortal Kombat 1 features extended accessibility features from a dedicated paper successful the settings that see a surface scholar option, colour blindness mode with an strength slider, descriptive audio, speech-to-text, keyboard-to-speech, and antithetic audio mixes for those hard of hearing. It’s truly encouraging to spot a warring crippled beryllium this accessible and is simply a measurement up from anterior efforts. 

How we reviewed Mortal Kombat 1

I spent astir 30 hours with Mortal Kombat 1 connected PS5 and successful that clip I finished the communicative mode, completed the towers with astir the full roster, thoroughly explored the archetypal 2 playable maps successful Invasions mode, and had astir 100 matches extracurricular of these modes with a substance of the DualSense Wireless Controller, Victrix Pro BFG gamepad, and the Victrix Pros FS

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