MSI Goes All-In on Intel 13th Gen Chips, RTX 4000 GPUs

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Intel unveiled its caller scope of 13th gen Core CPUs today. Combined with the announcement of NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 graphics cards and AMD’s Ryzen 7000 scope of CPUs, we’re getting a batch of caller parts to physique PCs with. MSI has announced a batch of hardware, including some prebuilt PCs and idiosyncratic parts.

If you don’t consciousness similar gathering a PC, MSI has a scope of caller pre-built PCs equipped with the latest hardware for you, joining the enactment with Dell’s Alienware. The MEG Trident X2 comes with a peculiar, airflow-first plan with a beforehand 4.5-inch interaction sheet connected the lawsuit for much intuitive controls. If you’d alternatively person a much simple, yet inactive eye-catching design, the MPG Infinite X2 has a much conventional-looking lawsuit that inactive has a batch of abstraction for airflow.

Both PCs travel equipped with the latest 13th gen Intel CPUs, going up to the Core i9-13900K, arsenic good arsenic NVIDIA’s RTX 4000-series graphics cards. In addition, different pre-built PCs successful MSI’s range, including the MPG Trident, the MAG Codex, the MAG Infinite, and the MEG Aegis, were updated with the latest CPUs and GPUs arsenic well.

Four MSI motherboardsMSI

If you’re much the benignant of idiosyncratic to physique PCs, MSI besides has caller motherboards based connected Intel’s caller Z790 chipset. The institution has respective caller entries crossed its antithetic motherboard lines (PRO, MPG, MAG, and MEG). You tin prevention a subordinate and spell for the PRO lineup, wherever you tin find some DDR4 and DDR5 entries, oregon you tin spell all-in and get yourself a MEG Z790 GODLIKE with 10G LAN and unparalleled overclocking support.

MSI besides has different PC parts. The company’s caller MEG powerfulness supplies person up to 1300W of powerfulness and 80+ Platinum certification, portion the MPG bid comes with up to 1000W and 80+ Gold certification. They each enactment the RTX 4000 lineup of GPUs, travel with PCI Express Gen 5 support, and successful the lawsuit of the MEG lineup, ATX 3.0 support. We besides person the MEG Prospect 700R case, with a beforehand 4.3-inch IPS interaction screen, and the MEG Coreliquid S360 AIO liquid cooler, with enactment for AMD’s AM5 and Intel’s LGA 1700 sockets.


Make definite to work MSI’s website if you privation to person a look astatine each the announcements, and spot if immoderate of them is simply a bully acceptable for your adjacent gaming PC.

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