MSI Prestige 14" (2022) laptop

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For concern professionals, this laptop is simply a phenomenal option; however, a fewer deficits request addressing. A mediocre artillery and low-quality webcam wounded the wide people of this device, but the powerfulness and show marque it a coagulated choice.


  • +

    Strong biometric information protection

  • +

    Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

  • +

    Comfortable keyboard

  • +

    Large trackpad


  • -

    Poor artillery life, particularly factoring successful the show and graphics

  • -

    Noisy fan

First Impressions

MSI Prestige 14

Back vent plan (Image credit: Future)

Right disconnected the bat, the MSI Prestige looks precise impressive, with the matte finish, squared design, and flattened edges giving it an awesome look. There’s a unsocial plan successful the backmost vent country and a sleek MSI logo connected the apical lid, but besides a 5-degree bump-up created erstwhile opening the screen of this laptop (see photograph below) which allows for a amended ergonomic typing space and improved airflow nether the machine to assistance support things cool.

MSI Prestige 14

(Image credit: Future)


Display: 14” 1920x1080

Resolution: 16:9

Brightness: 317 nits

Weight: 4.64 lbs

Battery: 52 watt-hours

Ports: Two Thunderbolt 4 ports, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, MicroSD paper reader, Audio combo jack,

Camera: 720p

Design and Build Quality

The plan of the MSI Prestige is minimal and modern, sporting crisp edges and bladed bezels. On the left-hand broadside are 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, a airy indicator for power, and 1 for debased battery. On the right-hand broadside are a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, a MicroSD paper reader, and an Audio Combo Jack (headphone and microphone successful one). Built into the apical near of the trackpad is simply a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the laptop if the idiosyncratic opts retired of the look unlock.

MSI chose 3 minimalist and streamlined colour options. Two for the 14” (carbon grey and bluestone), 2 for the 15” (carbon grey and municipality silver), with the c grey colour disposable for some sizes.

MSI Prestige 14

(Image credit: Future)

Compared to an ultralight laptop specified arsenic the Dynabook Protégé, this laptop is heavier, but it besides feels importantly much luxurious. The crisp edges and aluminum decorativeness marque it consciousness similar it is simply a premium instrumentality susceptible of handling what you whitethorn request successful a enactment day. This aluminum physique worldly besides helps adhd to the rigidity of the computer. At nary clip did we consciousness similar we were holding a fragile portion of glass. This laptop tin beryllium thrown into a bag, carried astir a complex, oregon brought to a java store without feeling similar your laptop needs a lawsuit oregon similar you request to bubble wrapper it.

The bezels are a specified 5 mm connected the sides nevertheless they are importantly larger connected the apical and bottommost coming successful astatine 10 mm and 20mm, respectively.

An further unsocial diagnostic is that this surface tin beryllium pushed backmost each the mode back, laying level connected a table. There is adjacent a relation fastener (F12) that tin flip the surface 180 degrees allowing for an casual stock with idiosyncratic sitting crossed from you. However, arsenic the surface is not interaction screen, this simply grants quality to view, not interact with, the contented connected screen.

In Use

The MSI Prestige 14” is driven by a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU. While utilizing this laptop, we ne'er deed immoderate problems with throttling oregon slowing down for our day-to-day use, arsenic spreadsheets, substance documents, and pdfs opened successful a drawback and could beryllium processed and edited without immoderate stutter. Emails and virtual meetings felt faster acknowledgment to the speedy integrated Wi-Fi 6E. Even with respective twelve tabs unfastened successful Google Chrome, euphony playing done Spotify, Slack chats open, and moving aggregate monitors, the Prestige did not person immoderate problems.

Unlocking this laptop besides proved casual owed to the built-in Windows Hello, meaning erstwhile you spell done the process of adding your face, you lone request to look astatine the laptop to unlock it. If, for immoderate reason, that does not work, oregon if you bash not privation to utilize your look for security, the built-in fingerprint scanner is astatine the apical near of the trackpad. During our testing, the look scanning lone failed once. However, it could person been a idiosyncratic mistake arsenic we were hurrying to unlock and held the laptop successful our hands portion standing. 

MSI Prestige 14

(Image credit: Future)

The speakers connected this laptop were surprising. We assumed they would beryllium mediocre, arsenic this laptop is not designed for superb audio quality, video editing, oregon audio engineering - however, we were precise contented with the quality. Granted, these are not going to bushed immoderate dedicated speakers oregon headphones, but for a speedy virtual gathering connected the go, immoderate inheritance euphony successful your office, oregon a abbreviated video, these are conscionable fine.

When interacting with this business laptop, the trackpad was responsive, casual to use, and a decent size, proving somewhat wider than expected. Still, we rapidly grew to admit the other width. The keyboard had comfy keys to benignant on, adjacent during agelong moving sessions and all-day use. The keys were not overly large but gave an affirming clicking sound portion typing – thing that would fuss anyone moving adjacent you nor go annoying aft a fewer hours. This easiness of usage is fantabulous quality for those who whitethorn instrumentality this laptop with them connected the spell oregon usage the built-in keyboard exclusively.

The MSI Center Pro app allows for pro-level adjustments without pro-level cognition of however applications impact wide computing powerfulness and performance. High Performance, Balanced, Silent, and Super Battery options are available, which tin beryllium selected done the application’s model oregon via carnal F-key assignments to toggle this setting. While immoderate changes were noticed successful performance, thing outrageous was seen. The aforesaid goes with artillery performance; astatine most, we were capable to get astir 7 hours of artillery beingness portion utilizing the instrumentality for a scope of basal tasks portion being conscientious of trying to support distant from the charger arsenic agelong arsenic possible.

MSI Prestige 14

MSI Center Pro (Image credit: Future)

The MSI Center Pro app allows for pro-level adjustments without pro-level knowledge

The camera and microphone connected this laptop made for an adequate, though disappointing ocular acquisition and prime audio acquisition overall. 

The camera is simply a specified 720p, truthful volition bash the occupation for a speedy virtual gathering connected the go, but if you privation a prime image, opt for an external webcam. However, acknowledgment to MSI’s AI Noise Cancellation, portion sitting successful a java shop, oregon co-working space, the Prestige tin filter retired inheritance noise, helping those successful virtual meetings with you not beryllium bothered oregon distracted.

Final Verdict

The MSI Prestige 14” is fantabulous for productivity and concern usage cases, but it is not perfect for creators oregon ocular contented editors. 

The Prestige was capable to powerfulness done days of email, spreadsheets, and substance documents without breaking a sweat and was a joyousness to use. The further ports were a enactment of caller air, arsenic astir laptops look to beryllium moving towards conscionable Thunderbolt ports. The information options made signing successful effortless, with 2 quick, much secure, and faster options than adjacent the astir analyzable alphanumeric passcode.

Visually, we’re a large fan, arsenic we emotion matte acheronian greys and minimalist designs. The barely-there logo and acheronian accents were besides aspects that we appreciated.

A sizeable shortage for this laptop is the deficiency of artillery life, which is not arsenic agelong arsenic mightiness beryllium expected - however, the MSI Prestige 14” is worthy considering if you are looking for a powerhouse that mostly lives astatine a table and is not ever connected the go.

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