MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless

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Light-up dragon awesome oregon not, the GM41 does consciousness a small bland - but successful each the areas which count, it's a performer. It's super-responsive, excellently weighted, casual to customise, and lasts a agelong time. If you request elemental mousing with maximum accuracy, it's a large buy.


  • Lightweight and good balanced
  • Great artillery life
  • Excellent solution and latency


  • Limited fastener options
  • Somewhat jerky scroll wheel
  • Not (technically) ambidextrous

Light-up dragon awesome oregon not, the GM41 does consciousness a small bland - but successful each the areas which count, it's a performer. It's super-responsive, excellently weighted, casual to customise, and lasts a agelong time. If you request elemental mousing with maximum accuracy, it's a large buy.


  • +

    Lightweight and good balanced

  • +

    Great artillery life

  • +

    Excellent solution and latency


  • -

    Limited fastener options

  • -

    Somewhat jerky scroll wheel

  • -

    Not (technically) ambidextrous

Two-minute review

The MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless announces itself beauteous succinctly. It's the wire-free sequel to the already weight-cut wired GM41, and it's made for those clutch gaming moments wherever velocity and accuracy count. 

That's not precisely a revelation - there's a marketplace afloat of wireless gaming mice retired determination - truthful this'll request to enactment hard to champion them. It's successful peculiar contention with the Razer Viper Ultimate, with which it shares a full big of probably-not-coincidental plan similarities and the nonstop aforesaid value successful the manus - though Razer's wireless rodent puts borderline switches connected either side, portion this is left-only.

It's much costly than its wired cousin, arsenic if that's surprising, though the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless isn't super-pricey for thing with these specs. At $95 (£70, AU$129) it's connected par with (or adjacent somewhat cheaper than) galore competitors, though we struggled to find it connected merchantability astatine that retail terms - expect to wage a bully chunk less. 

It's not the cheapest, however. If you're connected a budget, thing similar the SteelSeries Rival 3 offers precise akin features for a batch little cash, albeit successful a somewhat heavier shell; the aforementioned Razer Viper Ultimate, present a mates of years old, whitethorn besides beryllium disposable astatine a akin terms if you store around, and mightiness so beryllium to beryllium the finer prime if you tin snag it connected a discount.

MSI Clutch GM41

There's a bully texture to the plastic, but it feels creaseless to the interaction (Image credit: Future)

By simply calling this 'lightweight', it astir feels arsenic if MSI is doing itself down a little. At a stated 74g (2.6oz, oregon an existent 75g according to our wholly unscientific scales) the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless does measurement successful a hairsbreadth heavier than galore honeycomb-cutout rivals and astir 10g heavier than the wired mentation of this mouse. Nonetheless, it feels generously insubstantial - adjacent to Logitech's already-airy G903, it's acold easier to displacement crossed the desk. 

MSI Clutch GM41

A silicone-coated diamond signifier offers precise bully grip to the sides (Image credit: Future)

What value it does transportation is good balanced; determination is, perhaps, a precise flimsy front-heaviness, but pinching the lightly-siliconed diamond signifier borderline panels astatine the earthy mid-point doesn't origin it to slop guardant oregon back. Turning the Clutch GM41 implicit side-to-side successful one's hands really highlights its cat-like insistence connected landing connected its feet, which is precisely what you'd privation from a gaming mouse. 

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MSI Clutch GM41

Side buttons are lone recovered connected the left, which is simply a shame fixed the different ambidextrous ammunition (Image credit: Future)

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MSI Clutch GM41

There are respective airy modes, selectable utilizing the DPI fastener arsenic a modifier cardinal (Image credit: Future)

There's a inclination for value reduced (and, to immoderate extent, cost-reduced) mice to consciousness flimsy. That's not precisely existent here. The main assemblage of the GM41 is rock-solid and steady, but the apical buttons could possibly bash with a small other bracing. The close button, successful particular, was a small rattly connected our reappraisal model, and that's precise improbable to beryllium the responsibility of the Omicron power beneath. 

There's not an abundance of other buttons either, though you bash get a brace of relation switches connected the near side, positioned successful specified a mode that the Clutch GM41 remains mostly ambidextrous, astatine slightest arsenic agelong arsenic funny lefties are consenting to get a small fancy with their ringing finger. DPI power is underneath, connected a recessed power which besides acts arsenic a relation cardinal for tweaking the RGB thenar lighting.

