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The Moto G31 isn't the fastest oregon astir modern of inexpensive phones, and the deficiency of 5G holds it back, but it feels comfy to clasp and offers a agelong artillery beingness for not overmuch wealth astatine all.


  • Vibrant display
  • Good artillery life
  • Comfy build


  • Sluggish performance
  • No 5G support
  • Slow charging

The Moto G31 isn't the fastest oregon astir modern of inexpensive phones, and the deficiency of 5G holds it back, but it feels comfy to clasp and offers a agelong artillery beingness for not overmuch wealth astatine all.


  • +

    Vibrant display

  • +

    Good artillery life

  • +

    Comfy build


  • -

    Sluggish show

  • -

    No 5G support

  • -

    Slow charging

Two-minute review

The cheaper extremity of the smartphone marketplace is progressively cluttered, but Motorola's latest effort, the Moto G31, is keen to marque a people among the best inexpensive phones. It doesn't wholly win acknowledgment to being respectable if unremarkable, but it's surely inexpensive astatine $200/£170 (around AU$280).

As it lacks 5G it's a implicit miss for anyone looking for a fund 5G phone, and determination are decidedly akin offerings that supply that. But if you're not excessively fussed astir 5G, you could bash a batch worse than the Moto G31.

That's aided by the information that the Moto G31 offers a comparatively cleanable Android experience. Besides the usage of Moto gestures, it's a reasonably axenic signifier of Android 11, which is surely appreciated.

Elsewhere, a competent if unremarkable acceptable of cameras means you'll summation reasonably crisp images adjacent if the colour is simply a small off. Don't number connected a large macro lens here, but its wide and ultra-wide lenses are suitably effective, with HDR doing its best.

The Moto G31 is disposable successful either babe bluish oregon mineral grey colors. It's the physique of the telephone that volition apt delight you astir though. Offering curved edges and a textured rear, it feels bully to clasp and suitably unafraid successful our hands too.

The phone's 6.4-inch AMOLED show looks agleam and vibrant astir of the time, adjacent if it misses retired connected having a refresh complaint immoderate higher than 60Hz. The remainder of the physique is reasonably standard, with volume, power, and a fingerprint scholar each connected the close borderline of the phone.

A 5,000mAh artillery besides proves useful, arsenic it's reasonably long-lasting, but don't number connected speedy charging. We recovered the telephone to beryllium beauteous sluggish astatine getting backmost up to afloat power, but astatine slightest you won't request to recharge excessively often.

Performance is likewise sluggish. The Moto G31 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 chipset with 4GB of RAM, and portion it's not the slowest of phones retired determination it's inactive woeful if you expect excessively overmuch of it.

Despite that, there's a definite consciousness of reliability to the Moto G31. It surely won't wow you but if you're looking for a inexpensive and competent phone, it does the job.

Lack of 5G and wireless charging, on with subpar performance, means this isn't a telephone for aboriginal proofing, but for a inexpensive acquisition close now, you could bash a batch worse.

Moto G31 terms and availability

  • Available present successful the US and the UK
  • Retails astatine $200/£170 (around AU$280)
  • Two colour choices

The Moto G31 is disposable successful the US and the UK, starting astatine $200/£170. It's not yet disposable successful Australia but terms conversions enactment it astatine astir AU$280. The Moto G31 is disposable from galore third-party retailers arsenic good arsenic nonstop from Motorola.

It's lone precocious been launched astatine the clip of writing, truthful determination are nary discounts conscionable yet, but it seems apt we volition spot immoderate terms cuts further down the line. Two colour schemes are disposable - babe bluish and mineral gray. It's besides imaginable to bargain it with either 64GB of interior retention oregon 128GB.

A Moto G31 from the back, outside

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  • Plastic body
  • No important h2o resistance
  • Comfortable grip

The Moto G31 feels bully successful your hands. Even successful this reviewer's reasonably tiny hands, the telephone feels comfortable. That's acknowledgment to a textured backmost with curved edges, truthful it feels elemental to grip. It's besides comparatively slim astatine 8.6mm, with afloat measurements of 161.9 x 73.9 x 8.6mm. Weighing 181g besides means this isn't a hefty telephone by immoderate means either.

We had the mineral grey exemplary to review, and it looks rather classy. It mightiness person a integrative body, but it doesn't look that way. Instead, it looks alternatively smart.

The right-hand broadside of the telephone is the 'action' side. On that broadside you'll find buttons for measurement and power, on with the fingerprint reader. The second mightiness person felt much comfy connected the back, but it means that the backmost of the telephone looks suitably minimalist, different than the camera lenses successful the apical left-hand corner.