MSI Clutch GM41

The GM41's magnetic dock includes a USB extender, cleanable for the required dongle (Image credit: Future)

While you tin plug a micro USB cablegram straight into the beforehand of the Clutch GM41 to complaint it portion you usage it (take note, Apple, please, capable is enough) you tin besides take to complaint it overnight via the included USB dock, to which it snaps with satisfying magnetic precision. 

The charging dock besides includes USB passthrough, which an attached sticker states is 'only for MSI Dongle using'. While, yes, it's a convenient spot to enactment the tiny wireless dongle, you tin popular that into immoderate larboard - and different things volition enactment successful the dock's passthrough larboard too. Don't archer MSI we tried it.

MSI Clutch GM41

The scroll instrumentality is stiffer and chunkier than we'd like. You whitethorn consciousness antithetic (Image credit: Future)

So however does it mouse? Really well, provided you're the close idiosyncratic for this pointing instrumentality - and there's a accidental you won't be. If you're truly looking for a lightweight digit consciousness arsenic good arsenic a lightweight, er, weight, the heavier apical fastener unit mightiness not beryllium to your liking; we admit that it efficaciously prevents lazy-fingered accidental clicks, but the stiffness (particularly evident successful claw hold) is astatine likelihood with the outrageous sensitivity of the sensor. And boy, is it sensitive. 

An upgrade from the 16,000 DPI oculus successful the wired mentation of the Clutch GM41, the PixArt PAW-3370 tin scope arsenic precocious arsenic 20,000 DPI. That's not the highest retired there, with Logitech's newest HERO sensor boasting immoderate 24K resolution, but it's inactive mode beyond what adjacent the twitchiest StarCraft pro mightiness need. Since it connects to a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and polls astatine 1ms, this is astir arsenic fast, responsive and latency-free arsenic a wireless rodent tin get. 

Predictably it tin get a spot over-sensitive if you truly propulsion it, though you tin of people dial things backmost if you're much of a sweep-your-arm mouser than a wrist-flicker. MSI's bundle is rudimentary and littered with spelling errors - and annoyingly doesn't look to recognise that determination are much imaginable rodent buttons beyond left, close and middle, forcing you to execute intelligence gymnastics if you privation to remap the broadside brace for your favourite crippled - but it does work, and stores your settings connected the rodent making it casual to enactment acquainted erstwhile jumping betwixt machines.

The 1 happening we recovered truly stifling was the scroll wheel, which travels rather a region betwixt notches and lone registers question arsenic it drops into spot astatine each notch. That, again, is simply a penchant thing: if you're looking for a looser wheel, oregon 1 which volition proceed question if you springiness it a bully flick, this ain't it. On the positive broadside it's grippy, coated successful silicone which replicates the texture of the broadside panels, and has a definite chunk to its notches.

We truly couldn't find immoderate off-key notes successful the mode the GM41 plays. Blasting done multiplayer Quake (the world's finest esport, nary arguments please) we recovered it casual to dial successful to and afloat accelerated capable to blast ridiculous rocket shots; clicking done a fewer rounds of Dota 2 felt earthy and unfussy. It does miss those other macro buttons, peculiarly fixed the contention from, say, Logitech's much analyzable and versatile wireless mice, but if you're much utilized to earthy simplicity successful your close manus and everything other being near to the keyboard you'll beryllium happy.

The artillery is beauteous extensive, with the other 10 grams implicit the wired mentation getting you a stated 200 hours' portable power. We're not wholly definite however close that is, but aft implicit a period of day-to-day usage Ie had to complaint it lone twice, which is simply a beauteous bully metric, not wounded by the information this drops into standby reasonably quickly, and wakes up seamlessly erstwhile moved.

So the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless is, successful each respects, beauteous good. Put it this way: we didn't emotion it to the constituent that it's successful information of ousting the Logitech G903 from our desk, but we wouldn't kick if we were forced to switch. As a simple, functional, reliable and comfy gaming mouse, this does its occupation with aplomb.

MSI Clutch GM41

You can, if you request to, play and complaint via a micro USB socket connected the beforehand of the rodent (Image credit: Future)

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