A Moto G31's bottommost  edge, successful  someone's hand

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The textured integrative assemblage means nary hazard of fingerprints either, truthful it looks bully nary substance however agelong you've been utilizing it for. A punch-hole astatine the apical of the surface offers up the selfie camera lens, but it genuinely takes up the bare minimum of abstraction - it's virtually conscionable the lens.

On the bottommost there's the USB-C charging larboard and a speaker. There's nary headphone jack connected this budget-ranged phone, alas. 

There's besides minimal h2o resistance, with a specified IPX2 standing meaning you don't privation it anyplace adjacent h2o if you tin assistance it.


  • 6.4-inch AMOLED screen
  • 1080 x 2400 resolution
  • Vibrant colors

Thanks to its AMOLED display, the Moto G31 offers reasonably vibrant colors and heavy blacks. It's perfect for watching Netflix oregon similar, capturing each the colors however you'd similar them to be.

A reasonably crisp solution of 1080 x 2400 helps too, though the deficiency of a 90Hz refresh complaint is simply a shame. Still, astatine this price, it's not massively astonishing you're stuck with a emblematic 60Hz refresh complaint instead, though different brands mightiness connection more. We didn't announcement immoderate sizeable ocular lag erstwhile playing games oregon watching videos astatine least.

It could beryllium a small brighter successful agleam sunlight, but different than that, it's each beauteous crisp and precisely what you'd similar from this benignant of phone.

A Moto G31 with the surface  on, successful  someone's hand

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  • 50MP + 8MP + 2MP rear camera
  • 13MP selfie camera
  • Plenty of bundle functionality

The Moto G31 has 3 lenses connected the back, with 1 astatine the beforehand for selfies and video calls. Its main camera has a 50MP sensor, and there's besides an 8MP ultra-wide lens (that besides works arsenic the extent sensor erstwhile taking photos successful Portrait mode) and a 2MP macro camera.

Predictably, the main camera is its strongest. For the astir part, photos taken successful daylight connection earthy colors and tenable dynamic range. At times, the HDR makes things look a small excessively vibrant, but it's surely eye-catching.

Where things falter is with the different lenses. The ultra-wide 1 whitethorn assistance with representation shots, but it produces ultra-wide shots that thin to look a spot blurry.

A Moto G31 from the back, successful  someone's hand

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Blurriness is besides the taxable for low-light photos. Switch nighttime mode connected and things improve, and surely look brighter than you mightiness expect, but the results don't ever look realistic.

The macro camera is beauteous pointless too, but that's often the lawsuit with cheaper phones.

Elsewhere, selfies travel retired reasonably good present astatine least, ensuring this is simply a camera that's good if thing special.

On the positive side, the Moto G31 does connection plentifulness of large bundle options that are easy picked retired arsenic and erstwhile you mightiness privation to usage them.

Camera samples

Image 1 of 4

A Moto G31 camera sample

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Image 2 of 4

A Moto G31 camera sample

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Image 3 of 4

A Moto G31 camera sample

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Image 4 of 4

A Moto G31 camera sample

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Specs and performance

  • Powered by the MediaTek Helio G85
  • 64GB oregon 128GB of storage
  • Mediocre performance

The Moto G31 uses the MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, which is fine. Just plain aged fine. It's supported by 4GB of RAM truthful it's acold from a speedy phone, but it's besides not the slowest either.

This isn't truly a telephone for multitasking, but it tin bash it successful a bind. Similarly, heavy-duty gaming tin instrumentality a portion to get going, and the telephone tin get rather blistery erstwhile doing so, but it works.

In our Geekbench 5 tests, the Moto G31 achieved a single-core people of 345, which is beauteous debased but beats the likes of the ageing Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. The multi-core people was somewhat amended sounding astatine 1,311, but could inactive lone bushed the likes of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

Fellow Motorola phone, the Moto G9 Power, comes successful astir the aforesaid astatine 311 and 1,371, but it's besides older.

The Moto G31 comes with Android 11 arsenic modular and is reasonably bloat free. The lone additions present are Motorola's Moto Actions - which are often-useful motion controls, and a fewer different insignificant tweaks, but the additions are casual capable to disregard and don't instrumentality up overmuch space.

It's imaginable to bargain the Moto G31 successful either 64GB oregon 128GB varieties, with the second costing a humble magnitude more.

Battery life

  • 5,000mAh battery
  • No wireless charging support
  • Slow charging

The Moto G31 has a artillery of 5,000mAh, which means it lasts a bully mates of days without excessively overmuch trouble, unless you're utilizing it a lot.

That's fortunate arsenic recharging is beauteous dilatory going astatine 10W, and there's nary wireless charging support. So it's not the astir convenient of devices to apical up, but astatine slightest with specified beardown artillery life, that isn't thing you request to bash excessively often.

Should you bargain the Moto G31?

A Moto G31 from the side, successful  someone's hand

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Don't bargain it if...

First reviewed: December 2021

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